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    Keep this somewhat up to date. Planned a trip to Wörthersee with mates, this year to drive there. The usual pre flight checks took place (oil flush, coolant flush, plugs, filters, etc) took the TIP off and noticed a bit of play in the impeller. Then realised it was back and forth as well as lateral. Turbo off and out to a refurbish company, thing was toast. Cracked hot side, damaged impeller cold side and everything else - essentially a new turbo. The rebuild cost including some hybrid bits was a fair bit, as usual my pal Olly helped out and put me in touch with Clive from BBT about their K418T hybrid k04. Ordered it up along with new gaskets, water/oil lines and all that jazz. Got it in and primed up nicely, booked in with Vince @ Stealth for mapping. This was about 2 or 3 weeks out from leaving for Austria. Mapping went OK but had some weird issues that we couldn't work out, put it down to standard exhaust manifold, and the exhaust gradually dropping into 2.25" after a 3" DP. Drive home was ok, a little odd behaviours here and there. Parked it up and left it. Next weekend was nice and sunny so I took it for a drive, was acting up badly. Gave it some welly in 3rd to 4th but once I was at a stand still it was struggling to tick over then pull off at all - like a vac leak. Turns out the Forge FMIC blew a nice big hole in itself. Again my mate Olly welded it up. As expected the car then ran like crap as it had been mapped with a small leak (me giving it welly in 3rd and 4th made it worse) over boost galore, it all came out the wastegate before you hit 3k so was somewhat undriveable. 2 weeks out from Wörthersee - called Vince and explained. He was good as gold and offered a half day where I could come back in and he can work some magic on it. So back we went. Completely different car now, first pull after winding boost off a tad was 317lbs and 296hp or so. Final safe figures were 301lbs and 291hp, nice linear curves. Was lovely to drive now. Fast forward a week and a dam good clean, using some Kamikaze products, we were all set for Wörthersee with my pal Joe (G3_OEM) and his TFSI 4wd beast. 2400 miles and the car didnt miss a beat, plenty of stone chips and dead flys! Only a couple of annoying things; had an incident with the clutch line out of my stupidity but quickly sorted, outer CV boot got a little hole which was typical. And the worst part is theres an engine oil leak which I'm sure is the rear main seal. Ordered the parts up anyway and will investigate it at some point soon, not planned any more shows or trips in it so in no rush. Was such a nice quiet drive until you gave it some stick, done well on fuel also. Just goes to show shaved bays are no issue if they're done somewhat right. Here's some bad pictures of numerous points, luke_mk3 on IG for more.
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    I loved the look of my old one on the standard BBS rims. IIRC that was lowered 40mm on Bilstien shocks and H&R springs. Handled lovely.
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    Haha yeah Joe's rear diff crapped itself 200 miles into France cue 3 odd hours in the middle of nowhere removing rear drive shafts and CV joints etc Then the rear mounts crapped themselves. But we both made it there and back which is what matters. Good fun eh!
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    saw some of the issues on instagram, looked like an epic trip!
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    No real update other than i've just been enjoying it while the weathers been nice. Spent some time sorting the tracking out as it was way off, i had to get creative to split the steering nuckle from the hub, but added some copper grease onto the joint for next time. thinking of re-building the BBS wheels, having the barrels powder coated black and getting radinox lips as i have curbed one of the back ones ... that can be a winter project though
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    Hi guys, looking to sell my Alpine F1 DVI9990 headunit, PXI H990 processor, TMI M990 screen and NVE M300P navigation unit... as new working, was installed in my show winning VW Mk2R32... only looking to get sell as car only gets driven on summer week ends so doesnt get used as much as id like, shame to let such high end equipment not get used... Does anyone know what these are going for now so i know what to put em up for...?
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    went to the queen square meet at the weekend, i think this is the only photo of mine...and i took it haha
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    . OK. I'll start with the throttle body. I saw a guide on how to rebuild these on clubgti. Looked fiddley but thought I'll give it a go as mine was filthy anyway. So. After dismantling it I ended up with this. Can of worms? But using the guide AND a spare TB as a reference I carried on. Cleaned the parts in my ultrasonic cleaner. Reassembled which got me this. But now the main event. An hour ago the bodyshop sent me some pictures. Very very exited needless to say
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    Cheers dude all sorted, £50 for a full rebuild kit
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    Nipped over to Garage 87 after work last night to have a nosey and a natter, the lads had got mine up on the ramp with the new straps on so thought I'd take a look. They've even given the tank a tidy up Should have it back with the rest of the coolant stuff done tonight.
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    Not worth taking the parts off before treating them?
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    other than a small drop i really like that as it is on stock rims - cant remember the last time i saw one like that!
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    Genuine mk3 parts.... the rear axle and subframe took some cleaning up! standard vr6 rims on for now off to Garage 87 tomorrow for coolant system goodness.
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    Update: Arsehole still hasn't quite recovered.
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    Really appreciate that, helps as i'm also cataloging it all so don't want to just end up with the result but also the stages to get there.
