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  1. self full respray question

    As long as it's the same batch of paint the colour match will be fine
  2. Vw golf mk2 Haldex vrT coming soon

    Is this the lad selling the gear on a Facebook page?
  3. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    I won't be painting any more till all the mechanical side is how inwant it mate, plus I've always wanted it 4x4 and a cheap set up has came up
  4. Vw golf mk2 Haldex vrT coming soon

    What front shafts, arms an hubs you using?
  5. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Been a while lol - Got hold of the rest of the power steering system, waiting on being refurbed - Changed the intercooler an got hold of a cossie 4x4 cooler, have an evo8 one coming so may use that! - ko3s bought Also looking at a mk1 TT haldex set up
  6. Porsche 964 for y'all

    Still looking fresh Chris
  7. My ice cool 964

    Glad to help sorting the paint out Ian, another satisfied customer
  8. 20v mk2

  9. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Mounting brackets bonded on
  10. Vw golf mk2 Haldex vrT coming soon

    Will be keeping an eye on this, mine will be 4wd one day
  11. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Had one tested on the track
  12. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Fibreglass bonnet with air intake vents
  13. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Any body near Newcastle handy with wiring? I've got some of it sorted I think but could do with a hand to finish it lol