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Re-trim - How much material?

28 June 2013 - 01:11 PM

Hi guys,


Im looking to get a set of seats trimmed up in a material that I will be choosing. It will be coming from a roll and its sold by the meter at either 75cm or 150cm wide. 


How many meters am I looking at needing to re trim a standard set of mk2 recaros and rear bench only? Just trying to cost up a few options here!


Many thanks! 

Worthersee 2013 Video

04 June 2013 - 08:15 PM

Hey guys,


So me, my friend Lewis and Steeeeve from here embarked on the trip to Worthersee this year...and what a trip it was...


Driving our 23+ year old cars 2500 miles across europe to the VW Mecca is just something everyone needs to do and were all so glad that we did. 


I took a load of video footage whilst I was there with no real direction as to what I was going to produce at the end of it, so what I have done is thrown together a good reminder to us guys what we got up to whilst we were out there.


Must say a massive thanks to the Studio In Car boys again for showing us the ropes and to Sham star and you guys (if you see this!) for your awesome tent hospitality! It made the last days of our trip really come together. That lamb was something else too... 


Hopefully we caught enough of what was going on and it gets other people about thinking about going in the future. 


Excuse the excessive amounts of Worthersee waving, stupid faces and tits at the end....




If I could choose one photograph to sum up our trip it would be this... 


_MG_7041 by luke.pappin, on Flickr

Feel free to check out my flickr pics here: