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The Poorly Polo Mk5 Build

24 February 2013 - 01:09 PM

So iv been a huge fan of this site for ages now but never really thought my car was up to scratch!

So iv recently decided to pull my finger out and get my car to a decent stage!


The car is an Indigo Blue Mk5 Polo with all modifications done by myself only.


As it stands today!


DSC04132 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04126 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04079 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04074 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04022 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04021 by joshgradley, on Flickr


DSC04016 by joshgradley, on Flickr


The engine is a 1.0L MPI petrol engine, with TA technix suspension with helpers removed and no thread up front.


The wheels are Antera type 109 3 spokes. 15x7 with 165/45/15, wrapped in nankang AS1's;
Fronts spaced out 10mm each side. rear spaced 20mm


Exterior will be kept simple as my fully smooth mk4 polo was a huge joke! so just restoring all panels, front bumper smooth plate recess, 6n2 gti spliter very soon. rear arches rolled flat soon too.


Interior is fully sueded by myself, black suede on headliner, A,B,C pillars, Dashboard, False floor rear seat delete, interior door handles, and gear gaitor for my golf club gear stick. Had mercedes cosworth seats but wasnt happy with them so standard seats back in.


I know it has a huge way to go before being anywhere near decent but i thought i would upload my progress anyway.


Thanks Josh