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  1. yeah i wanted something dirfferent the chrome red looks amazing :-). I'll get pics up once i get everything back
  2. Yes banbury flocking did mine for me, I've currently taken all the parts off and there doing it in chrome red as well as the cahrger and brackets etc :-)
  3. hi dudbuds base and lacquared. When i got it the paint was solid so when i sanded it I was a proper red indian lol!
  4. Cheers guys, I'm getting some engine bits done so i'll post up some pics once thats done lol 330 singh you made me buy it!
  5. here are the pictures of the completd interior I had the seats re trimmed with re stitiching and the door cards and wheel done to match.
  6. hi bud no thats on H & R springs I dont want to loose the EDC on the M5
  7. Hiya brought this back in July and decided to bring it back to life so I have been busy over the last few months. Ive done the following and lots more to do :-) Wheels and Brakes 6 pot brakes with 302x22 discs Replaced the silver BBS Bolts with gold ones Suspension New wishbones and ploybushed Engine/Maintance Vanair red boost and coolant hoses Porsche Coolant Cap and Oil filter Cap Forge washer bottle cap SWG Twin cone induction kit Chrome inlet manifold/Throttle body/rocker cover Full service inc timing Belt/Charger Belts dizzy cap etc etc new inner and outer CV boots Exterior Full Respray in original Tornado Red paint Polished door handles Polished door locks and strciker pins Pop Out rear quarters zinc coated wing bolts/slam panel bots/door hinge bolts/lock bolts Lighting polo 6N GTI Xenon conversion with uprated loom Interior Digifiz Dash with working temp guage/ petrol guage/ turn signals/handbrake etc Hour and Min adjuster for digifiz in place of handbrake/abs warning light Full re trim (material sourced from vw hertiage) black leather on the side with red stitching re trimmed door cars with red stitching BBS Steering wheel with re trim and re stitching Audioscape door builds New overlay mats Exhaust Full custom exhaust with original style pipes During the repaint i repalced the rubbers fo rthe scraper sills etc etc The interior and chrome bots of the engine shall be fitted tomorrow and i'llpost some pics up I havent taken pics of everything but you get the idea Stripped painting Coming back together Porker door handle came with the car just needed re polishing Door locks and screws Polo Xenon conversion and uprated loom Home and pop out rear windows No interior (yet lol) Engine Chrome bits need fitting Digifiz fitted and all working Chrome Bits In good company with my M5 I'll get pics up as I fit the interor and its also at UD this weekend. Thanks for looking, its been a PITA sorting this Rallye but worth it :-)
  8. i'll get some bay pics for you bud
  9. Some of you know this Rallye from the site, built by Nuel then owned by Sam. I purchased this on Saturday as I've been looking for a MK2 Golf. I dont have many plans for this. So far I have cut the paint back and polished her up, I'll be re painting her the same colour over winter as well as re triming the black leather with red stirching and some BBK up front. Engine wise I am leaving her how she is but changing the coolant pipes and charger hoses for vanair red pipes. I'm fitting the decat on wednesday. Anyway here she is inside just hoovered her up and steamed the seats, new mats are on order from germany rear end supersprint system and american rear lights Front end side view i'll keep the thread updated as and when
  10. Tornado Rallye + BBS, Air, Recaro = :D

    Id watch this space as it well be back very very soon :-)
  11. hi to be honest I use the van to take my dog out so never really noticed much differance in performance bud. Its a 1.9tdi so never going to win any drag races lol
  12. pics of the dashboard once I fitted it rear barn doors open