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  1. so heres a failry large update.... i picked up a couple other new bits for the car! seat sport intercooler with brackets and a pd160 intake and a new upper grille and lower honeycomb grille fitted some of it a cople days later, can see the size differance between the pd intake and the standard one and with it fitted and pointing towards the filter and as luck would have it, i lost one of my lower honeycombs the day i get the centre one... and just a random shot of the bay! Heading down to CumbriaVAG on Saturday around dinner time I pulled off the motorway into a service station about 25 miles short of the show. Decided since it was around 4pm I would head to asda first to get food before setting up at the show. Found an asda en route, just required a 10 minute detour. Went onto the motorway and came off at a junction head for Kendal. Heading down the road (standard 2 lane country road) when I hit a road repair (a poo one at that), heard a massive thud and backed off... Got about 400 meters up the road when the oil buzzer starts flashing and buzzing. On with the brakes, pull over and turn the car right off, jump out to see oil pissing out the underside of the sump... said bump! So this was around 4:30pm, call my parents to try and get my brother to come down with his trailer, after an hour I get a call to say his trailer if gubbed and it can't be used... AA and RAC wouldn't attend since its classed as an accident and therefor they would have to charge me (£600) to get the car home.... an hour or so later i decided i should maybe take the bumper off incase the car needed to get on a flatbed so i got all the bolts out i could then the last 2 needed a bit more space in the wheel arch. I jacked the car up, whipped off the drivers wheel, got the bolt out, wheel back on then car back on the ground. went to the passenger side, jacked the car up, whipped the wheel off then as i went to my tool box i heard a load crack and the car fell to the deck! the plastic threaded bit in the widow maker had sheered and the car had fallen, luckily the widow maker was still in the sill which stopped the disc hitting the deck! had to go to a close by house which happened to have a mk4 in the drive and ask to borrow his jack, it didn't fit under the sill so the guy had to lever the car up with a pole under the wishbone so i could get the jack under.... After a few calls and many hours my parents and their neighbour decide they could collect me and tow me home with a solid tow bar... They arrive at 11:30pm only to find the tow hook from my mums Passat doesn't fit into the hole in the front of the polo, not sure if this was because the threads on the polo were damaged or if the hook just didn't fit.... Anyways I get taken home as I didn't fancy sleeping in the car in a lay by on a fast corner and got home around 4am... On the drive home I managed to get a hold of hibby who agrees to pick me up in the morning and drive down to get the car with his flatbed! Saviour! Got the car to the garage on Sunday night and picked it up Monday after work with a new sump, a new filter and fresh oil! so that was that! a mega pain in the arse and an annoyed steven since i missed the show and had to shell out a fair whack of money..... heres the damage but on the plus side when i did get home there was a big ass box waiting for me filled with goodies! lots of new cleaning products from poorboys! got a good deal on all this stuff! priced up all the pipes needed for the intercooler, just over £100 vs £225 for the airtec and £276 for the forge kit..... first was FMIC fitting! bumper removed to see what i had! had to remove the crash bar as there was no way of fitting the IC under or over it whilst it was on since its so tall and wide!... also Skye the dog being top helper for the day! next part was this plastic bit getting in the way.... its only real purpose is a couple mounting points for the bumper... so out came the dremel! front mount in place with outlet piping, stayed like this for about 2 weeks whilst i waiting on the MAP flange being welded onto a 90 bend... can see the size difference between front mount and OG side mount.... also now fits perfectly with the cut away plastic and crash bar back on! MAP flange welded onto 90 bend by a local mate who runs MintFab! highly recommended! now with all the pipework i could start building it all up! this was all done through pictures off of the interwebs and drawings i made so i was quite chuffed when all i had left over was about 2 2" pieces of silicone! top pipework fitted and the bottom next thing was brakes! bit of a bugger in that i ordered a pair of 312 carriers and callipers apparently from a TT225 but the guy ended up sending a set of newer style 312's from mk5 gti's and such..... the guy hasn't replied to emails through ebay and by the time i went to complain to ebay it was outside the time period for complaining... so i had to buy a second set.... anyways i got new discs and pads old callipers with about 1mm of pad material left and new stuff all fitted up! took it for a test drive at 9pm the night before SVAG S&S and got a lot of smoke on the first outing but i put it down to not cleaning the oil off the discs and some stray brake fluid from the bleeding.... been fine since! and then a couple little bits in the bay... got some over braid and covered a couple hoses, more to be done at a later date! whole bay shot then whilst at the scrappies i found a set of chrome boot lifters which i was initially gonna use on the bonnet but i didn't have the time to work it out so they went on the boot.... also picked up some brand new chrome compomotive centre caps and a set of 256mm rear carriers and callipers from a TT225, gonna ditch the discs and pads and get all new stuff before fitting! and this was the car all back together! had to cut a lot inside the bumper to make it fit back on!! i also fitted short plates and i removed and painted the back plate on the rear badge so its now silver and also gave it a good old clean with polish, glaze and wax! this is it at SVAG 15! up and coming plans are to fit the new rear brakes and change the brake fluid, if i can be arsed i might paint all 4 callipers red but then you can't really see them behind the comps so..... also purchased some carbon cloth and resin so might make a start on skinning some bits! that could get out of hand if i get decent enough results...
