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    Update: Final push to get few little bits done shell goes for painting next weekend hopefully have it back some time end of April so i can crack on with completing it. Decided to ply and cover my boot floor, rising it up slightly means can have a nice even flush surface. Ordered more Interlagos fabric which i will finish it off in. Dusty old boot. Template And the result Bought some sound deadening also so far only done the boot floor will get the insides done once's its back and dust free. Moving on, one thing i never like about the jetta tailgate was the horrible hinge springs. so bind that idea and gone for gas struts but had to make some brackets to reinforce the mounting positions utilising the hotish weather managed to paint what i think is the final bit that i need to paint, which is the shortened drivers side drive shaft, over the weekend i went and helped to get it balanced or rather pressed back until it was true quite fun process. using the tt dash the 2 middle vents are going to be obsolete so using them to house some gauges one temp and the other boost. adapters Finally this is a little premature but got offered some tyres cheap so decided to dress the RS wheels, nothing crazy stretch wise and the rears still tuck under the stock arches but had to arch roll them. 195 40 on the 8.5J and 205 40 on the 9.5J Update soon
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    On the weekend I had the pleasure of picking up my 2nd car, my new (to me) '04 Octavia VRS Mk1 with the 1.8 20v turbo AUQ engine, with 'only' 133k on the clock. The ad did not say anything about mods, apart from the aftermarket head unit, although after getting it on the ramp at work and giving it a quick once over, I saw that it had Koni shocks and Koni lowering springs, and after a more thorough inspection, a Pipercross panel filter and Powerflex top mounts. The car has a few minor problems , mainly the infamous drivers door problem, the drivers electric window doesn't work (due to slightly dodgy re-wiring), broken exhaust hanger bracket, and a slightly crappy battery which has brought up a few codes on the OBD reader, but no problems that make it unusable. It will be getting a full service, new timing belt and water pump and a new driver's rear caliper (as well as rear pads and discs) very shortly! After the few problems with the car are fixed, the mods will be following shortly afterwards and I already have a few parts, and plenty of ideas! Any recommendations of things to do to the car would be much appreciated, TIA. Elliot
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    Let's see if these photos work 60/40 split rainbow rears with headrests Carpeted over the cardboard on the back of the seats Fully carpeted boot. CD changer velcro'd to the rear panel (no need for screws) Dubmania 2012
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    I thought I ought to bump this up as Photobucket seems to be working again. About time I worked on a long overdue update.
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    A black mk3 VR6.... scuse me a minute, I'm away for some personal relief.... Lovely base for a project that. Love it. I used to have a very almost identical car years ago, lowered on black TT comps. I will ALWAYS regret getting rid of it.
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    I Had a few hours on Saturday while the boys were at their nannas for lunch so i built the crane up, wheeled the car out and got busy First job was disconnecting the driveshafts and getting those off. For anyone wondering, you need to have the wheels off and undo the lower suspension bolts, then you will have enough room to slip them out. Out with the old box... ewww..grotty On goes the new box Time for the bay to get some more TLC Checked the turbo over and its got Zero play, happy days! i did come across an issue when removing the TIP that theres a rubber O-Ring that seals it onto the Turbo, that has split.. so now i'm just tempted to change it to a Silicon TIP. i'll see how much the o-ring is first
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    mental week, not able to get much done sadly. Fitted the new starter motor I also decided to debaffle the turbo outlet (charge pipe). Theres no performance gain to be had, just sounds better
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    Not much going on in corrado land but:- Bagged a unicorn Alpine by Momo steering wheel...which i promptly sold on at a price i couldn’t refuse Tinted the indicators and managed to get some super trick/rare Canadian fog blanks. Ended up with 2x passenger sides so modified one to fit on the other side and painted them black. Also had my grill badge refurbed by Kev at Grafshed. Last but not least finally got some more Noath balljoint extenders ready to fit. And an Edition 38 Trimsport gearknob
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    OMG my son had turned the faulty race logic traction control on. Only took 4 weeks to find out
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    This is kinda what I had in mind, some kinda subtle/period mods. Getting ready for the Golf to come home soon and me being able to crack on with a few bits, keeping with the theme of keeping costs down, 58% discount on service filters at GSF scored me some Mann items for not a lotta cash
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    Ohhh I was quite liking them to be honest...might try them for a bit and see how they look. Yeah think he'll be glad to get rid of this one, I think it's still sat on his drive looking sorry for itself at the moment ha!
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    Very nice, I’m taking my mk3 to Chris at garage 87 tomorrow for some more welding he’s already replaced my sills.
