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  1. What to do next?

    Thanks paul, i think they used a Schultz product but they just 'missed a bit' in certain areas! id like to know that I've protected and preserved the golf as best I can, there is lots of information out there from spraying the chassis with used motor oil, to full bare metal restorations! Ive been using the rustbuster epoxy mastic products and I thought I was doing the right thing. The manufacturers claim is that you can just paint it onto the rusty areas, job done. I have since read on the net that with these products the rust will eventually come back through? There was a chap on a welding forum who worked on the oil rigs and he recommended something called jotamastic? Which is used in very harsh environments (oil rigs, the marine industry), so this might be worth a go once I've treated the rust? My car is pretty good fortunately but I want it to last ! Thanks for your help, harryvr6
  2. What to do next?

    Hi everyone I've had some underbody work done recently on my mk2 golf and have been concerned ever since about how best to preserve it. Just noticed a little bit of rust appearing along the edges of the welding? I think I need some rust inhibitor, seam sealer, then something like gravitex on top? I was going to order some bilt hamber deox, is this the best route? Many thanks for any help, Harryvr6.
  3. Rear brake caliper identification

    A few more
  4. Rear brake caliper identification

    Thank you v much mate, info now passed on to my mate. Here's A pic of his car (if this works!)
  5. Hi I'm just trying to help my mate out with his rather nice mk1 gti build. He needs some rear calipers: now, I know they didn't come with them as standard, his car has had a digifant pb motor fitted by a previous owner so I'm thinking it may have the donor cars rear calipers too. Is there a stamp on the calipers to tell you whether they are 36mm or 38mm ones please? Many thanks for any help, Harryvr6
  6. Brilliant many thanks mate, unfortunately I can't seem to be able to view the photos, but great advice on the sanding down of the textured areas. I was hoping that maybe 3m did a textured paint but I couldn't find much last night, do you know what the product was that was used on your car please? Ooops! The pictures have just appeared! That looks really good on your car!! Thanks again! Many thanks, harryvr6
  7. excellent! sounds good, very interested to see what you think about that stuff, I'm tempted by the dyes yes, the wurth stuff apparently doesn't like a smooth surface so thats why i tried to rough up the bumper first, i suppose it will only help no matter what i use in that respect? nice one mate, harryvr6
  8. Hi, yes I will do, fingers crossed it may look better soon!
  9. hi, here are a few pics hopefully of how the bumper was: shiny and slippy to the touch, and any product just seemed to wipe off when applied. shiny by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr before 2 by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr before 1 by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr rubbed down by skywaytuff2 aka 'HarryVR6', on Flickr rubbed a section of it down now, its not going to pebble beach in the near future so I'm not too worried! going to give it another go after and then try the c4 stuff again i think. i was chatting to the owner of a lovely mk2 at the footman james car show at weekend and he recommended the wurth bumper stuff: also i think the peugeot boys use something called 'plasticare' which is supposed to be really good too, (solution finish too?) ill give it a go anyway, thanks, harryvr6.
  10. Thank you gurdeep, I shall look into the textured products a little more then. Ive had another closer look at the rear bumper this afternoon. I tried to apply a small amount of Meg's trim stuff and I could see it just wasn't having any effect at all. The bumper top just felt really smooth like glass, It was as if there was a clear coating on it, and the product just wiped off. I probably shouldn't have done this but I thought it couldn't look any worse, it's not going to win at the show n shine anyway, so I very gently rubbed the surface with some wet and dry to try and create a ' key' for a future application of a trim dressing. I think it worked, it got rid of the glass like appearance and although not brilliant looks better now. I'll get some pics up in work tomorrow morning hopefully. With a bit of care I think it could look ok, it's certainly better than just leaving it I think. Thanks harryvr6
  11. thanks, thats a good shout, there must be a solution out there!
  12. hi mate, no i haven't tried the heat trick as yet, I've tried virtually everything else though may be worth a go then? its quite shiny on the top now, I've tried c4 technique recently and it didn't work, (used alcohol wipes beforehand too), the megs bumper and trim stuff, peanut butter, shoe shine too! it seems to be the original bumper too just wish it wasn't smooth! thanks, harryvr6
  13. hi all, over the years the rear bumper on my 91 gti has become very smooth and isn't 'textured' any more, subsequently any trim product finds it hard to adhere to the bumper and I'm left with a horrible flat and grey bumper top! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on how to 'scuff up' the textured part so that i can apply some much needed blackness to it again? i don't really want to buy a pattern bumper so if i could fix mine that would be great many thanks, Harryvr6