  2. thanks for the comments guys! i dont have many more massive plans for it, i would have liked a set of buckets and harnesses but i like the standard tartan trim. i have a set of silver schroth harnesses that i may fit with the standard seats though.... the wheels have always been a top 5 favourite of mines and when these came up at a really good price from a friend i had to have them. i have a rear strut brace being made for the car (will probably be coated the same porsche grey) and i just bought a PD160 intake and a seat sport front mount which will be fitted in the next month. i would like to get a stage 2 map at that point (only really need a 4 bar fuel pressure reg and pump) and i would like 225 brake out of it so it would be a 50% increase in power, but its not a hard and fast set goal so i'll be happy with anything
  3. a few weeks ago i also had a little issue with the exhaust... the back box welds cracked and it pretty much fell off... sourced a second hand milltek for a good price. cat back resonated system... fitted and sounding nice! picked up wheels for it ages ago and now it was lowered i decided to fit them! compomotive th mono 8" et25. 195/40 fronts and 195/45 rears. and with them fitted... wasnt low enough so after fettling with the coils a bit i got it to a point i was happy with also got my rear anti roll bar fitted and thats it up to daye, got some more parts waiting to be fitted and some other bits to do to it so will update more often! thanks for looking
  4. started fitting bits in the spring time. strut brace on cant believe how high these sit as standard so the coils were next! coils on with evverything still in them so not the lowest! got everything to do the SAI and N valve deletes started out with a relatively messy bay and after ripping out a pile of stuff and fitting the new covers and tidying some wiring i ended up with a much better looking bay! got an edition 30 gti steering wheel and fitted that too
  5. bought this little car in August 2014 whilst my boxster was off the road! always liked them and prices seemed to be at a decent level around this time. drove it around for a while as it was, took it to edition (45+mpg was exciting!) and such likes. managed to get a cheap set of coils at the autojumble at edition which were fitted not too long ago! collected a bunch of parts over christmas and sent it all to the powdercoaters to get coated in a porsche grey! cam cover and inlet manifold and an Eibach RARB and seat sport stut brace
  6. 312mm brake question

    wondering if anyone can answer a (probably) fairly simple question. looking to put 312mm discs and calipers on the front of my 9n3 gti and have found myself upon a pair of calipers from a mk5 golf gti. are all calipers the same regardless of the model they came from? i know they came on a variety of models and obvioulsy the discs are different with the pcd of the holes but i assume calipers are the same? can someone please enlighten me! thank you!
