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    A bit off topic but i got sick of the space by the driveway so got busy with the spade! should have hired a digger but thought the physical exercise would be best Before: During: Nearly there:
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    @jamieprang its all good mate! I'm going to forge the bottom end now ... just needed an excuse lol
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    Yeah I had an alignment done at a merityre but he didn't seem too helpful so you're right it's probably needs another go. I had set the camber myself with a basic level gauge and it turned out to be pretty accurate but the only part he adjusted was the toe I will be replacing a lot of bushes with the conversion so will hopefully have another go at doing the mod again later on.
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    it all comes down to money though sadly. when we develop the house i might push for a nice garage
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    all i see here is the potential to double width that garage!
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    Update 68: I begun stripping the interior of the car too. There are a few jobs that I wanted to do here with regards to the dash, wiring and body of the car. These include: - Sorting the radio and speaker loom out. I'm gonna make an entirely new radio harness from scratch and also all new speaker wires to amp's mounted behind the rear door cards. Taking inspiration from the build done on the bright blue metallic Mk2 by Studio In Car. - Sound deadening all panels and areas of the car including the bulkhead, firewall, boot floor, turrets, C pillars and under the rear bench. I'm gonna use some silent coat for the deadening and then some isolating material on top. Want the car to sound and feel properly put together. - Before removing the VR6 engine, the car was suffering from a battery drain somewhere. I'm guessing it was to do the with the heater blower motor loom because I could turn it on without the key in the ignition. Same with the radio too. - There are no interior lights other than the dash lights either. I want to wire these in properly too. - I'm also going to sort the boot build out for the air suspension. Do a neat and tidy install that still gives me some boot space to put my subwoofer in. - The heaters work but the flaps inside could probably do with some attention. The bowden cables are also very stiff too, so I'm gonna address these issues too. Initial removal of lower dash shelves, radio, heater controls, clocks, steering wheel and dash fascia: Dash out, heater box on the hit list next along with fusebox and associated wiring: Next step is to remove all the rest of the wires, pedal box, steering column and any of the old sound deadening. Until next time! Thanks for reading Gurpal
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    Thanks dude - not much apart from I got it off my drive and into my garage over the weekend.
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    Bought a Dragy gps device for measuring performance not had much of a chance to play with different RPM take off's but managed this so far: This is with full weight etc Its pretty clear the amount of torque reduction between gear changes - but still pulling just over 0.5g at 60mph. Here is a JD "450hp" stage 3 for comparison whats clear is that the 8hp gearbox changes are more seamless: Cheers Bobby
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    Oops, might have purchased another vw, this time it’s a car I’ve always wanted to tick off my list. 1992 Corrado G60 in aqua blue. Very much stock apart from the stainless miltek. I’ve only just got it so I’ve given it a deep clean and just enjoyed it, even did a sunny school run today after the wash. future plans ain’t much, I may tickle it slightly towards the ground, but I’m done with slamming old motors, this is my daily for winter.
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    Yes all good! Where do you want me to start?
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    Cheers dudes. No i’ve not lowered it, I’ve decided I’m not going too either. I probably won’t keep it long anyway, I’ll sell it come spring for something less sensible.
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    Well I completely forgot about this thread.. It would take me forever to update.. since I last posted.. I added 02j transmission, diesel geek short shift. Custom shift tower. Air ride. Custom roof rack that opens and closes.. probably a bunch of other things. Heres a few photos. Currently tearing the car down once again. This time, full paint, new engine and different theme!
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    Let me know when you find a solution.
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    Some better wheel images. As you can see, after a quick clean the corrosion was pretty bad. So far i've got the one rim to this state The two that have laquered faces i will be polishing the lips and running this week Had some photo's back from ultimate stance too, the last UK show of the year. Me and Dawson also had a dead hoodie colab. Cheers all.
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    Moving forward - Driveshafts are in, shifter is bolted into the tunnel and I've fitted the rad and intercooler although I think I need to change the rad as it doesn't seem to fit with the intercooler? Rad is G60 and Cooler is Rallye? Need to connect up the gear linkage at the gearbox end but need a different bracket for the cables as the TT one wont fit the mk4 gearbox, do the timing and get the wiring done and then I should be ready to rock.
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    Certainly following this! Great work so far dude keep it up!
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    Cheers mates Corrado’s have a smell all of their own.. when you open the door, it stinks of Corrado, I love it. It’s kinda like what a Mk2 smells like, but a bit Passaty at the same time.. I’m gonna bottle it and sell it, bitches will lose their 5h1t.
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    Looking forward to the progress on this one!
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    Test fitted the rear disc conversion
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    Me and the nephew did the rounds at most of the dub shows over the summer and this car was one I was always looking forward to seeing! Amazing work man, it looks even better in the flesh. Just followed you on Insta there now too after seeing your username in a pic I had on my phone haha
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    Hey, I would be happy to look into this for you. Please PM me your postcode and surname and I will see what I can do. Apologies for the disappointment, Hopefully we can sort something a little better for you. Joe
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    Nice and different route to go with engine turbo carb combo wheels look great
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    Just for Havenhand and Etches.... Photo credit goes to Havenhand! Cheers man! Unsure of what I want to do to it next. Just enjoying driving it at the minute. The noise it makes puts a smile on my face every time I give it a little tickle