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  1. Got a really soft spot for Jetta's,and this one looks like a good one. It's a credit to you! Hope to see it one the main land soon.
  2. Beige 924

    That delete kit is, frankly huge! Going to look like you've stuck a hockey puc to your screen...
  3. Beige 924

    The VR6 will go...
  4. Beige 924

    Absolutely love these, so massively underrated! Will be following this...
  5. cabby mk3.5

    See this all the time, as you live (or at least regularly visit) a couple of roads up from me. Lovely car and looks spot on on the road. (Oh, I have some teles from my 924S for sale soon!)
  6. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    Is it wrong to want a peco DTM on the back? Probably... Lovely car mate.
  7. The G-Wagon!

    Saw this in taunton yesterday, looks incredibly good on the move. Kudos!
  8. meintag's '84 Mk2 D now TDI AFN

    Were in Spain are you? I ask as most of the cars down south are pretty garish, but by and large the cars up north seem to go for the less is more idea. Just feels like a northern car.
  9. my loop nearly done ...

    Good to see Clifford's old ride still making the rounds. Hope you have the issue of PVW with it in? You forgot to mention on your mod list that the arches have been re-profiled.
  10. passat

    One day I WILL own another B3... and ones like this ain't helping with the itch.
  11. Must of been the light reflecting off of Mars that gave the impression you were going faster then.
  12. That'll be slightly faster than 40 on Thomas Lewis way then...
  13. The goldy green blown thing

    Looking sweeter than a sweet thing mate! Natural light pictures are a must...
  14. My passat 1.8t

    Will have to keep an eye out next time Im up at the farmsted.
  15. mk1 projectzzzz

    Sell it = regret it