  7. the hairdresser basket

    ok so theres alot of updates here! i started with the door pillars, all satin, textured and patchy; they needed the rivets drilled out but that wasnt too bad.... anyways, got them inside and gave them a wee wrap. thought about doing them purple to match the car, then cream to match the roof but decided against as i wouldnt have been able to get a decent match so went with good old gloss black. plus it makes them look mk3.5 spec but costs alot less. win win! and heres a side by side; so thats them back on and looking nice. might cut out a karmann logo to replace the one underneath or just leave the sun to mould the vinyl round the old logo. ------------- couple new bits today. went and visited chan man to pick up a couple bits. ended up coming away with this bunch; black airbag cover, texture black paint, 2 of, 195/40/17's for the boxsters, fog vents and lower brake vent ducts. also went to the scrappies where i picked up a new black rear view mirror and a switchblade key. nae pictures of any of the vents installed yet but i done one side. the lower ducts will be getting left as is since they are black anyways but i am going to paint the fog ducts in whatever color i have lying.... hopefully i have some black left over. these will be going behind the kanye votex shades anyways so no one will ever notice them ------------- started off today painting the fog vents. they started off GRP grey so i just gave them a spattering with gloss black. wasnt perfect cause they are going behind the kanye shades anyways so finish isnt important also drilled them so i could use OG fog screw holes got them fitted along with the lower vents. passenger side doesnt fit perfect but have a small idea to get it sitting right. then i had another bash at fitting the lamin x to the front lights. tried ti before and made an arse of it. this time i didnt use water and it turned out so much better! in the first pic the passenger side is done. it doesnt make it too dark but its more noticable in person than in pictures. just tones the front end down a bit and makes it bit moodier! then both done and grille back on; and lower down so you can "see" all the vents and then i decided i was going to take the arch trims off for a look see underneath and to my total disbelief this is what i found under the rears..... nae rust! tiny wee bit on the underside of the lip but thats it... theres definitely some rust on the bottom of the front wings but hopefully this means its not going to be too much also done a couple wee bits in the bay like removed the bottom of the air box and got the induction kit "secured" and a couple other silly wee bits went round to stephens and got the front twists, took them, along with the new tyres from icy to percival and left them with him to swap the tyres over on the way home i went back to stephens and picked up the 2 rears. decided i'd go home and get those on before percy finished with the fronts got my work space set out and got to work; first job was to get the BBS's off, fit the adaptors and get it dropped. this was how it sat before and the lower ring is where it sits now i hammered out the arches but those bishes are tough! probably made it worse rather than better but hey ho.... i didnt take pictures as i was going to wait till they were all done! i got the other side done and lowered and the wheel on. went out and picked up the fronts, came home, started to wind down the fronts, got the drivers side lower ring down and then all went to poop! other ring didnt budge, had to chisel and split the ring and even at that i couldnt burst it off, but the split loosened it enough to spin it down... then it was dark so i have left it till tomorow so fingers crossed tomorow will see all 4 wheels on, lowered, de-arched and maybe some of the interior back in the back so today i got a little more done. first off was to remove the arch trims from the fronts to see the extent of the damage. again i was pleasently suprised! ok, the arches themselves are shot but these are easily replaced, the main thing is everything underneath seems to be pretty solid! after rooting around i was left with a nice little pile; and inside the arch; then it was on to fitting the front wheels and taking it out a wee burl... since the seating rings were stuck i couldnt really br arsed trying to unstick them. after it had settled first time; inside looking a bit better now too; and after that i wasnt happy with how the front sat. after a trip shopping i decided i would have a go and loosening the rings... i got them both of them unstuck and managed to wind it down a bit. looks much better now even though the pics dont show it overly well, but i'll throw a couple more in anywho ------------- so i didnt update prior to DC but heres a couple pics to show the final prep one last trip to the scrappies on the saturday. the day before the show but it wouldnt be normal if i wasnt cutting it fine. so i grabbed another good haul on the day. went to SCB in edinburgh purely to get the bits for holding the windbreak up. also got the last 2 bits to complete the black dash, a leather handbrake, a color coded boot plynth that wasnt bent in the middle and some new needles. and i also managed to find a nice set of side trims so i picked those up too. and i also got a pair of painted black mirror caps cause i couldnt find another unpainted one! black gloss looks nice though! so the little jobs first, got the new needles fitted, fit in with the red theme. first pic shows new on right, old on left and second pic shows all new. they came out a mk5 golf. and then i got the little bits on the roll bar fitted so i could fix the windbreak up makes such a difference on the move! even at speeds! then it was a couple other little bits fitted and back in the garage for the night. off to the show on the sunday, parked up, fitted a speaker, got some crazy poop off of vardo to black up the trims then left it the black trim being black makes it look a poop ton better! i did eventually wash it too heres a couple pics at the show ------------- so theres a couple other bits and pieces happened since last! i picked up the 3.5 clocks and the black tonneu cover and got those on. clocks look a million times better and the black cover is a nice change so i had an idea to go racekor spec on the inside so i started posting up wanted ad's. harnesses and deep dish steeing wheel to begin with. done a deal with mr corrieri and got my hands on a set of harnesses and i have a steering wheel being collected at the weekend with any luck. now peoples are prolly gonna hate the look of it now but meh hahah! i've always fancied harnesses and all that jazz so what better car to do it with than one i cant use the back seats in anyways. heres a wee pic of when i fitted the drivers harness in the car park of jumanji nights and i got the other fitted the day after and i also snapped a couple pics from the car park at jumanji nights i'll be getting the steering wheel next, the interior probably wont be going back in and i'm on the hunt for a couple of nice buckets. going to try fix the cage in a bit aswell. and who knows whats going to happen after that ------------- seen this on gumtree about a month ago but the crazy lady wouldnt sell me it for what i wanted to pay for it so i refused to buy it. that is until the other night when i got it relatively scabby roof (which is actually better than the one on the car), but it has a brand new windae and a good frame! the plan is to give the frame and the new roof skin to someone and tell them not to rush with the trimming and hopefully get it done cheaper and i've kinda pretty much 95% decided its getting a VR now so in a kind of arse for tit "lets buy something for it that will only fit if i VR it" kind of way i went and bought these the other night. if you were at the meet last night you will undoubtadly have heard the stroy, if not then i'm not telling incase i want to sell or swap! 5x100, 17"x7" and et17 Compomotive MO5's. always fancied a set and these came up so thought, why not, and they might even tie in with the racekor theme?! will try and get a hold of some 185/35's for them and if its ever gets VR'd then they should fit nicely its still running pretty good after all the arsing about with the engine and the roof still works so i'm still a happy bunny! ------------- continuing the theme of buying wheels that dont fit.... SSR Type C. 2 of, 17" with yoko prada's. offset unknown, width unknown, PCD unknown.... i'm kinda hoping for 5x100 and about 17x7 at least with an offset of 30ish... but who knows? the idea is to be able to go proper JDM and run a double staggered set up with 16x7 Rays CV-Pro up front and they SSR's in the rear. then i can put super skinny tyres on the comp's and run them less often. just need to get one of them welded as its taken some whack at some point! and my other purchase was a new steering wheel. rep OMP badboy! black centre with suede outer and a big ass dish! getting there. just need time and money to look for a VR!
  8. the hairdresser basket

    so the car has sat for a couple months whilst i've used the 7 series for cutting about! insurance renewal came through for the 8th of june and the tax renewal for the end of may so i thought i'd just tax the cabrio and insure it come renewal time and start using it again! had my fun with the beemer so its time for it to go so heres a quikc run through of the past few montsh little work. OEM windbreak. wanted one for a while but didnt want to pay £80 for an aftermarket one. so when i got this for a tenner i was more than happy! prior to coming on the road i had to do the wheel bearings. a job i've never done before and (for me) quite involved, but i had a good time doing it and although it took me an age to do it i'll do it again and i know the next time it wont take near as long roof down work; the front end hinging! and the new bits that percy kindly pressed in for me! non pic work includes cutting down pooper stick and fitting se spec silver dials. tried 6n2 mirrors, got it fitted but wasnt sealing properly so took it off week later... my required tools and the finished product. so it got MOT'd the other day and all was half decent. couple bits i'm going to tackle next week ish picked up a new camera yesterday and thought it was time this thread was due some pics poopey quality facebook pics though but pictures none the less next was black JDM dash to rid the car of the beige/grey number it was sporting... started off with one wierd grey/beige/cream effort in the car; and one JDM black dash; removed some stuff prior to icy arriving; icy arrives to get stuck in. actions shotzzz!; nae dash; finding all the other bits to complete the install; tony turned up for moral supports after seeing on facebook. icy takes arty mk3's; and all completed; doesnt look massively different in pictures but its a big change.looks many times better. and theres a bit of japan in there too! couple bits that were missing which i will need to find or collect. need an airbag cover, passenger side vent surround and a passenger speaker cover. put the lower dash back in along with the steering wheel cowel too so it looks like a complete interior now aswell! guid! and the past 2 days i've tried to tint the windows. 7 attempts on one window and couldnt do it so its gong back in tomorow... plans for DC12.5 include a general tidy and a couple othe little bits and pieces
