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  1. Would you use this DSG fluid?

    Unfortunately Pagid are just another renaming exercise by ECp now. Used to be oe pad supplier to VAG, they lost the contract to Honeywell and sold ECP the rights to use the Pagid name, now mostly Chinese fag ash and glue quality. Oh BTW, where Oils are concerned, Fuchs are the only company to supply Volkswagen AG to the factory. Quantum isn't supplied by them and they switch who they use so you are never guaranteed to get the same quality of oil twice even from TPS/VW etc.
  2. My Fueled Society 2013 Video

    Nice vid there Jimmy - captured the vibe perfectly. Glad to to say a made more than one appearance.
  3. Fueled Society 2013!

    Which app is it that adds pubes to pictures?
  4. Fueled Society 2013!

    Nice car mate.
  5. Fueled Society 2013!

    We are all really stoked at the great feedback we are receiving. Thank you for making it the show that it has turned into.
  6. Elsecar Mega Meet + Rallye Golf Show 2013

    So - 1st of april is when I need the mk1 to be finished for? C U THERE. Love this show.
  7. tdi turbo wistle

    Craig - deffo sounds like the turbo is on its way out. This happened on my mk5 tdi 140 - sounded like a police siren. Matt
  8. Martin B = Legend.

    Just a quick thanks to Martinb @ HIC. Just when I had lost all faith, Martin has stepped in and sorted an insurance problem for me, even though I was cancelling my policy with HIC! Thanks again Martin - your work is appreciated. Regards Matt
  9. Show Dates For 2013

    Been a couple of years - would love to go again soon.
  10. Show Dates For 2013

    Got Early Edition - 14th April. Penned that in.
  11. Show Dates For 2013

    Need to get organised for next year so I can get time away. HHHEEEEELLLLPPPPPP. Any show dates yet? Ta Matt
  12. j222ajm black mk2

    Awesome work as usual Bob.
  13. Anyone built DIY car ramps?

    They wont reply because they will be dead.

    Seen this a couple of times on leeds/dewsbury road - MK3 on D90 just look right. Awesome detail mate.