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    Follow on from above, Bumper is ready for filler then primer pretty happy with how its turned out so far. To reinforce the add on section i cut some L brackets and welded a some nuts so i could bolt through the plate recess, and Q bonded some stainless mesh as well should make it pretty stiff Plastic welded together Current state of it need to add filler. Made a bracket that will actually hold the plate bolts on to the bumper iron. Sort of which make the above counterintuitive haha
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    Update, though a pretty boring one at that. Just twiddling my thumbs trying to find thing to do while i wait for the shell to be painted. Bought a e36 radiator some years back as it comes with an integrated expansion bottle, also Mercedes sprinter intercooler both been stored in the attic for a few years so thought i'd try to make some brackets to fix both together. Also had the TT radiator which is slightly too big for the space but kept the larger fans and cut it in half to mount on the e36 rad Made some brackets Second little task is my other front grille, much like the square headlamp set about making a single headlamp 7slat grille with projector angel eyes. quick test fit grille is a little dusty Last bit is my fuel tank, managed to modify the tank to take all the TT fuel pump and sender units bit of a job due to hight issues but its all sealed up just need to weld on 2 vent plugs. Don't have much else to do other than wait.
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    Update: Final push to get few little bits done shell goes for painting next weekend hopefully have it back some time end of April so i can crack on with completing it. Decided to ply and cover my boot floor, rising it up slightly means can have a nice even flush surface. Ordered more Interlagos fabric which i will finish it off in. Dusty old boot. Template And the result Bought some sound deadening also so far only done the boot floor will get the insides done once's its back and dust free. Moving on, one thing i never like about the jetta tailgate was the horrible hinge springs. so bind that idea and gone for gas struts but had to make some brackets to reinforce the mounting positions utilising the hotish weather managed to paint what i think is the final bit that i need to paint, which is the shortened drivers side drive shaft, over the weekend i went and helped to get it balanced or rather pressed back until it was true quite fun process. using the tt dash the 2 middle vents are going to be obsolete so using them to house some gauges one temp and the other boost. adapters Finally this is a little premature but got offered some tyres cheap so decided to dress the RS wheels, nothing crazy stretch wise and the rears still tuck under the stock arches but had to arch roll them. 195 40 on the 8.5J and 205 40 on the 9.5J Update soon
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    Update. On my list of things to do before the shell goes for painting end of the month is the brakes and plumbing in all the lines. Bought some stainless braided lines and copper brake pipes with all the unions needed. Fronts made up. Rears And the brake lines done. Caliper fitted. Need to do the rears but might wait till i can have it on a 4poster ramp ideally would like to do them stood up rather than lying down
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    Update. Got the shell back home while i wait till April, mean time give me chance to work on a few bits. First up re fitted the windscreen washer bottle which has turned out quite well, i shortened the neck. Excuse the dust ABS pump mounted. When i first made the mounts for the electric power steering pump i didn't have the wheels to see how close the pump would be to the wheels anyway it tuned out alright it will be close once i go air but can revisit it then. Needed to finish off the rear ARB which was the only thing remaining to complete the rear axle bracket made up Refurb my 986 brembo's also Lastly bought these last year and was worried the rears wouldn't fit with my set up but they FIT. BBS RS 131 & 132 rears are ET59 which bugged me if i had enough room before the wheel hits the coilover anyway its close but theirs room
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    Cheers mate, was a long day trying to make sure i didn't damage the paint while fitting all the bits and also lining holes after i've upgraded the bushes was a right job. As you can imagine having the shell nearly 3 years and only seeing it touch the ground once, this time it felt like am actually starting to get there. Quick photo of the completed rear bench sent by the upholsters
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    Update from above. Found some time to get the rear diff reassembled trying my best not to scratch the paint on either panels. First off was to remove the standard Haldex Insert Circlip and swap it for a Powertrack Insert which splits the power 50/50 to the back wheels. Standard one Powertrack All mounted back Also upgraded the rear ARB, what i've done is use the TT front ARB and fitted it at the back which is must stiffer added new polly bushes also Next was the rear trailing arms. Polly bushed but also needed to use a spacer to close the gap. Discs and caliper carrier and strut bracket fitted, TT uses vented discs on the rear. Front subframe fully completed all mounts in bar the hubs and discs which i'll fit on the car Need to fit the bulkhead panel onto the shell next, needs to be bonded on plan to do that tomorrow.
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    Small update. Been busy getting a few bits sorted mainly suspension bits. So the Cilo Brembos were a no go made a mistake not checking the fitment but never the less i managed to sell them and buy some Porsche 986 Brembos. Painted up. This is my set up 312 discs and how the 197 fitted. Fitted fine on the hubs and disc but wouldn't fit under the 16s 986 Brembo's are slightly smaller than the 197 calipers so get about 2- 2.5mm under the 16s just have to move the wheel weight. for those that are interested this is a straight bolt on job no need to do any modifying, you can use Mk4 golf 312mm 4pot caliper carriers which fit mk2/mk3 i don't have the spacer issue as i got to run adapters for the 2 sets of wheels i've got i'm wide track 5 stud so the disc is a mk4 golf/audi tt disc. Calipers will need painting but happy with how they fit don't get me wrong its tight but will work. Also quickly refurbed the A8 faces to use as rolling wheels, i've also fitted some 165 40 16s Few weeks back i dropped off my whole interior to get retrimmed by a small company in Exeter and these are the first photos i've been sent so looking forward to seeing them finished. Unfortunately the shell isn't going to be painted for a couple months but in no major rush and by then the weather should start to get better and i should have everything ready to go back in so will be more interesting updates
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    Small update. Engine is now complete and back together, new clutch and belt added, happy with how its turned out. Box on. Mounts and Brackets on. Just the suspension bits to paint then i can have the shell back.