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  1. Hi, Is the MK1 Golf wing (damaged) that is listed on E-bay (eBay item number: 391838477758) a genuine VAG unit or aftermarket? Thanks
  2. quick question!

    Can you elaborate on the info? Clear glass,tinted? bolt thru, glued?Cheers
  3. My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    Lovely. Any interior shots?
  4. Is the part you have listed for the mk1 golf fuel pump, an original BOSCH unit? part no Part ID 171906091A Cheers
  5. Black mk1 (projet rat smoke)

    keep it updated.Be be nice to see it on the road...
  6. mk1 full body resto rebuild

    grry, tried to send u pm, your inbox must be full.Can you drop me a pm regarding re-spray.Cheers
  7. mk1 golf wings (NOS)

    will give u a ring tomorrow on these.Have pre ordered some bits from you from "classic parts".Cheers
  8. have you any of these left.Need drivers and passengers sides.
  9. Yeh, so when can i start odering stuff from you guys????
  10. when can i start ordering "classic parts" from yourselves? if i order over the phone with the part no req can you give me the price for the part at the time?
  11. Hi, the indicator switch you have listed (321-953-513/01c)is this an original VAG unit?Cheers
  12. Could you get me a price for a radiator for mk1 golf GTI 1979 please.
  13. Hi, you've got the wash/wipe stalk listed (321-953-519) in the catalogue but its the one without the MFA.Can you get them with the MFA? and how much?Cheers