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Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

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And so onto Fabia VRS number 3!


One of the very few cars I have owned that I have regretted selling, My last Fabia VRS that I should have never let go. I didn't need the money and had got it pretty much perfect but was offered such a good price for it as a P/X towards a Golf GTI Edition 30 that I let it go, I should have kept it as a daily but hey ho.


As mentioned in my Golf R thread, I decided that I wanted to have a break from expensive cars and that I was going to sell it. So I decided I needed another daily driver, It had to be a Diesel, Sporty and fun to drive with decent looks and reliability but still in good condition...You can see where this is going.


After scouring the Internet for past Month relentlessly for a decent MK1 Fabia VRS I really had my work cut out this time, I had a wanted advert on here, On the Fabia VRS Facebook page and have been looking at all the other usual places Autotrader, Ebay etc


I almost gave up as everything I was offered was Highly Modified, High Mileage or had a sketchy Service history. Then I popped on here and checked the Cars For Sale section and spotted what looked like the perfect car which fellow Brisky member Shadowphax was selling. After a few PM's and a Phonecall I went to view the car after work on Friday and after going through everything and a thorough test drive I said yes and collected it yesterday, I didn't even haggle with him as the car was exactly if not better as described and just what I was looking for. Very genuine seller and enthusiast and an absolute pleasure to deal with, He was concerned that the car was going to go to a good home and I assured him that I would give the car just that.


The car...


: Mk1 Skoda Fabia VRS TDI

: Lemon Yellow

: 2 Owners from new, Last owner has had the car 8 Years and is a Briskoda Member/Enthusiast

: 68K Miles

: Factory Zenon's, Sunroof, Cruise Control, CD Changer

: Totally standard apart from Genuine Mudflaps fitted all-round, Facelift Grille and Tailgate badges


: FSH, Been done every 6-10K Miles, Just Serviced and MOT'd a few Weeks ago at D.M Keiths Skoda Main Dealer as well as a pair of Rear Bump Stops, No advisories on Service or MOT. On its 3rd Timing Belt as it has been done every 4 Years. Gearbox Oil has been changed. Had a recent pair of Genuine Rear Brake Calipers, Recent Brake Discs and Pads fitted all round, Uprated Console Bushes fitted. A really well maintained car.


Car is in very good condition both inside and out even to my standards, Been garaged everyday for the past 8 Years, Front seats have Covers fitted to keep them looking as new with no bolster wear, It has some tailor made floor mats fitted and the original VRS items are like brand new and have been un-used for the past 8 Years, Rear seats hardly ever used, Door cards have all been removed and the Door Panels have been Sealed properly (Common Fabia Problem)


The car also came with 2 sets of Wheels....A powder coated set of 15" Steels with Winter Tyres and the original Fabia VRS Alloys fitted with nearly new Hankook V12's.


I had a great drive back home in the car, Averaged 55MPG with no effort and immediately knew I had made a good choice holding out for the right example. Even coming from the MK6 Golf R the Fabia felt very solid inside, Was comfy and the little 130BHP PD Engine felt nice and flexible.


Future Plans...


Now I know the whole reason for me buying this car was to have a break from Detailing and spending all my spare time on the car but I still intend to do a big initial Detail on the Fabia which will hopefully make keeping on top of it much easier. Plus it deserves it!


The previous owner has done a fab job and the car is a credit to him. I intend to continue and take it to the next level including giving the Car a Single Stage Machine Polish, Wax, Wheel Removal and Wheel Arch Deep Clean, I have some VRS Green Pantone 348 High Temp Paint which I had made for my previous VRS so will be doing a Brake Caliper repaint and Hub repaint. Engine Bay De-Grease and Detail.


The Standard 16" VRS Alloys where refurbished a few Years ago but where Powder-coated White, I personally prefer a more OEM look so will be getting them redone over the next few Weeks and will be going for a Silver finish.


