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  1. What is best for cleaning the my headlining and b post in my mk2 golf as they are dirty white
  2. Golf II GTD

    hi eddie how did you get on with the cult boot handle. was it any good long term? I have just got one but not sure if to fit it thanks john
  3. Golf II GTD

  4. Eary mk2 golf tie rods

  5. Eary mk2 golf tie rods

    Thanks Steveo
  6. Eary mk2 golf tie rods

    I have a eary mk2 golf that you can only adjust one side of the tie rods as the other one is fixed. To make them both adjust do I just change the fixed one for a adjustable one or both? Thanks John
  7. Don't think I can upload Any pics as am on a phone.
  8. I'd like to Restore the colour on some brown interior parts. Is there anything I can do? Apart from keep covering it in shiny bull poo
  9. anyone no if you can get a new LCD display. or is there any were that you can get them fitted. thats the LCD on my mk2 golf clocks any help will be great thanks siggy
  10. well a mk1 interior mirror fit a mk2

    Anyone no how they fit on?
  11. well a mk1 interior mirror fit a mk2

    thanks mugly your a star. now to find a good one lol
  12. just like to no if a mk1 golf/scirocco interior mirror well fit a mk2 golf? as id like to fit a brown interior mirror? thanks john
  13. got a late mk2 golf. And want to fit eary LH wiper mac and arms. is it just a straight swap ?
  14. I have just got a new set of us small bumpers for my mk2 and like to no the Best way to fit a new bumper skin to a Iron with out damaging The texture side? Any help will be great
  15. Sooty black water coming form Exhaust

    Thank you very much everyone