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  1. punx666

    Stainless or aluminium dishes

    Cheers guys, I have the money for stainless but don't think I can justify the £500 for dishes on the car I don't use daily. Think it might be just ally ones
  2. Which dish is best for RMs? My mk1 is only used on dry sunny days but would like to know what people's thoughts are, and the best bolts to use stainless or steel Cheers
  3. punx666

    Wheel refurb RMs in staffordshire

    They look good! It's £120 to have them stripped and painted, was it easy to rebuild them?
  4. punx666

    Wheel refurb RMs in staffordshire

    I'd rather have them painted properly to be honest and I've never rebuilt a rim before
  5. Evening all looking at having my RMs refurbished and built up, anyone recommend a good place in Cannock or that area, and how much roughly to have them painted and built up?
  6. punx666

    Candy White Mk1

    or ian down at chase autos he did my mk1 for me
  7. punx666

    Po-Low Coupe

    cool colour reminds my of my old gt i had
  8. punx666

    Project Black Hawk

    looks good paul, glad someone who HAS built a mk1 before will do the same to this!
  9. punx666

    Po*Low*'s JDM/U.S Spec 5Door Whore

    looks good dude seen this round heath hayes way whie ive been working on mine
  10. still waiting for my stuff that my partners bought me for xmas hope its here for friday! but never had any probs with these especially with delivery times
  11. punx666

    MK1 16v ShOw AnD gO will it be finished?

    little update been working away so had no time home to get near the car, but now im home ive had time to see it, still down the bodyshop but should be home by the 15th may!! i hope so!! anyway sold a few bits i didnt want as i changed plans but bought this today of my friend, woth the moey and suits any mk1!
  12. punx666

    Project Woodstock - Vento

    nice car matey! il keep an eye out round cannock for it! plus how weird is chasewater now?
  13. punx666

    Candy White Mk1

    yeah theres a few i know of aleast 10 mk1 around here but not all are dailys!
  14. punx666

    Candy White Mk1

    looks nice mate, where in cannock you from? saw it up the orbital the weekend and the pics ou took are only round the orner from me!
  15. punx666

    mk1 G60 - 1.8T

    looks stunning mark, liking the interior bits youve done!