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  1. my new ride

    I will never understand why people put bigger wheels on before lowering! I think it looks better on the first wheels, each to their though - it's your car after all! Looks like a good base for a project, what else you got planned?
  2. Polish on plastics

    Pencil eraser or smooth peanut butter. Google is your friend.
  3. just found this

    Think it's been mentioned on here once or twice!
  4. RB26DETT Golf?

    The latest issue of PVW features a Scirocoo with an RB26 - 700hp and 4 wheel drive! Made by some lunatics in Bulgaria if I remember correctly... Found a pic:
  5. thickest h&r adapters available?

    I think that's 90mm across the whole axle, so 45mm per side. Might have to look into getting custom ones made if you're after 60mm