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  1. Wheel fitment help

    should be ok. assuming you have a mk5 golf or 8p audi
  2. radio code

    quite often on used motors its been written on the back of the radio
  3. Monobloc alloy wheels

    im a big fan of the directional vossen cvt's as a mono bloc wheel, but they are 19" and up. one of the freshest wheels out though
  4. Re-drilling 5x120 --- 5x100

    absolutely this.
  5. WORK wheels parts in the UK...?

    i very much expect i can get them from work wheels usa if you get stuck. (ravspec are a work wheels usa dealer).
  6. Wobble/Variation Bolts

    as you couldn't be bothered to check any feedback on ebay , here you go... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PCD-CONVERSION-WOBBLY-LOCKING-WHEEL-BOLTS-M14-X-1-50-/300871263533
  7. Quick Wheel Help

    ^^^^ that, what width adapters?
  8. Wheel Redrilling advice

    if people know what they are doing its completely safe. people who don't can warp or bend the wheel due to the heat of the ally welding.
  9. Will these fit?

    ^^^ This, they will fit fine.
  10. Making new wheel Dishes ?

    i can get flat lips, but in sizes 18" up. we use them all the time for repair and refurbing US branded wheels. if they are smaller than 18" you could try rotiform or HRE in the USA (or their uk dealer). HRE would full on make um for you to spec, but ££££
  11. Battery type, size?

    leisure battery?
  12. Chroming ?

    absolute factual truth, i had a place that would chrome wheels, but wanted £500 a wheel and still gave no warranty. for £500 a wheel you are much better off getting them to the states to chrome and sent back, as US plating is really really really that good. not only that you'd get a bit of a warranty. as I've dealt so much in aftermarket chromes, it's just plain cheaper to get people to buy a replacement wheel. than try and get them redone (unless they wanted painted finish instead) speak to that man mike, and get some chrome powdercoat (>70% as good as proper chrome for shine, but 200% more durable) or full polished.
  13. Sealing banded steel wheels

    personally i'd want the welds airtight, then sealer over the welds to hide the weld marks so the police dont notice they are banded but seam sealer should work for you to sort your prob. if you put enough on.
  14. 5x110 wheels on 5x112

    yup they'll be fine
  15. AMG Merc Wheels Fitment help needed

    umm...well, until you try and bolt the wheel on to check clearances you might find you only actually need 66.56 to 57.1mm spigot rings. the extra width won't affect anything, if they are the same width all round. if they are not you need to make sure the tyre profiles match the OEM Setup as much as possible. bearing in mind you're putting on AMG wheels from merc's with huge brake callipers anyway, i can't really see you have any problems bolting them up to your S4. what are the specs of the wheels? 8.5 front? what size rear? or are the fronts thin...like 7.5's or something.