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Edition 38 Forum Guidelines

Edition38 Forum Guidelines

Please abide by the following guidelines, and above all, respect people. Our shows have a friendly atmosphere, and we insist on the same for our forum!

The General Guidelines

  • We reserve the right to remove users at will and without warning or negotiation.
  • We will LOCK/DELETE all offensive threads without warning.
  • Please do not post "what's it worth" / feeler threads as these will be deleted.
  • We request, where possible that you use a photo of your face on your avatar.
  • Do not hijack / spoil other peoples threads, if you are found to be doing this you will receive a temporary suspension.
  • Any kind of racism towards individuals will not be tolerated and anyone found to be doing this will be removed from the forum without warning or negotiation.
  • Anyone posting any kind of reference to troll/pedobear/cool/true story bro etc/ib4tl will receive a temporary suspension this includes links, avatars, pics, signatures etc...
  • Anyone found to be correcting people for spelling/grammar will receive a temporary suspension.
  • Please try not to quote previous multi pictures in a thread.
  • Please take a minute to think about what your topic relates to and post in the correct section. Topics created in the wrong place may be moved or deleted without warning.
  • We embrace new members so please can we make them feel welcome, this includes members of the female variety but please refrain from acting like a dog on heat.
  • If you spoil it everyone suffers. Upon closure of a thread please refrain from posting another asking why as again you will receive a temporary suspension.
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work); think before you post. Edition 38 is a family show and a family site. Post's, avatars, signatures, links, pictures etc of an adult nature will be removed and suspensions/immediate bans will be issued as seen fit by the moderation team without warning or negotiation.
  • Only Edition 38 advertisers are permitted to advertise their site or services in their signature space, non-advertising members found to be doing this may have their user accounts removed with little, or no warning.
  • Only Edition 38 advertisers may post group buys on the forum as they pay their subscription to be allowed to do this and not have a normal forum member undercut their business.
  • If you would like more information about advertising with edition 38, please email us at advertising@edition38.com
  • If you are posting for your (profit-making) company or organisation it will be removed without warning. This site exists without charge to the forum members for their enjoyment, not for you to take advantage of the sites members by barraging them with adverts.
  • We dont accept 'naming and shaming' posts, or posts in derogatory nature against any individual or company, as often these posts are one-sided, and dont include all the facts, and as such, are often unfair. if you have been really wronged, and you have a legible claim, you can do so with the proper authorities, such as the police or small claims court.
  • Swearing... please dont! This includes working around the swear filter and replacing letters with '*'
  • The 'Edition 38' logo is protected by copyright, so please do not reproduce or use it without express permission.

Classified Guidelines

  • 'Classifieds' is for PRIVATE sellers ONLY, not commercial suppliers or entrepreneurs.
  • This site exists without charge to the forum members for their enjoyment. It is not for unauthorised traders to advertise or scout for business. If you would like more information about advertising with Edition 38, please email us at advertising@edition38.com

  • Only Edition38 official advertiser's are permitted to advertise their web site and/or business services on this site.Non compliance to this will result in your account removed with little or no warning.

  • Only Edition 38 official advertiser's may post group buys on the forum. No forum user can organise a group buy with out the backing of a authorised trader on this site edition38.com

  • You may only post in the classifieds/wanted forums once you have 100 posts, this does not apply to cars for sale which only require 1 post. This measure has been put in place to ensure that sellers have a record of active participation in the community - a measure in place to combat scamming! Join in the conversation, get involved in the forum - spamming threads to bump your post count could lead to you being banned! So making irrelevant comments to increase you post count over a short period of time will lead to a minimum of a 7 day ban and a 28 day post moderation. This will decrease your chance of a sale significantly

  • The classifieds and wanted sections are not visible to new users with no posts - you must join in to the conversation. Once you have made a post in the forum (we suggest introducing yourself in the bar), you will be able to VIEW the classifieds.

  • If you don't have classifieds access yet, don't place wanted ads in other forums - these will be deleted an you may get a posting ban.

  • Please be aware your 'active post count' isn't the same as your 'total post count'. If you aren't sure which is which, check under your avatar on a forum topic for the actual tally of posts.

    So you can still buy items listed for sale with a post count of 1 or above as we have the PM function in place if you'd like to get in contact with a advertiser. Even better give them a call as all adverts must include a contact number.
  • Edition 38 takes no responsibility for any deals/transactions done from adverts or contacts from our site. The autojumble can be used to sell almost anything legal, but we ask that things of an adult nature, including weaponry do not be advertised.
  • Please do not post ebay items, these adverts will be deleted.
  • Please be sure to post up prices for your item. You must know what you want to get for the item, so say it. For example '£100', '£100 no offers', or '£100 or near offers'. Items posted without values may be deleted without notice.
  • Wanted adverts do not belong in specific for sale areas, there is a wanted section so please use it otherwise your ad will be deleted.
  • Please do not post 'feelers'. If you are not sure whether to sell something, you probably don't want to sell it. If you're not sure if you'll get what you want - post it up with what you want for it and find out.
  • If you cannot visit the forum or access the PM system at least a couple of times a week, please don't use the classifieds.
  • You can only sell items that are yours to sell - if you're wanting to sell on behalf of someone else, you cannot. Get owners to register their own account...anyone found faking an account you will receive a temporary suspension and IP's will be cross referenced to check for people setting up new accounts to pretend to be someone else.
  • If you're not interested in buying, don't post a reply - discussions about the price or condition should take place only from genuinely interested buyers and anyone found to be ignoring this will receive a temporary suspension.
  • We'd prefer it if you conducted most of the sale discussion openly within the sale thread, use PMs only for private payment details.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the seller is responsible for the risk of posting. If you are not willing to lose the cost of the item if required to issue a refund for parts lost or damaged in the post then pay for insured postage and factor this into your postage cost.
  • Likewise buyers wishing to return an item for whatever reason, if the return is agreed to by the seller, are responsible for the cost and risk of return postage.
  • If you are found to be ignoring any of these guidelines, you will be warned, and may be permanently prevented access to the classifieds forum.
  • Anyone found to be irresponsible as a seller or buyer will be permanently prevented access to the classifieds forums.

All adverts in the classified's section MUST include -.



Contact number:


ALSO, your E38 user name displayed (on paper or cardboard) in the first photo of EVERY item and MUST be clearly visible. (This does not apply to vehicles being sold.)

How the 'Warning System' works:

Everytime a user crosses a guideline - we issue the user a warning. Warnings are kept track of, and forum suspensions (complete inability to access the forum) are handed out an an ascending fashion.

1st Warning: 1 day suspension.

2nd Warning: 7 day suspension.

3rd Warning: 14 day suspension.

4th Warning: 28 day suspension.

5th Warning: 1 YEAR suspension.

Suspended users found creating new accounts will have their new accounts closed, and their main account suspension lengths restarted. (you got 14 days, your 14 days starts again).

Depending on the reason for the warning, we reserve the right to increase the length or suspension or issue a permanent ban without warning or negotiation.