  9. thanks mate! bit old now but the car has been moved on! currently own a mk3 golf cabrio which used to be my daily but its off the road at the moment. took it off to change the wheel bearings at the front andended up with a bmw 730 V8 daily driver car is now owned by my girlfriends sister and the only things remaining when i sold it were the front and rear bumpers i'd like another static mk5 now though! maybe when gti's and r32's are a bit cheaper
  10. the hairdresser basket

    i suppose this requires an update well since the last update not a great deal has been going down! just rach using it for work due to her car being broken and me using it every now and again to go for 2am blasts with the roof down! (first off excuse pics. they were never intended for the thread so they are of phone quality) got some future wheels on the cheap. my first splits set of Rays Volk Racing CV Pro's. they are 5x100 so planned on using in the future... next up i got a carbon skinning kit off of bennett as i always wanted to give it a bash so the only real bits i could rip off the cabrio easily was the inner mirrors covers. they came out not too bad for a first attempt but i want to do more bits and get the technique down. the picture so them justice for sure though. then a wee trip to the burgh got me my first ever parking ticket.... but a nice picture. (which needs recreated with a decent camera!) it was right about this time i noticed the 2 front tyres were bald and the car started juddering and cutting out sometimes even at motorway speeds in the middle lane..... plan was to get a new crank position sensor as i think this is what is causing the issue and to get some new tyres. alas up came some BBS's on gumtree, a 5 minute drive down the road and a 25% discount on what the guy wanted for them BBS VZ, 4x100, 7x17", et 37 or 38 IIRC? one new tyre, one very good part worn fitted the day before and 2 other decent tyres. plan was to run them till i could get some new front tyres for the twists. then last night, using a convertible as it should be, a 6ft canvas in the rear, tied to the cage, driving home from ikea edinburgh with the roof down! oh and it was juddering pretty much all the way there and back! and then tonight, as big richie has said above the car shat its undercarridge over the road.... big up to stephano who dragged its sorry ass home but after inspection it seems to be the CV boot on the gearbox side. hopefully nothing too extreme! ------ was nae guid but thankfully my mate percy swung by after his work last night. got the old driveshaft out and luckily percy's bro's old mk3 was en route to the scrappy so a spare shaft was easily found! upon inspection it appeared 2 bolts had snapped on the flange and the other 4 came loose over time... not good! one of the snapped bolts had wriggled loose on the drive home and one was half way to making an escape so it came out easy! new shaft was then fitted easy as pie! then it came to the gears. we were struggeling to get reverse or 5th. much adjusting of the linkage and still no reverse. after an hour or 2 of fiddling it was found that the linkage was actually bent. it looks like the shaft had bounced up the way and rattled the linkage and bent it to buggery. one big chap with a hammer, adjustment back to where it was before and all gears are fantastic! probably even better than before! so now i just need to get the box oil level checked and a crank position sensor and hopefully everything is magic! oh and the BBS's will be going on very soon, once i get the allen sockets back! ------ so back to some nice pictures with a real camera! which means back to picture overload started out this afternoon with a car: also had a pile of bits and tools. 2 pairs of gloves (one dirty pair i could cover in WD40 and dirt whilst adjusting coils, and one pair to lift wheels and handle clean tools), a low loader jack i borrowed from my bro, a bag of bolts, a wheel socket, allen sockets for adaptors, c spanner, wd40 and a set of wheels! the cap shot then i had to go around all 4 corners, take the wheels off, raise the car :roll: , take the adaptors off then fit the new wheels! at first i wasnt sure, without caps they looked like old momo arrows but with the cap they looked better. they are still growing on me but as said previously these are probably only going to be temporary and heres a couple after shots now the bitch is pretty much all legal ish even gave the inside a wee gut out and put a wee bit oil in it its nice to be nice! and thats me up to date
  11. the hairdresser basket

    well just a verbal update as i've nae pichoors! got the roof down 50% of the way down to edition. blazing heat, mega headware banter, lots of rolling shots, lots of win! down at edition i managed to pick up a vento GL lip for the pricely sum of £10. got a wee crack on the underside but not overly bothered by it. just needs cut up a wee bit. then on the return leg from edition i had the roof down, cue the rain. an hour and a bit later we stop, only one wet arm and a patch on my jeans that made me look like i pee'd myself but again it was funny to see some reactions and then on the monday i was trecking about falkirk, when the near side break stared binding. stopped for a bit then went again, started braking from 25 up to a junction when BANG, brakes go light and i had to yank the handbrake to stop me! upon inspection at the side of the road i found the brake disc to have shattered where the disc meets the