Possibly replace the Head Unit for something more modern as it has the Factory Fitted item, Open to idea's on that as I have no idea when it comes to In Car Entertainment.


Lastly I might consider a Remap, Nothing balls out and something that will keep the Stock Clutch in check. Heard good things about Faboka on here but Niki Gower at R-Tech who I use for my TFSI mapping also does software for these too.


Sneaky Pic...


Just a teaser shot for now, The car is currently in Winter Mode on its Steelies and is not going to be used over the next Week until the Golf has gone hopefully next Weekend. I will post some proper pictures of the car once it has had its first Bonelorry Detail emoticon-0105-wink.gif



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Looking forward to this. Sounds like a real good find. Great condition.

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Cool. If I was you I'd hunt for a set of octavia vrs 17 inch spiders. Still look oem but miles nicer than the original Fabia 16's


Nah, Too big. I have driven a MK1 Fabia on 17's before and it was really skittish and crashy, Would want lowering too or it would look horrendous on 17's.


Staying on the OEM 16's. More than happy with the look of the car in stock form.

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Headunit wise, I'd recommend a Pioneer SPH DA-120 App Radio. Good all round unit with Apple CarPlay and comes in at a reasonable price given the feature set ~£300

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Headunit wise, I'd recommend a Pioneer SPH DA-120 App Radio. Good all round unit with Apple CarPlay and comes in at a reasonable price given the feature set ~£300


Thank you! Sounds good, Apple CarPlay is something I was after too :)

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On early shifts this Week, The Sun was shining and I had a decent finish time this afternoon so decided to make a start on the Fabia.


When I first buy a car and carry out its first Wash/Detail in my ownership I like to spend additional time on area's that you do not always see such as all the Door Shuts, Wheel Arches and Engine bay. As well as doing a Basic wash and prepping the Paint for Polishing/Waxing.


Made some decent progress today and did what I call a basic enhancement Detail, I will be giving the Fabia a Machine Polish at some point soon but for now...


: Thorough Rinse, All Door Shuts, Boot Shut, Fuel Filler Cap and Bonnet Shuts. Using APC to High Concentrate and Detailing Brush

: Full Exterior Wash, 2 Bucket Method, Megs Shampoo & Lambswool Mitt

: Wheels cleaned using Bilberry

: Trolley Jack used, Jacked up a corner at a time and All x Four Wheel Arches Deep Cleaned

: Underneath of Sills Scrubbed using soft bristle brush and APC to High Concentrate

: Paint Clayed

: Paint De-Tarred

: Towel Dried

: Hand Polished using Autoglym SRP, Removed with Microfibre

: 1 x Layer of Collinites no:845 Wax Applied using Soft Applicator, Removed with Microfibre

: Glass Cleaned inside and out using Autoglym Fast Glass

: Wheel Arches dressed using Aerospace 303


: Engine bay de-greased, Turrets cleaned, Engine Cover removed and cleaned, Engine bay dressed using Aerospace 303


Couple of pics from todays efforts...


Not much came off the paint when I clayed it however I always use a separate piece on the lower half of the car below the door mouldings and this is what came off...






The Rear doors had some soft plastic adhesive door edge protectors fitted which just had to be removed, This is what I was left with...




All left over Glue residue taken car of using Autoglym Tar Remover, Then the areas where Hand Polished. You would never even know they where ever fitted now...




Wheel Arches deep cleaned and dressed...




Engine Bay post Detail...




Mint seats, Been covered for the past 8 Years...




End Result, It does need a Machine Polish and some minor Paint Correction to really get it looking its best but I am happy with how the car is now looking after a simple Hand Polish/Wax application. For a Solid Colour it has quite a bit of depth...






Lastly, Here are the 16" VRS Alloys which are currently finished in White with Carbon effect Centre Caps, Although they are in good condition sadly I am not a big fan of White Alloys and want to keep with the OEM theme so I am dropping them off tomorrow afternoon for Refurbishing. They will be getting Powdercoated Hi-Power Metallic Silver, I am still undecided on whether or not to order a set of new OEM Centre Caps too...



