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  1. Ahh ok. I thought you could plug in to car download settings, and then use the Serial Port Program for Windows to adapt the SPS to suit? If not I'll pop to Northampton Motorsport and get them to set it up. Have also found someone wanting to sell one too Cheers bud.
  2. Not what REVO told me mate? They said they aren't tied to the car, and can be bought second hand providing it is the right one for my software.
  3. Hi, If it just says SPS on the front, and has one dial I'll take it. Pm me if you can find it? Unless someone has one this weekend? Bit impatient, really want to get logging! haha Cheers.
  4. In fact - anyone coming down to edition this weekend that wants to sell one PM me
  5. Well mine did reset itself after recall work at the seat dealer. 100% went back to stock boost/fuel rail pressure. Wen't back down to Northampton Motorsport and got it turned back on again for another tenner. I'm on the lookout for a SPS switch now. Have PM'd you insamoufonyx
  6. Would you use this DSG fluid?

    It's going back chaps. I'll get the genuine stuff tomorrow haha. Don't know why I bought it to be honest. Was hoping someone was going to say reassure me it would be ok.
  7. Would you use this DSG fluid?

    What about Febi, Didn't they use to be OE? They have VW part numbers on alot of their fluids?
  8. Would you use this DSG fluid?

    If that's true I'm surprised. I thought Pagid where still an OE supplier?
  9. Would you use this DSG fluid?

    Hence why I asked first chaps, and is being fitted with a Genuine Fuel filter, Genuine Cam follower and Genuine DSG filter. Infact if you squint you can see them in the background of the first pic I'm not the type to scrimp and save on parts, and will only buy Mann or Hengst over Guttmann or Crosland. Or Pagid over the German sounding but Chinese Eicher if using ECP. But can't sniff at a £25 saving if it is as good as the genuine stuff. Do you really think Quantum fluids are made by VW themselves? They are rebranded oils made by a large Oil manufacturer. In the same way that QX will be. I just wanted to hear if anyone had used this before returning it.
  10. Bought from ECP for the tidy sum of £43.19. Meets VW TL 052 182 (DSG except DQ400 and DQ500) It is around £25 cheaper than the stuff from TPS, and I have read numerous things about Triple QX being Shell rebottled and rebranded by ECP to save money on the CarLube stuff they used to sell. This was also confirmed by the chap behind the desk I purchased from. I'm sort of swaying towards taking it back and getting genuine stuff from TPS tomorrow, but as it's the price difference of a set of spark plugs, and meets a VW standard I'm in two minds. The VW standard it meets could be anything - I can't find any info on it. The DQ400 and DQ500 are the newer 7 speed boxes, so it isn't compatible with these, but as ECP don't have spec sheets for Triple QX oils, I am left in the dark... Has anyone used it?
  11. All sorted - Northampton Motorsport charged me a tenner to turn back on the map the previous owner turned off!
  12. As above, really need a favour from anyone local to Northamptonshire if possible?
  13. What Spark plugs?

    Nothing wrong with them - just internet scare-mongering! All three of the top brands are fine and are all OE to certain manufacturers. BOSCH DENSO and NGK.
  14. Although saying that where are you?