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  1. Edition38 Show & Shine 2016

    Hey, maybe a sign would be nice. However, let me get this straight... You're not on Facebook (many others aren't) and therefore apparently unable to do any kind of research anywhere else. That includes here, the actual forum/website for the show you're planning to attend, of which you are already member of. You then, without any research, decided to book a nearby B&B solely so you could attend the show during a time when 14 quid would make THAT much of a difference to you that you'd make the night in the B&B worthless and a waste of money?! Just do some research and/or ask the questions you don't have the answers for in future. It really doesn't have to be Facebook.
  2. Vento V6

    Really nice! And I'm a sucker for that red stripe being on there; suits it so well! I'm casually browsing (while building up some funds) craigslist/eBay etc over here for a solid Mk3 Golf/Jetta shell but they seem to be few and far between.
  3. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Phenomenal build so far!
  4. Fuse Box to Alternator Wiring on a New Beetle

    Sweet! Thanks, dude!
  5. Hello! I need to replace the wiring harness that runs from the fuse box on top of the battery to the alternator. Seems to be a common fault on the 2.0 (as well as 1.8T's as I can gather). Apparently the wire fails over time causing resistance which in turn then melts the fuse box. I recently took the fuse box off and wire brushed the buildup of crap around the connection, but the wire still gets ridiculously hot so it's going to need to be replaced. Replacement harness is $100+ but I'm wondering if I can just use a store-bought, heavier duty wire length and use that? The original has a sleeve around it channelling a few other connections, so the plan, if the above would be okay, is to just remove those extra wires and reuse them and the sleeve around them. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Cheers, JB! Yeah, I'm loving it over here so far! So, not an update as yet. Got more important things to sort at the moment rather than playing with cars, but last night I had a stab at some light painting. It was only a brief go at it and with an iPhone LED light (also don't have Photoshop sorted yet), but I was pleased to see some results there. Looking forward to trying this out properly soon. Untitled by Dominic Mann, on Flickr
  7. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Thanks. Going to have to look at that.
  8. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Thanks, Mex!
  9. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Sweet! Remember any of the places you went to? Haha! There's something fairly local to me that I'm hoping to check out soon. Not sure if where you went was the same, but this one here has a golf cart that you can rent for $5. Might just go and zip around in that and see if there's anything worth nabbing.
  10. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Haha, I shall keep you posted on US parts - need to source some for myself first! And yeah, 100k isn't an issue at all, but it's definitely in need of some loving. Mainly niggly little things, but they amount to a fair bit of work on the whole. I'll get there. Not too bad at all! I love it here! Charlotte, and the South, is a great place. People are really friendly and helpful, it's clean and tidy, and almost everyone seems in great spirits. And I'm well situated with mountains an hour or so to the West of me, then endless miles of beaches and coastline a few hours East. Only things I've really had to get to used to are things like their driving (it's awful, but you just have to go with it) and the heat - it's been 34-39°C every day here for the past couple of months. There's also the obvious moments of missing family, friends, and that familiarity you have with home and being in your hometown/country, but that's something I'm dealing with. Other than that, I'm really enjoying it all.
  11. U.S. Mk3 Jetta/Vento VR6

    Earlier this year, I moved from my home town of Northampton, UK, over to the States and now live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Recently picked up a Mk3 Jetta and hoping that I'll be able to make somewhat of a project out of it. Typically, it already needs a few things to tidy it up. It's not currently anything special, in fact, far from it; it has 100k miles, a tatty (in parts) black leather interior, a budget paint job, and both sills are going to need a heap of love. Other than the plate and a quick scraping off of window stickers, it's exactly as I bought it, but it runs well for the meantime. Plans to start soon: - air-conditioning (it's been 36-39°C here almost every day for the past couple of months and I have no A/C and a black leather interior!) - tidy up the bodywork (any rust issues, and sort any of the previous owners body "repairs") - a more attractive set of OEM wheels or something just to run for a while - replace/repair interior Overall, just a nice tidy up until I can afford to do anything more substantial.
  12. 1st VW show for a show virgin?

    I don't think you'll beat the main Edition show in Aug/Sept; all manner of cars, great atmosphere, usually decent weather. Get a hotel if you'd prefer not to camp, or you could probably do it in a day if you just blast around the showfield. Personally, I'd suggest staying over though and having a relaxed wander around the show for a couple of days, a drink and catch up with anyone you may know, and then stay for the awards Sunday afternoon - that's always nice and chilled. I also enjoy Ultimate Dubs despite it's mixed reviews each year. That can give you a show to head to sooner rather than later (15th March). Always thought that was a great show to open the season.
  13. Mot for low cars notthamptonshire

    Tried VRS?
  14. streched tyres

    Can everyone just stop saying J.