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    The parts gathering begins... I'm expecting the bushes pretty much all to be original and rather sloppy, so I anticipate Powerflex'ing the car, as this has made a huge improvement on my other vehicles. When these unused but surplus subframe bushings popped up effectively harlf price on a well know online auction site I couldn't resist. I've been keeping an eye out for a front grill Highline badge(the badges on Highline are different to those on standard VR6 Golfs), as the one is missing on the car. They are not currently easily available and I have seen them sold for quite a bit of money second hand. So When I saw these two pop up at a decent price, I snapped them up: So, now the car will have a complete set of Highline VR6 badges.
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    Rubbing the wings down ahead of paint: Good to see Chris taking the sill welding seriously:
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    Along with the other metal work needed, 2 new front wings are required, pretty standard stuff it seems for mk3 Golfs. I've bought a new pair, prepped them and my friend at the local body shop is going to show me how to spray them Paint at the ready! In the meantime, Chris at Garage 87 has been cracking on with the welding work required to get the rest of the body ready to head to my mates bodyshop. I love the stuff Garage 87 get in, highly recommended if you're in the NW needing your VW fettling: As far as plans go on this one, at my new house I have a decent garage that I was planning on being able to do a lot of work myself in. Plans so far are to overhaul tired old parts initially, suspension, bushings, refurbing the wheels, sorting out any small issues it may come with. Obviously whilst doing said suspension I'll take the opportunity to remove a fair chunk of that arch gap, and later on down the line the exhaust and other fun stuff may come into play. Overall I don't want to take it too far from standard guise, just subtle things.
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    LOLOLOL someone made a video of my build
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    Boring update, all but Polo geeks look away now... Took a bit of searching but managed to find a sales brochure with my model/colours in it and now have a collection of them for pre-facelift Mk1 Polo's. Surprised how many versions they put out, don't know if this was common with earlier/other vehicles? I doubt I have all the versions but the ones I've picked up are: - April '76 for '76 model year - 2 models, 4 interior & 5 exterior colours - August '76 but no model year specified - 3 models, both 14 interior & exterior colours! - October '76 for '77 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior colours - August '77 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior - January '78 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior Needless to say it was the multi-combination Aug '76 version which had the combo on my April '77 car but perhaps the brochures were always just a sample and in reality combinations could have been more flexible? Photo below shows them and the second photo has the combination tables for the Apr '76, Oct '76, Aug '77 (same as Jan '78) then the Aug '76 larger underneath. In other part-hunting news some rear end parts have arrived; NOS alloy Polo badge, pair of Hella postie lights & a the pair of number plate lights plus a new bootlock seal which is camera shy...
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    Wow, just wow. Great skills and planning, can't wait to see it rolling.
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    Come out really well mate, nice bit of info
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    I haven't updated the past while as everything would have been very similar. While this far i decided to get in some maintenance. I've fitted the following: Sach clutch kit Oil cooler with seals Oil filter housing seal Stainless steel crack pipe powdercoated black Rebuilt alternator Water pump Air intake temperature sensor Oil pressure switches By the time i get it back in the car it will have: Spark plugs Oil Oil filter Gearbox oil Intake gaskets Rocker cover gasket I stripped the starter motor, oil filter housing, throttle body, water pump, belt tensioner and clutch slave cylinder back to bare metal, etch primed and painted them gloss black: The coil was split, the body painted satin black and reassembled: The engine, box and all the above were bolted up with stainless steel bolts to contrast against the black and add some detail. I polished the expansion bottle and fitted it too: Another thing that always annoyed me was how tatty the alternator looked. I had painted it with hammerite and it looked poo so I bit the bullet and did what I had been avoiding for years. Under advice from Paul at Dubtech I split the alternator, prepped and painted the metal parts gloss black, reassembled it with new bearings and stainless fasteners and finished up with this: The exhaust manifolds got a coat of VHT matt black tonight. I've got my rocker cover, engine mounts, alternator mount, pulleys and intake bits with Powdertek in Belfast so hopefully they'll be back by the end of the week to button this up Connor
