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  3. Hi guys, I'm in the process of replacing the heater matrix on my 1996 mk3 Vento. I've got the dashboard out and the knee bar loose, I just cant get the heater box off of the firewall! I just can't seem to find the stupid nuts/bolts in the engine bay holding the dumb heater box in place. My car is RHD, I've tried searching online but can't find any pictures showing where the heck these nuts/bolts are. I really would be grateful if anyone could post up a picture of where I should be looking. Many thanks in advance.
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  5. Apologies Lexie I just seen this post. Did you see the car at Fitted? Since my last update I didn't do much other than put a few miles on it and attend a few shows. I picked up a prize at Built show which was cool and that was about it. Last Friday Brian and I hopped on the boat to Scotland to see Del at Optimus Automotive Trimmers outside Glasgow and dropped off my interior to him. This was always a sticking point with me about the car. The dye job was supposed to be a temp fix until I got a retrim and that lasted 3 years so I was delighted to be getting on with this bit. Having seen so much of his work when judging at Dubshed on Scottish cars and him being a fellow MK3 lover I knew the bits were in safe hands. Today I got sent these pics: A far cry from what I left off to him: I picked up another 24v engine, converted loom, downpipe, blah blah for not much more than what it would cost to finish my conversion and I know this one runs so itll be plug and play (I hope lol) Work has been kicking my ass time wise for the past few months so I'll get more done over the Christmas break. Connor
  6. Coakers

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Indeed it is mate, the only time it was exposed to the elements was when it was transferred from the body shop to its current storage unit. It's weird. It's not in an isolated place either. Its literally everywhere.
  7. waj27

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Good update, wonder what has caused that surface rust to come back? is it not dry stored?
  8. Coakers

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Took a while but the engines in. . First time this car has had an engine for 2 years. Don't have much feeling left in my hands or feet but it's worth it. Took me ages to figure out that I was sold a LH steering UJ boot that was meant to be a RH obviously. Good ol vosswagen. I've got to get the shell back to bare metal as the etch primer has perished and there's lots of surface rust showing through.
  9. Dannm997

    Ameet's Mk2 Polo Saloon

    Definitely the same car, as in same reg too! But someone sprayed it white
  10. Not far at all then. Any pics of the porkers? Yes it was wearing the BBS RS, but sold it about 10 years ago Nearly bought it back a few years later, but it needed more than what I was willing to take on. Looking back I should have just bought it as now it's incredibly hard to get anything decent under £5k and a lot of them are imports. Looking at that option myself, definitely need a VR6 in my life again lol
  11. Adam_

    Ameet's Mk2 Polo Saloon

    Welcome to e38! Will have to post some pics of what it looks like now. I used to have a Mk3 polo saloon, pretty similar tbf.
  12. Dannm997

    Ameet's Mk2 Polo Saloon

    Wow talk about reviving an old thread, I’m hopeful the previous owner is still active on here as I’ve owned this car since April 2018 and would love a good little history check :) was super surprised to see this come up on google images after typing the reg in
  13. Thank you!! It is, just about, have had many thoughts to break it over the years but I just can't, too sentimental. Cheers man! Wow what a story, that would be pretty cool to get it back! I think I vaguely remember seeing that it was over there or thinking that someone had created a full on replica of yours. Defo catch you this year, what do you have now? I do still have that, it has sparked a bit of a Porsche fetish now, I'm obsessed with the cars. 997 still here for now along with a 964, Boxster and soon to be Cayenne GTS. I did go to westside last year and saw Si's car there, was good to still see that looking fresh as ever, other than that, I didn't see many Mk3's at all, seems that they have been well and truely forgotten. I did see that Trix is still about too and still full steam ahead with his. Otherwise, all the other top mk3's have disappeared it seems. Thanks! HA, I could probably live opposite you and you would have still never seen the car, it pretty much hasn't left the spot it's stored in for the last 5/6 years and even before then, didn't go far You are close however, I'm in Sutton/Belmont at the moment. Do you still have your Mk3? I think the last I saw it had BBS's...
  14. Still looks fresh as ever. Didn't realise you were local as I've never seen the car around (I'm in Wallington) .
  15. Car is still looking as good as ever!! Definitely was one of the biggest inspirations even back when I was doing my first red Mk3 back in 2005! I sold mine a few years back (which i still regret!). I sold it to a friend as it was who took it with him when he moved to Canada. Since going there, its never moved out of his garage which is a shame! I was going to buy it back recently, but decided to keep the funds in the house fund as we are looking for a place. Never say never though! Yeah me and my brother Gurdeep are still on here and still attend a couple of shows in the year. Hopefully, if you get you are at Westside we could catch up over a beer and have a nose around the motor! You still got the 997(?) ? I see Simon (sixappeal) posting on here sometimes too so there are still a few of the old boys kicking about!
  16. JR MK1 ABF Turbo

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Great progress. Looking forward to seeing the painted shell
  17. McCann

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Good to see more progress
  18. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Small Update, After 2 and a half years of restoring and bring the shell back up to rust free condition today i loaded the shell up and it will finally be painted in the next couple of weeks.
  19. Paul thornton

    N3 DUB - Silverstone blue 1.4 - VR6 PVW Cover car

    Still the best mk3 around. Glad its still alive!
  20. Indy! Wow, still here! How you doing, still got yours? It's ok, still alive and gets started every month or so. Looking to get it back to 100% over Christmas so I'm getting back on the ball with trying to work out a couple things I want to sort out, mainly the poor brakes! Has a misfire but that's probably just gummed up plugs and just a general clean up and 10 years extra knowledge to go back and do some things properly lol. Fitted new tyres 2 months back, the ones on the car had gone rock hard and cracked!! I wanted to get it out this year but a crack in the rocker cover stopped play.. Pics from 3 weeks back.. Hopefully I'll have it out next year, most probably just Westside..
  21. Some of us are still here! Hows the Mk3 Mark? Havent seen it in a while!! Indy
  22. MarkGolf

    MK3 Golf GL - brilledwards Build Log

    Amazing!! Took me back to mine! Great work!
  23. Ohh, this is still here, never quite finished this thread. What the hell has happened to E38 though, seems dead
  24. Coakers

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Well the hard brake lines are pretty much finished. I used a brake line flaring tool from Vintage65. It did make good consistent flares. Oh yeh don't buy cheap brake line clips made in China. They're not fit for purpose. Non-gen top. I still need to tidy the routing of the fronts, I do quite regret not replecating the factory set-up by just using 2 chambers of the M/C and just using the t-piece as it makes the bay just look messy. My wonky lines don't help like but this is my first time making lines. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Getting the kunifer lines to bend the way you want them is a real pain too but I'm just about there now. I say just about because on the very last flare of the very last brake line my flaring tool disintegrated. Wounded.
  25. natedogg

    Mk2 Caddy VR5 Van

    good to see you back on this buddy
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  27. jeremy_bentham

    Compound Turbo TDI Golf Cabrio

    Nothing major yet. Started stripping my bbs, getting them powdercoated pretty soon.
  28. dragonfly

    Detailing My Fiesta

    Nice wee Fiesta!
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