matting face. drove home at 15 miles an hour and when i got home i found the passenger one to have suffered the same outcome.... need to phone percy and investigate.... ------ so update as i've not done one in a while.... the culprit was found for the sheared discs and it was due to my own reglegance... it would appear that the OG bolts were a shade too long and were going through the adaptor and pressing against the disc. it just so happens the outer edge of the disc is right where the 5x130 bolt pattern comes through the adaptor so they've just caught the edge of the disc causing 4 or 5 weak points and the stresses caused them too crack. i'll learn from that one for sure! wierd that it didnt happen with the old discs though? so i got myself 18 new bolts in a shorter length and with the proper seat on them (already had 2...) which were fitted once the new discs arrived. anyways i couldnt help myself in the time being so the money i saved on fuel i bought a full set of mk3.5 interior switches to get a full red light set up... got lucky and managed to get beige ones too so saved faffing about with swapping the switch faces over obligitory picture! and i also managed to score a set of CC clocks when i went to pick up the interior for rachels car. guy chucked it in since we had drive so far! just need to check the milage/get it altered with vag tacho also have mk4 golf needles to swap in too then this week the car was out at percys last weekend to have the brakes looked at. he bled them and got some trapped water out them so its helped a wee bit. still need the rear shoes looked at and the front drivers side still has a slight rumble so i think its possibly a wheel bearing away or the likes the most important part of the update is this though picked up a cage off of lee for much cheapness. managed to hold out for a couple weeks but in the end i had to buy it managed to fit the thing myself today. not bolted in but its stuck in relatively tight and having no roof whilst fitting it made it a dream hahah! fitted it so that the loop was just behind the cars roll bar so you can see it from the side. and you can just see if from the front too so i like it nuff chat moar pics! ------ fitted a VR spliter today that i got of mk5 john the other night makes the front end look a lot better and from the side, due to its deepness it looks much better along with the deep sills. the CL spltter never looked right.... this will do until i can get the bumper off for fitting the GL splitter
  12. the hairdresser basket

    so theres a few updates i've missed this is way back from august until yesterday! these were taken from another forum and i've tried to edit the wording but may have missed bits.... so just fettling with new pads and the ride height. didnt do the brakes properly as the pedal has excessive travel now but i think i did not to bad with the height of it. about 3/4 of an inch lower at the front and a good 2 inches at the rear. sits quite even and if its on flat ground then it sits pretty nice too get a lil bit scrubbing on corners on dips so its all good will try and get a good clean in before DC11.5 and get some clay/polish/wax onto it too! ------ ok so i didnt really do an update over the DC11.5 weekend so heres a few shots from previous a couple weeks before the show i got myself a new radiator from the scrappies along with the expansion globe. one nice night i decided i was going to fit it so with the help of stephano so we started to rip the car to bits! old vs new radiator. notice rusty holes in the 2 bottom corners.... this left the car looking like a right mess! i love stripping cars down to the level on the street! and then it got hella dark cause we took so long because of those stoopid springy clips that hold on the hoses! but it got finished eventually and it still seems to be leaking the tiniest amount of water as the light came on the other night..... so i'll need to investigate have been told its just bleeding in but i'm keeping an eye on it. and since DC was coming up i decided to wind the coils down a tad! back came down about 2" and the front about 3/4" got the car sitting quite nice i think! and whilst at DC i gave the front wheel, which was covered in rust due to the brakes, a good clean up getting rid of most of the visible rust and then clayed the side of the car to get rid of the rusty deposits left behind. also done the trim with the help of bennett and lee doc! how it looked at the start of the day; how it was with nice trim. its getting there but for the time being the house took presedence! in a few weeks it'll hopefully get a few new bits since i got the car i noticed it had a funny colored dash it wasnt quite black but a sort of really dark grey. i wanted a black dash so this was kindly dropped off at my house at the weekend and the best bit and today percy was kind enough to order me a pair of front discs which i picked up in the hope of fitting tomorow. slight judder and kncoking under braking so i'm thinking its a warped disc from when i was running with low pads! hopefully this will remedy the problem and i picked the car up from stephen tonight after leaving it with him since yesterday night and its looking amazing! fixed the bonnet which had alot of swirls in it, got rid of the rest of the rust spots along the side from the brake pad, blackened up the trims, got rid of the scores i put in it from claying the rust spots and a general all-round tidy up! well chuffed with it and its shiney as hell! although his daughter kindly left some finger prints all over my drivers window but its a small price to pay. i'm sure i'll manage to polish the windows!
