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  1. Dryver Mk2

    didn't realise you was still about LLL! Weber was working sweet this morning and was really enjoying the commute until some woman got some serious road rage because I wouldn't give way to her on a roundabout (i was on the roundabout and she was joining) and then she drove along side me and tried to push me off the road! Shes scraped my osf wing but other than that it's all good. She didn't stop but i got her plate and have reported it.
  2. Dryver Mk2

    this evenings fun... crap pierburg carb and even crapper auto choke system replaced with a nice shiney manual choke weber. Runs a hell of a lot smoother now, very happy
  3. Back in a mk2 now so I'll have to come up and visit you and the boys at some stage, Jarv said about a beer or something.
  4. Dryver Mk2

    Erm, it's been like 4 or 5 months. Could have been a lot quicker if I'd of pulled my finger out!
  5. Dryver Mk2

    cheers dude, the only thing i need is rear quarter cards if you're happy to split? i'll PM you in abit I did that on the jetta and it sucked! cheers dude, I don't really want to ABF, its abit boring... It depends if i keep driving it daily, then i guess ABF is the best option. If i get another car i'd quite like something abit more stupid.
  6. Dryver Mk2

    erm, plans for winter... get the heating working and drive it there are quite a few things that need to happen to be honest, it needs 3 chassis notches asap, I need some rear door cards that havent had 6x9's cut into them. I'm going to start collecting engine/braking parts and getting them powdercoated, just got to decide what i want!
  7. Dryver Mk2

    Cheers for the nice comments guys. I will get someone who's good with a camera to get some pictures at some point because the ones I took really don't do it justice. Wheels are audi A6 winter wheels I had welded and re-drilled to 4x100. Everyone went mad for the A8 winters I had on the white one so when I found these I had to have them since the A8 ones are everywhere now!
  8. Dryver Mk2

    Cheers dude, was only a matter of time! rears are spaced 10mm, i'll probably swap to 12mm at some point but thats about it with these wheels. They are only 7j, if i wanted it sitting flush i'd get something wider! also, this hasn't had any arch work at all... Nope, it's totally solid! I probably wouldn't have bothered if it had needed major welding. Had been sat for around 6 years and needed nothing more than a fresh battery to get it going. cheers dude, I'll probably be up at cov at some point soon if you still go?
  9. Dryver Mk2

    cheers guys, I sold the Jetta ages ago!
  10. Dryver Mk2

    I've got a little bit of time today so I figured i'd throw up a build thread. Most of the hard work has already been done (for the time being) but at least I will have somewhere to update if anything does happen, providing i don't get pissed off with driving the car through winter and sell it . So, from the beginning. A few years ago I had a nice mk2 that I should never of sold. I miss that car, so I've kind of ended up building something very similar that i can continue with from pretty much where i sold the white one. Maybe i just have very limited imagination. This is how the new one started, it was a looker when i first got it. after being stood for 5 years it was in surprisingly good condition under all that green stuff. The only rust was the standard 3rd wiper hole and it even polished up alright. not good enough though so was stripped for paint. You can see how crap the paint on the bonnet was, and the rust around the wiper. off to the bodyshop round the corner. and back from the bodyshop ready to go back together rusty wiper hole gone along with ariel and side repeaters the rebuild actually took quite a while, longer than it should have. But with a couple of late nights it made it to show and glow, I would have liked to have done a couple more shows this year but i guess there is always next year providing it survives winter. so there we are, I'm pretty much back to where I started. So this time its black and the wheels are slightly different, but its pretty much the same I have 100's of idea for this, some still left over from the white one. we'll see how it goes. edit; I am aware that I am useless at photos.
  11. Rollhard @ Duxford - 14.09.2013

    I believe they are from Ireland?
  12. Rollhard @ Duxford - 14.09.2013

    We didn't really do categories as such, just a top 5, or Famous 5 if you will. Then the sponsors gave prizes too. Lists below and i'll try and match up pictures with descriptions later on today. Famous 5 in no particular order; Silver E30 M3 White mk1 caddy Gold merc Red mazda 6 mps Blue RS4 on roti's Sponsor prizes; Squared wheels best wheels = Newtons BBS fans on brown MK2 Like Hell choice = Purple Lomotion Civic Kleen Freaks choice = Green 64 Roadrunner.
  13. Bristol Krispy Kreme meet October 20th @ 3pm

    my car might actually be ready by then. maybe.
  14. Rollhard @ Duxford - 14.09.2013

    ^ parking on the day will be fairly relaxed. If you all turn up together and let the marshalls know you are all together it shouldn't be a problem. There are no official club stand areas.