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    8/3/19... As promised and it has been well overdue, I gave the Fabia an Enhancement Detail over the course of Yesterday. Probably put a good 12 Hours in overall and finally closed the Garage up around Midnight! Its a bit long winded but I will go through the process and products used incase anyone wants to know, Its my usual process when it comes to Detailing the Car with the addition of Paint Decontamination after a Winter. So I Started with... : Car placed on Axle Stands and Winter Steel Wheels removed. : Full thorough Rinse including Wheel Arches and Sill Bottoms using Karcher K2. : Pre-Wash using Autobrite HD Snow Foam Lance and Magifoam, Left for 5 Minutes to Dwell. : Full thorough Rinse. : 2-Bucket Wash using Meguairs NXT Shampoo & Lambswool Mitt. : Towel Dried using Elite Car Care Plush Drying Towel. : Paint Decontamination using Carpro Iron-X fallout remover, Left for 5 Mins, Agitated with a Soft Sponge. : Thoroughly Rinsed. : Towel Dried again. : Full Tar Removal, Applied Carpro Tar-X, Left for 5 Mins. : Thoroughly Rinsed. : 2 Bucket Wash again. : Clayed using Meguiars Medium Clay and Quick Detailer Spray as Lubricant. : Rinsed. : Towel Dried. Stuck the Steelies on temporarily and then pulled into the Garage for the Paint Correction/Wax Stage... : Again Car placed on Axle Stands and removed Wheels : Masked all Window Rubbers, Black Plastics etc : Single Stage Machine Polish using DAS6-Pro, Meguiars 205 Finishing Polish and Hexlogic White Pad. Removed using Autoglym Microfibre Cloth. : Hand Polished all Door Shuts and Sill Bottoms using Autoglym Super Resin Polish. : 2 x Coats of Collinites 845 Apllied left 30 Mins to cure prior to removal, Bottle left in Bucket of Warm Water to help liquefy Wax. Applied by Hand, Removed using Autoglym Microfibre Cloth. : Final Wipe over with Elite Buffing Towel and Quick Detailer Spray. Other Exterior... : Autoglym Fast Glass on all Windows. : Autoglym Glass Polish on all Windows except Front Screen. : Engine Bay given a De-Grease using GT85 and Microfibre. : Dressed using Autolym Vinyl and Rubber Care and Microfibre to wipe off excess. : Exhaust Tailpipe Polished using Autosol. Wheels, Tyres and Brakes... : Alloys where refurbished in 2017 but only get used during better Weather and are still immaculate. These where fully Deep Cleaned, Polished and Sealed a few Weeks ago. Also removed all the old Balance Weights using the Caramel Wheel for the Glue, Had them Rebalanced. : Wheel Arch-liners & Mudflaps Dressed using Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care. : Brake Calipers Degreased, Lightly rubbed to give the new paint a Key and then Repainted using Paragon Paints High Temp Semi Gloss Paint in Pantone 348C. : Brake Disc Hubs given a coat of Hammerite Smooth Silver. : Tyres dressed using Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care. Interior... : Given Hoover out. : All Dash & Plastics Cleaned and given a Wipe over with Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Car. : Glass cleaned using Autoglym Fast Glass. : New California Scents Air Freshener...Coronado Cherry A few snaps of my efforts... And so it begins, Car looking a little sorry for itself with all the Road Salt and grime... Pre Wash Stage... Rinsed, Calipers and Disc Bells looking a bit tired and ready for freshening up... Decontamination Stage, Iron X... Iron X fallout remover working its magic after 5 Mins, Definitely needed doing... Tar removal taken care of using Tar X... Whole Car was then Clayed, I did it in Sections... Roof, Glass and Bonnet... Door uppers, Front Bumper and Front Wings... Door Lowers, Sills... Tail Gate and Rear Bumper... Into the Man Cave... Single Stage Machine Polish, Used one of my old favourites Megs 205 and White Hex Pad... Car was given 2 x Coats of Wax, Collinites No 845 which again is a fave of mine... Boot Shuts, Door shuts all Polished... Engine Bay given some TLC, I ran out of Aerospace 303 so used Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care... Tailpipe Polished, Not many Fabia VRS's with the Original Tailpipe still look this good... Calipers given a freshen up, Also Painted the Disc Bells... Wheels ready for refitting... Finished article, It was drizzling on and off and there was a gap in the Weather so managed to get a few snaps...
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    Small update, One of the bits i wanted to do different is the air intake pipe, seen a few ideas but this is what i've come up with. Need to have coupe bits welded on like the dv pot and a couple other will paint it black to match the charge pipe. Decent size K&N Also got news my interior is done happy with the outcome. Parcel shelf A B & C Pillars also done in black macrosuede Door cards and rear bench Front seats i managed to retain the heated elements off the TT Pick them up next week so will get some other photos.
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    Really enjoyed reading this, top work on a cracking project.
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    Update. Yesterday managed to finish off the grille which has turned out better than i thought it would. Sanded down ready for primer. Primed And the result The other challenge was to modify the Golf slam panel to accommodate the lights The idea here is i will be able to retain the TT headlight adjustment The headlight motor housing on the TT headlights Finish product, couldn't test it on the shell as the spit is in the way Total cost of the grille, £110 not bad for a one off item.
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