  13. the hairdresser basket

    thanks mate i am really enjoying it! its not the fastest car but i've only ever owned smaller engined cars so its fast enough for me plus i like a car too look good rather than go fast the sills on them are pretty low! mines isnt too low yet i cant get a jack under it! going to be wound down another little bit soon enough
  14. the hairdresser basket

    recent work! ok been to long without pictures so my last escapade turned into pictures started out with some front indicators. had all the markings and logos and poop but then i cracked out the sandpaper and make quick work of them! so now they weres smooth there would be no blemishes ready for the wrap! my recently aquired cheapo lamin-x (and when i say cheap i mean its probably the exact stuff...) nice tint to them! and the latest purchase since it was hella cheap and it ruins the car because its so rubbish was a brand new creamey beige hood! now i just need someone to fit it... went up to icys to pick up the airbox for drilling and he came out with the votex fog cover slats. got them home and a couple of bits were burst so out with the "plastic welder"! and then after 2 mins they were all good and new! your not supposed to fit them with fogs for some reason or another but i like the look of the fogs behind them... there a wee bulge on the top of the fogs to stop the clips fitting but i made short work of them with a hacksaw and a file. they were glass so it took a bit of work but i got there in the end and they're fine now! and then last weekend i managed to get a hole in the wall of one of the rear tyres so i forced to fit 2 of the twists! after a kerfuffle with sockets and allen keys to fit the adaptor bolts i got them on. i just fitted the 7.5's to the rear just now with the 205/50's so they are hella big but now its spurred me on to get new tyres and get them swapped over so i;m gonna put 205/40's on the 8.5's and get 195/40's for the 7.5's and it should all be rocking! and then i cleared out the garage and again i was amazed at the amount of poop you can fit in the boot last weekend i took a wee trip up the unit to help ian and try to sort out my bumper. got the power steering fixed so now it doesnt squeal like a banshee and then i got the bumper re-hung on the bracket and heres proof ian works sometimes and just as of this weekend; then thursday night the car went for its MOT. got a failure on lambda emmisions, 2 front tyres bald and nearside balljoint excessive play. phoned up percy when i got home, got him to order me new bits and got the car booked in for work on friday night. also had already ordered tyres (195/40's for the 7.5's) but now i needed 205/40's for the 8.5's but luckily icy had a pair going unused so they were purchased thursday night! so now i had 4 new tyres, a new lambda, a new balljoint and a time slot to get it all done! now comes friday, went to the scrappies and picked up a few new bits, a new radiator with zero rust or holes, a new (clean) expansion globe and a 6n2 polo toolkit cause the car didnt have any tools.... then at night i headed out to percys he fitted the lower ball joint, the new lambda and swapped over the 4 tyres (and one for rachel, he's a star ) and whilst he was doing that i managed to drop the front end a wee bit! never had time to do the rear but that'll get done soon! so now the lambda is fitted it seems that that was the issue with the dodgy running so it runs perfecto! even got in a wee race on the way out to edin last night and was able to keep up with cars heres a couple photos from just before the meet at stephens and thats it for now! rad was fitted this evening with new(ish but cleaner than old) expansion tank and then after that its just the oil leak to fix good times!
  15. the hairdresser basket

    thanks dude! seen them on another purple cabrio from the states and decided i needed a set! lucky a close friend was getting rid of her car and i cnvinced her to let me swap them plus some monies