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Looking good. Love the way the golf is sat outside sulking whilst the fabia has pride of place in the garage!


Cheers Paul, Yes it does look rather angry the Golf  :D

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Your Golf R was immaculate, the VRS looks just as clean! love the colour too. 


Thank you, For a 12 Year old car the Fabia is super clean. Probably not far off the condition of the Golf R to be honest! When it is finished and the Alloys are fitted it should look pretty fresh.


who's doing your wheels?


Rather not say at the moment, I am using a company I have never used before but thought I would give them a try. I have seen a few samples and the finish looked good, I must add that I am getting quite a discount from them as they used to be customers of the garage I was Manager at when I worked in the motor Trade so they have done me a good deal. If they do a good job then I will gladly give them a plug on the forum and I have told them I will send some work their way.

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Well I dropped the Alloys off this afternoon for refurbishing, I also ordered a set of Black 17mm Wheel Nut Covers the same type as what I have on the Golf R and a set of 4 brand new Genuine Centre Caps. Looking like the back end of next Week when the Alloys will be finished, I went for an OEM Silver finish.


Nothing else too exciting but I had another couple of hours on the car this afternoon, Did a few small jobs such as remove all the Window Stickers and old Tax Disc Holder. There was an old Service sticker on the Drivers Door Shut/B Pillar which had been peeled off and left behind was the old glue residue so i removed that and Polished all the Door Sills.


The Fabia Badge on the Tailgate had seen better days and there was a build up of grime surrounding the letters which looked a mess and would be impossible to remove with the badge in place, Decided to remove the badge and the left over glue and sponge was removed using a Caramel Wheel and then I using the D/A with Megs 105 and an Orange Hex pad to finally clean the whole area.


I might actually leave it De-Badged, Quite like the look with just the VRS badge.





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Looking good mate, for a daily is so clean  :wub:


Cheers Si, I have just given the Golf its last wash before it goes tomorrow and I can confirm now I have detailed the Fabia it is not far off the condition of the Golf R and considering its age I am impressed.


Looking fresh mate,did the same with my fabia vrs,wish i never sold it,great cars


Yes they tick all the right boxes, Cheap enough to buy, Very economical, Look quite different but in a good way, Plenty of upgrade options, Reasonable performance.

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Well the Golf R went on Saturday morning and I swapped insurance over straight away, Unfortunately though due to the fact that DVLA had already issued the new V5 in my name I was unable to Tax the Fabia online on Saturday with the Green Slip/V5C/2 and so had to wait until this morning. Rang the DVLA first thing today and got through pretty much straight away and was able to do it over the phone....Then 20 Mins later the new V5 came through the post in my name LOL.


Anyway all sorted now and the Daffodil is up and running and on the road!


Decided to go an have an hour or so out in the Fabia this morning, Called into Halfords for a few bits as I had a couple of Gift Cards from Xmas to spend, Popped to Jepsons in Sheffield to get a pair of new Number Plates made up and did a few other jobs. All in all clocked up about 30 Miles, Mixed driving and averaged 54MPG without even trying.


I now no the reason I opted to buy another Fabia VRS, I should never have sold the last one in 2015! For a daily driver it really is a great little car, The 1.9 PD130 engine never feels like you are actually working it in such a light car and In-Gear it is surprisingly flexible. Bearing in mind I have just come from a 320BHP car I do not feel it lacking and it is still fun to drive but very economical also.


A couple of little jobs done today, Fitted a pair of new front Bosch Wipers 21"/19" as the car had some retrofitted flat/aero type blades fitted which I am not a big fan of. Also had a fresh set of Number Plates made up.


Couple of pics...




Off with the old tired looking plates and Rear Surround...




New Front...




New Rear, As mentioned I have also removed the old Plastic Surround to further tidy the look of the rear end up...



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Nice touches, have to say ive always fancied a VRS. 

