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  1. Multi car insurance?

    Is this something you can offer? Currently with admiral and renewal is due 10/8 If someone can confirm I'll ring etc but don't fancy queuing on the phone to be told no Thanks Jason
  2. LED bulbs

    Will do thanks
  3. LED bulbs

    Yeah just for sidelights guys...
  4. LED bulbs

    Looking at getting some but there seems to be so many to choose from and a big difference in cost. Wanting a pure white look and something which is a good quality and match a xenon headlight. Any recommendations ?
  5. Oh boy, over a year already!

    Nice. Off to florida so won't be seeing you crusing around. What's it like for car parts out there?
  6. Oh boy, over a year already!

    Tig looked awesome. Can't wait to come to America in September, were about are you?
  7. 80mm BBS Badges

    Interested in this too
  8. Headunit not holding memory!

    What stereo is it ? Or put a photo up
  9. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    Stunning, just got myself another anni. Anymore photos of the carbon goodies and who did them please?