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  2. scratcher

    General Clean

    Some good advice there For brushes to get into the nooks and crannies, have a look at Work Stuff www.work-stuff.co.uk They have a great selection of detailing brushes. The wash mitts and drying towels are great too. I've been using them since the end of last year and love them, can't fault the feel and quality.
  3. Mike B IoM

    hydraulic clutch into cable car

    Hi guys, I know that a bit of time has passed on this thread. I'm just starting out on a 1994 Mk3 VR6 running gear + R32 motor into a 1988 Mk2 Jetta shell. The R32 has been running succesfully in the Mk3 mated to a Mk3 gearbox and an Emerald ECU. Any up to date advice or lessons learned, particularly on the pedalbox issues? Any helpful advice gratefully welcomed! I plan to post build pics as work progresses. TIA!
  4. Holeeee cr@p! A classic, and on tape too. Props!
  5. Coakers

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Not much to report for the time being, I've been buying parts that I need, bits and bobs really, I need some GENUINE 84-87 gti arches of anyone has a line on some. But in terms of jobs I've not been upto much except open a gigantic can of worms. You see where this is going. And after 47,000 years working my way up from 80 to 600 grit then switching to mop attachments on the dremel I've ended up with this. The third 'runner' is slightly duller than the rest as I tried a different finishing method but I'll go back and sort that and tidy a few other bits and bobs. They need to be thoroughly cleaned inside as undoubtedly aluminium swarf has ended up inside so you obviously don't want any of that getting sucked inside the engine.
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  7. c3peteo

    Importance of Education

    My bum hole is itchy
  8. Was off work today, after a productive morning returfing the back garden ( :/ ), I finally got a chance to give this a go with some meguiars ultimate compound., then back on with the Dodo Juice Purple Velvet. Also went looking to see if I’d got any old cassettes for my commute whilst it’s still got its original HU, I think this was a good find:
  9. dragonfly

    General Clean

    Start with the 2 bucket method and grit guards. Invest in a good washing medium such as wash mitt or pad. Buy decent, brushes, general use microfibers and good quality ones For products get a clay bar, shampoo, polish, wax, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner and all purpose cleaner. To finish you need tyre, interior, trim and engine/wheel arch dressings. There are a vast range of products to use but have a look here: detailing world Another thing to remember - not every detailing company make their own products. So up to you if you want to pay inflated prices or go straight to the manufactures such as Angle Wax, Wowos, Car Chem, Koch Chemie, Bilt Hamber, Gyeon, Gtechniq and Dodo Juice to name a few.
  10. When I began contemplating why education is so important, I remembered my secondary school years when I used to go through very nearly five hours every month on math homework, get up at 6:00 AM and prepare for my PSAL soccer match after school. I remembered my remembered, school subjects, the study, and fun! I never really hated school. http://studentshelpcenter.co.uk/view/edubirdie-com-review/
  11. Education is viewed as the brilliant ticket to a better life; however, this ticket isn't being taken by many youthful people at the ideal age to seek after advanced education. For different reasons, understudies have no drive or interest in the benefits of the organizations that surround them. http://studentshelper.co.uk/content/personal-independence-payment-for-depression-uk/
  12. Davidboy

    Car Covers

    I bought mine from here Autocovers
  13. javichu77

    Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••

    en amarillo se ve genial, me recuerda a los Ferrari, impresionante.
  14. winter20vT

    rambogolfs black mk4 golf daily

    It’s always my first port of call
  15. Sigue así, me gusta hacia donde va tu construcción, ánimo y sigue dándole cariño a ese Vr.
  16. Lol if only I’d hung onto my old copies, used to buy Max Power religiously. Saw a few popping up on eBay recently with Jordan in, not sure how I feel buying someone’s second hand giddy material!
  17. In between landscaping my back garden, I managed to clean up a few more bits, fit a new battery (as existing was reading a healthy 4.2v). I also got round to pumping my tailgate full of dinitrol ML... I’ll be looking how to do the doors next. Also cleaned and greases the sunroof channels, discovered one rear electric window to be non functioning, my money is on the switch, but otherwise it all works. Took it for a proper spin... it’s soggy and tired, needs new bushes and suspension but for now I really like it, I can see why people love vr6’s, the power curve is lovely. A couple of ‘after’ pics from my light clean up yesterday.
  18. Hey all, I'm just looking for a bit of product and technique advice really. I'm not interested in a full valet or polish just want a nice smooth car, all the nooks cleaned etc, so what products are good and what order/how to use them? I'm a total cleaning novice after having years of cars that I don't care about! I'd also like to completely deep clean the interior, so any recommendations on leather cleaners, plastic cleaners, brushes, polishes etc. Cheers everyone
  19. marshole82

    Sorry wrong section!

    Sorry guys, forgot I was in the FAQs, can this be deleted? I'll do a new one in the right place. Ta
  20. So, yesterday in between building a garden shed and other such domesticated tasks I decided to tackle a few bits. First off, parts of the car that have seen welding are still in primer or stonechip. I won’t be rattle canning mode visible areas but under the fuel flap I thought was ok: Built up in primer, some colour, then a few coats of petrol resistant lacquer:
  21. I didn’t intend to, but ended up doing what was intended to be a quick wash polish wax... it quickly became evident after a quick going over with some autofoam and gtechniq shampoo that the paint was heavily contaminated. Out came the auto smart fallout, then some 3m medium clay. I got through 3 bars! So much tree sap contamination!!!! After this I quickly removed some overspray around the fuel flap with the trusty das-6 and megs ultimate compound(naughty me not masking enough). I then quickly hand polished the rest with AB cherry glaze and topped with dodo juice purple velvet to give some protection til I get time to fully machine the car. Also put this on, which felt most satisfying! Next up, new battery as I think the current one is knackered, coolant change(rather rusty!), and new brake fluid (very dark and spongey pedal, must have a lot of moisture in).
  22. Got the seals and grommets back on the fuel flap and mounted it back up once that was all dry and set about cleaning the interior. I wet vacced the mats and carpets. Then vacced our the car.( I then used all purpose cleaner on everything, auto rite crystal glass cleaner, dressed the plastics with AG vinyl before breaking out the gliptone intensive cleaner and leather feed.
  23. ukbaz

    Fuse 21 golfgti Mk3

    Hello Everything to do with fuse 21 is not working central locking interior lights clock ...The fuse is ok and it has 12v to it. I cannot find a wiring diagram can anyone help Many Thanks ...Barry
  24. I do enjoy reading your threads. Go full 90's and get a letter box exhaust tip, copy of max power on the parcel shelf.
  25. Started having a good look through the history of the car last night. It has the checklist and bill of sale from when the PO bought it as a approved used car from VW and just about every service receipt, MOT and misc receipt since.
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