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    Cars + Making Music + Design
  1. Purple Ronnie

    Feeling this, Cadburys Mk2
  2. 67 Karmann Ghia and others...lol

    Sick car, update us once rebuilt!
  3. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    Sick 'out of the box' Mk4.
  4. Project:NotLow.

    Crazy lows, impressive!
  5. Here's my V5

    Different, like it. Has potential
  6. sittin' proper

    The rims look better with no caps in my humble opinion
  7. Is nice Glad you changed the tinted rear lights, they were really letting it down. Hows the sub box sounding? I have a similar box sat in the garage which i have not used yet.
  8. mk2 2.3 v5

    I like your style, im 3/4's the way through my V5 20v project, just a few more things to do.
  9. R Dirty Too golf

    Like that, alot
  10. sittin' proper

    Yeah, do some riveted race stylee arches! would look ard as nails lol
  11. sittin' proper

    Oh, and punto's tuff too! Was looking into these recently as ive always wanted to put a 20v coupe lump in one, alot of cutting ive been told. Theres one on you tube tho!
  12. sittin' proper

    Looking good, i wasnt willing to do ghetto flared arches on my girls mk3.5 cab hence why streetsleeper had them lol
  13. Mk7 Polo... Lows...

    Will look sick on NUE's
  14. my 1960 beetle on drop spindles

    Nice one mate, get them sills touching the ground