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When is the best chance to change the steering rack and arb bushes?

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Car is a mk4 golf


What i am asking is when are they most accessible for a mechanic to change, during what other works would it be easier to change the steering rack and roll bar bushes?


As i don't really want to pay someone a lot of money for a small job but pay for the labour for the time it takes to get access to them.


I am changing my front brake discs and pads myself this weekend so might be able to get a better look at understanding what needs to come off to change them, I've been quoted £40 labour per side for changing both wishbone bushes on each side which i am going to get done. Is it better get any other bushes done whilst the wishbones will be off the car?


Thanks, sorry if i haven't made sense in any parts.

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To change the rack and ARB bushes the subframe needs to be removed or at the very least dropped to get access. Can't think of any other maintenance that would normally entail this. To change those bushes is really the only reason you would remove the subframe. Nothing to do with the wishbones at all.


If you have the wheels off to do the brakes may as well do the wishbones yourself. You can buy a whole replacement wishbone with new bushes already pressed in for £20 at ECP, rather than paying someone to press bushes into your old wishbone.

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