Only thing that has put me off is the seat colours, though I would probably grow to like them. 

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Well it is 2 Weeks tomorrow since I bought the Fabia and this past Week has been a mega busy one! It is laughable that I buy myself a daily driver to have a break from putting so much time and effort into cars and then end up giving the Fabia exactly the same treatment as the Golf R got...Well in my defence it warrants it and after this Weeks efforts it is now a totally different car to when I bought it just a few Weeks ago.


Hopefully now it will be much easier to keep on top of it now all the hard work has been done.


So what have I been up to?


Monday... as you know the car got a set of New Number Plates fitted, The Rear Plate Surround was discarded and I fitted a new Pair of Bosch Wipers.


Tuesday... I ordered a few items online for the car including a new VRS Key Ring, A pair of Heavy Duty Waterproof Seat Covers for the Fronts and removed the Black newer style Grille and Tailgate Badges.


Wednesday... Previously I had given the car it First Detail in my ownership and prepped the Paintwork ready for Machine Polishing, So the car was treated to about 8 Hours and a 2 Stage Machine Polish/Paint Correction using the DAS-6 Pro and Meguiars 105/205 Combo with Hexlogic Orange and White Pads. Finally given 2 x Coats of Collinites 850 Wax.


Friday... Put another 6 Hours into the Fabia today, First thing this Morning I Collected the Alloys as I have had them Professionally refurbished. As mentioned earlier in the thread the Alloys where Powdercoated White and although there was nothing wrong with them I wanted them OEM Silver, I decided to use a company called AP Tyres based in Rotherham for the Alloy Refurbishment who when I was a Manager in the Motor Trade used to supply them with Tyres and they always said they would look after me if I ever wanted anything. I am more than happy with the Service, Turnaround and most importantly the Finish on the Alloys.


Once home I did the following...


: Fitted a Brand new pair of Genuine Skoda Badges on the Front Grille and Tailgate P/N: 1U0853621CMEL

: Fitted the new pair of Front Seat Covers

: Applied 2 x Coats of Collinites 845 Wax on the Alloys, Left to cure for 30 Mins after each application

: Fitted a Brand new Set of 4 Genuine Centre Caps P/N: 6U0601151LMHB


: De-Greased, Prepped and Painted the Brake Calipers. I had a 500ml tin of Paint made up for my previous Fabia VRS in Pantone 348C which is the proper VRS Brake Caliper Green Colour, The Paint is High Temperature and of a Semi Gloss finish so gives an OEM look.


: Fitted the Newly Refurbished OEM Silver Alloys with new Centre Caps, All Centre Caps lined up with the Tyre Valves, 20 x Brand New Gloss Black Wheel Nut Covers Fitted to finish off.


: Winter Steel Wheels and Tyres Deep Cleaned, Dried and stored away in the Garage ready for new Winter.


Couple of snaps from the past Weeks efforts...


Off with the Facelift style Badges...








DAS 6 Pro VS Fabia...




Newly Refurbished Alloy with New Centre Cap ready for fitting...






Pantone 348C...






New Badges...






Wheels on, Couple of Close ups on the Calipers, Happy with the Colour and the Finish...










Finished article, Sadly Rainy Weather spoiled any chances of getting any decent pictures in a better location. The car was promptly put back under the Car Port...









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I always have the utmost admiration for your efforts with all of your vehicles. You always do what I'd like to do with all of my cars but just haven't the patience.

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I always have the utmost admiration for your efforts with all of your vehicles. You always do what I'd like to do with all of my cars but just haven't the patience.


Very kind words, Thank you very much and I am glad you enjoy the threads :)


Crikey, that's the nicest Fabia vrs I've seen in a long time. Looks really well. Makes my octavia look like a shed to be honest.


Feel ashamed now!


Its getting there Paul, Probably not far off the condition of the Golf R I have just sold in all honesty.

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As always with your cars......looks proper now you got your hands on it.....ive been experimenting also with my das 6 and 105 and its wicked stuff.

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