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  1. Lupo GTI Seats

    Arosa is a direct swap. mk4, 8L A3 and mk1 Loen with a little bit of grinding to the base.
  2. Saw it last weekend, hidden under a cover looking a wee bit sorry for itself, I am sure it will be back bigger and better, think he has a wedding to sort out first.
  3. Fergie's Mk4 .:R32

    Tidy Ferg, nice pic of me keeping Bobby right
  4. Bought these and they were polished and lacquered but had quite a bit of damage, got a few quotes to get them refurbished, after recovering decided to have a go myself, not perfect but I am pretty happy with the result.
  5. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    Wheels are in hand, eh Sarah
  6. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    We had a mini shoot today with Sarah and Greig, all photography and edits were done by my eldest son. Loving the mk6 handle & the air
  7. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    Still got the shonky rear plate Air install looks very tidy, will get a closer look, agree about OEM wheels, would look awesome
  8. Solar Orange Audi S3

    Very nice Lauryn
  9. A3 Sportback

    Looking good. Lovely colour.
  10. A3 on air....

    Hope I was of some help today
  11. A3 3.2 Quattro Sportback

    He is, got to be 16 first
  12. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    Too much time and money been wasted on this car you could have bought it with air Liking all your little touches Sarah.
  13. 2011 Vw Fox

    Always thought these had potential, someone needs to go the whole hog
  14. A3 3.2 Quattro Sportback

    Its a slippery slope Kenny, you know that Not sure yet, some of the guys want to go the the ring as well so we would be over earlier, need to figure it out and get the ferry booked.
  15. A3 3.2 Quattro Sportback

    Planning on going to MIVW with the EVW mob and Edition but in my mates car. Lewis will be getting the red loop if its still in one piece, he isnt 16 yet..