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MASSIVE Cancellation hassle!

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I rang to cancel the two policies I had with you guys in early April, was advised to send two e-mails to cancel the policies, which I did.

A month later I still hadn't received proof of NCB and my new insurer was chasing me, so I rang to find out what was going on, only to be informed that one of my policies hadn't been cancelled, and that they hadn't received the e-mail. After a bit the person I was speaking to managed to find the second e-mail, apologised and discounted the amount that was due for the extra time against the cancellation fee, which would come to £23.xx. I was fine with this, said yes put it through.

Now, ANOTHER month later I've got the Insurance Collections Bureau chasing me for 90-odd pound that I apparently still owe.

So I rang you guys AGAIN to see what was going on, apparently you've sent loads of letters requesting and outstanding balance, that I haven't got because it's taken so long to cancel that I've moved house since! For some reason the credit company HIC use have decided to refund me £55 for some unknown reason, the £23 still hasn't been taken, and there's now an admin fee from ICB of £25.

Apparently it's up to me to hold the hand of who ever I'm dealing with and ring up to make sure they received my e-mail (which one person has told me they DID receive and just missed, and another is now saying never was received and is my fault), and I also have to ring up to inform HIC of a change of address for a policy I cancelled, and apparently i also should have known about all of this and it's my fault.

No-one has rang me to inform me of any of this at any point. Only one person has put their hands up and said they're at fault for missing the original Cancellation e-mail.


I did everything I was told to do to cancel the policies, 2 months later I'm having to argue with people who are telling me I need to cough up extra money because of incompetence on HIC's behalf. Why am I paying more than was originally quoted? Why is any of this my fault?


Absolutely diabolical.

If one of the HIC team from here could contact me, to level things out that'd be great.

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Hi Spuey. 


Sorry to hear you've had problems - please could you send me your policy number (or reg numbers if you dont have that to hand) and a contact number, and I will get someone to look into and contact you. 





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