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  1. Under sealing a mk2 golf gti

    this sounds good actually, http://www.jotun.com/uk/en/b2b/paintsandcoatings/products/Jotamastic-80.aspx cheers harryvr6
  2. Under sealing a mk2 golf gti

    great thanks mate, the welders were moaning a bit about the amount of cavity wax in the car which almost caught fire! so at least i know theres some protection in her somewhere ha ha !! just a bit worried and disappointed i suppose with the 121 epoxy mastic, seems it has failed on my car? Cheers, harryvr6
  3. Under sealing a mk2 golf gti

    hi mate, great thank you, what could i use to paint over the actual rust? or is the electrox primer ok for doing this with? keep hearing good stuff about gravitex which i believe can be painted over too? i may steer clear of the epoxy mastic as it stinks like mad and maybe isn't as ideal as the manufacturer claims when applied directly to the rust? so ill look at the bit hamber stuff then. many thanks, harryvr6
  4. Hi, I've recently had some work done to the underside of my mk2, to satisfy the ministry of transport and to hopefully allow me to continue to enjoy the car for a bit longer. ive been using rustbuster 121 epoxy mastic but I've seen a thread (see below) and I've now got my doubts that I've been doing it right, / about the product! http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/threads/bestestest-underbody-protection.39590/ What would be the best course of action please to protect the chassis from the elements the easiest way without entering into a full ground up restoration!.? Any help would be most welcome! Cheers harryvr6
  5. Welding the mk2 golf gti chassis near fuel lines

    Great stuff thank you mate! Harryvr6
  6. Welding the mk2 golf gti chassis near fuel lines

    hi mate, thank you, is it easy to do this? and is it straightforward when you come to refit them? (feeding them back up?) i hope my man doesn't struggle with it, I'm sure he won't! many thanks mate harryvr6
  7. Welding the mk2 golf gti chassis near fuel lines

    Brill thank you very much mate, Being a bit thick here but where do you disconnect them from? And what sizes hose clips should I get please mate? Great thanks for your help, Harryvr6
  8. Hi all, My car is having some welding done tomorrow, namely to the chassis box section which the fuel lines pass through. I'm wondering if the fuel lines can be disconnected and pulled free in order to repair the box section? And if so can you re use the fuel line connectors at all? IMG_20170731_162314 by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr Mantpy thanks for any help, much appreciated indeed. Cheers harryvr6
  9. Mk2 golf gti rear caliper size query

    Hi RJ, it's a 91 so like you say 38mm, (my friend has returned my car to me having replaced the rear bearings, discs and pads with the off side rear caliper leaking) which is nice.... Cheers harryvr6
  10. Mk2 golf gti rear caliper size query

    Great thank you mate.
  11. Hi all, apologies for a basic question here, Just wondering if my rear calipers on a mk2 gti 16v are 38mm items or 36? Many thanks for any help, Harryvr6
  12. Removing mold from a whitish headlining

    As odd as it sounds, I believe brake cleaner is good for these areas.
  13. mk1 golf wheel help! please....

    Crimes! Thanks mugly, I don't think he wil be willing to go that far, got a feeling the car is to be sold on once completed. It's got avo coilovers on it incidentally. 15s or 16s would've been way better! Thanks Harryvr6.
  14. mk1 golf wheel help! please....

    Thanks v much chaps, I was thinking it may be hard to return them now the tyres are fitted. Mugly: how do you go about narrowing the track please mate? I'm not sure what happened regarding my advice, and like you say Danny, people have probably already made their minds up before they ask you for the technical info! I feel guilty in a way now for his wheels not fitting. Cheers, harryvr6
  15. hi all, I'm posting this for a mate who is currently undertaking a resto on a mk1 gti, i asked a while ago for any advice on fitting 17's on a mk1 and for advice on off sets etc. i did try and dissuade him from going down this route! but he wanted 17's. i believe the general thoughts are to stick to 6.5 or 7 up front? this what i passed on to him, but he's gone and bought some 8.5's all round on 195 tyres offset of 35! sorry have also posted in the mk1 section too.... IMG-20170705-WA0001 by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr i don't know what to advise him to do now! other than try and exchange them for a slimmer rim? is there anything that can be done to make these fit better? too much poke going on! any help greatly appreciated,