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    • Thanks mate, Its not bad at all for a 14 Year old Daily
    • 8/3/19...

      As promised and it has been well overdue, I gave the Fabia an Enhancement Detail over the course of Yesterday. Probably put a good 12 Hours in overall and finally closed the Garage up around Midnight!   Its a bit long winded but I will go through the process and products used incase anyone wants to know, Its my usual process when it comes to Detailing the Car with the addition of Paint Decontamination after a Winter.

      So I Started with...   : Car placed on Axle Stands and Winter Steel Wheels removed. : Full thorough Rinse including Wheel Arches and Sill Bottoms using Karcher K2.
      : Pre-Wash using Autobrite HD Snow Foam Lance and Magifoam, Left for 5 Minutes to Dwell.
      : Full thorough Rinse.
      : 2-Bucket Wash using Meguairs NXT Shampoo & Lambswool Mitt.
      : Towel Dried using Elite Car Care Plush Drying Towel.
      : Paint Decontamination using Carpro Iron-X fallout remover, Left for 5 Mins, Agitated with a Soft Sponge.
      : Thoroughly Rinsed.
      : Towel Dried again.
      : Full Tar Removal, Applied Carpro Tar-X, Left for 5 Mins.
      : Thoroughly Rinsed.
      : 2 Bucket Wash again.
      : Clayed using Meguiars Medium Clay and Quick Detailer Spray as Lubricant.
      : Rinsed.
      : Towel Dried.   Stuck the Steelies on temporarily and then pulled into the Garage for the Paint Correction/Wax Stage...   : Again Car placed on Axle Stands and removed Wheels : Masked all Window Rubbers, Black Plastics etc
      : Single Stage Machine Polish using DAS6-Pro, Meguiars 205 Finishing Polish and Hexlogic White Pad. Removed using Autoglym Microfibre Cloth.
      : Hand Polished all Door Shuts and Sill Bottoms using Autoglym Super Resin Polish.
      : 2 x Coats of Collinites 845 Apllied left 30 Mins to cure prior to removal, Bottle left in Bucket of Warm Water to help liquefy Wax. Applied by Hand, Removed using Autoglym Microfibre Cloth.
      : Final Wipe over with Elite Buffing Towel and Quick Detailer Spray.
        Other Exterior...
        : Autoglym Fast Glass on all Windows.
      : Autoglym Glass Polish on all Windows except Front Screen.
      : Engine Bay given a De-Grease using GT85 and Microfibre.
      : Dressed using Autolym Vinyl and Rubber Care and Microfibre to wipe off excess.
      : Exhaust Tailpipe Polished using Autosol.
      Wheels, Tyres and Brakes...

      : Alloys where refurbished in 2017 but only get used during better Weather and are still immaculate. These where fully Deep Cleaned, Polished and Sealed a few Weeks ago. Also removed all the old Balance Weights using the Caramel Wheel for the Glue, Had them Rebalanced.
      : Wheel Arch-liners & Mudflaps Dressed using Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care.
      : Brake Calipers Degreased, Lightly rubbed to give the new paint a Key and then Repainted using Paragon Paints High Temp Semi Gloss Paint in Pantone 348C.
      : Brake Disc Hubs given a coat of Hammerite Smooth Silver.
      : Tyres dressed using Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care.
        : Given Hoover out.
      : All Dash & Plastics Cleaned and given a Wipe over with Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Car.
      : Glass cleaned using Autoglym Fast Glass.
      : New California Scents Air Freshener...Coronado Cherry  
      A few snaps of my efforts...
        And so it begins, Car looking a little sorry for itself with all the Road Salt and grime...

        Pre Wash Stage...

      Rinsed, Calipers and Disc Bells looking a bit tired and ready for freshening up...

        Decontamination Stage, Iron X...

      Iron X fallout remover working its magic after 5 Mins, Definitely needed doing...

      Tar removal taken care of using Tar X...

      Whole Car was then Clayed, I did it in Sections...

      Roof, Glass and Bonnet...

      Door uppers, Front Bumper and Front Wings...

      Door Lowers, Sills...

      Tail Gate and Rear Bumper...

      Into the Man Cave...

      Single Stage Machine Polish, Used one of my old favourites Megs 205 and White Hex Pad...

      Car was given 2 x Coats of Wax, Collinites No 845 which again is a fave of mine...

      Boot Shuts, Door shuts all Polished...

      Engine Bay given some TLC, I ran out of Aerospace 303 so used Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care...

      Tailpipe Polished, Not many Fabia VRS's with the Original Tailpipe still look this good...

      Calipers given a freshen up, Also Painted the Disc Bells...

      Wheels ready for refitting...

      Finished article, It was drizzling on and off and there was a gap in the Weather so managed to get a few snaps...

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    • Thats everything you see above mate, with them supplying the black fabric 
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