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  1. yeah its mental will see you on wed if your about drivetrain & engine cope as its all fresh an uprated, its just how i cope now digital dakota guages got them off ebay a few yr back tried to do what i could manage myself but didnt skimp on the important parts esp at this power
  2. Finally got this mapped up for full throttle just about managed some decent runs even tho it was 28deg Video on the rollers:
  3. Nice one thanks all, wait for new year & better weather will get it right
  4. Thanks Mate LOL yeah KW's you know them well Nah not new i break corrado's so kept a good one for myself just stripped to bare metal then powdercoated Just make sure the rust isnt too bad and drop some welds on the carrier if needed
  5. Ok a few updates finally my car on some decent coilovers and at the same time updated all the bushes and other bits at the same time This is how it looks today still driving the car through the winter until I got it sitting right, winding down it down a bit more each week I cant go too low with the amount of power and vr sump but its getting there
  6. thanks mate. thats the YellowTop S-4,2L
  7. painted up the engine and bottom end rebore/pistons were done at stealth then fit all back together in my garage over the last week
  8. MOT'd yesterday and passed so now time to rack up 1000miles limited to 4k rpm
  9. Safe bro should be at ricoh soon rolling at 430hp
  10. Cheers Damo whats happening with urs,
  11. Yeah DDI's had them a few years now
  12. Been busy doing some DIY in the engine last few months, I will let the pics tell ya whats happenin First Run
  13. Allsorted Optima battery in and you can leave this for months New rads on too that was a nice job
  14. Bally thanks, yes bro will be over 2moro sorted the rough idle out with a new MAF Sensor