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    Little Update: The shell progress is on hold as i'm expecting my child to be born at any min and my full attention will be to that for a while might still get the odd bits done here and there but will definitely finish it some point in the new year, however thought this update below might interest some of you. Mentioned in the earlier post that i had a set of 5 quite rare NOS 15" 5x100 G60 look steels pretty much exactly the same at G60s but in 5x100 so thought about making them even more rare by converting them to split steels. Could have gone down the banded route but i wont be able to run 15" and 3piece gives me the flexibility of making them wider in the future. First up was to split the face. only done the one so far as i need to mock it all up and see if it will work. All thats needed to split the face is to grind out the 4 bead welds on the back. As these are brand new pretty much no struggles to remove the face I bought some 3piece 4x4 16" wheels not sure what the make is but they're the right sizes 7" fronts 8" rears. Rough idea of what they will look like. Got 2 sets of centre caps also to go with them. These will need modifying Mocking up the templet which i will CAD up properly then have some rings made up and then welded to the faces. The faces are a little close to the holes but should have a coupe mm shaved off to make some room or have a flush bolt face so you don't see the bolts as the rings act as the fastening plate. not sure but somehow i will get around it. Idea of the rings. And this is potentially what the end result can look like these are 17" and 4x100 but mine will be face mounted.
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    I've been using Flickr for years
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    Sorted th pictures out i think! heres a picture from when i bought it 39917921_2154835874789653_6805562610373623808_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr then after i got it home and gave it a good clean 39935444_918036998384124_5161632258280390656_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr 39932512_233361884013751_7841861313214021632_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr then it was borbets and lows 39944344_2113593215561222_3142605490056331264_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr Untitled by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr 40020811_284795858989086_6174002010392625152_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr then i sold my leon which i must admit i do miss :( 39987068_2165941530396142_3500126994501206016_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr then the engine blew up on the golf, so time for the pd130 conversion 39927861_570884289993675_5582591971580444672_n(1) by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr Changed the wheels too, should look better in silver once i get to it. g60 brakes should look good behind these! 39930145_1864812696919746_6211104630839967744_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr and thats where im up to! this is the engine bay at the minute with no rust at all barely! only some slight surface rust! 39900417_2641789359379599_8620495118262075392_n by Josh Griffiths, on Flickr Let me know what you think:)
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    So a few months on and a few thousand miles covered, including a trip to the Nurburgring over easter, and another one this bank holiday weekend. Few little snagging issues have been dealt with - had a centre silencer added in (was straight through to back box), replaced backbox with a N.O.S item, sorted a sticky front caliper too.
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    Thought I’d post on here about what I’m currently building! Started off with this Mk2 1.3 which I got for £500 needing some welding on the sill and the arch but other than that it was a solid car! Always wanted one since I was little and I just sold my mk2 leon btcc so the time to come to build a Mk2 Golf! 77,000 mile, family owned car. Off the road since 2006 and I found rats in the dash put some borbets on it then the little 1.3 engine give up, so I bought a daily and started on ripping the engine out! got most of the parts now so it’s just getting the time to do it! here are the pitcures, this is from about 2 months ago to today so enjoy and let me know what you think! Atleast I’ve got a progress report to update now! thanks josh
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    The reflection shot over the bonnet is superb.
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    I'm assuming that it is the right stub axle? It might be the right bearings for the car but wrong stub? Then again i could be completely wrong as usual. Regardless of that, looking awesome.
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    ahh good old DOTVPN and i can see! will get on and read this tonight
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    such a shame i cant see any of the pics..not sure if its the work network or something..first page made this make me really want to read it
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    The heater controls since i got the van have "worked". But the rear window de-mist and the AC button wouldn't work. Finally got around to replacing the unit today. Just in time to use the AC after all that heat we had in summer too... DSC_0053 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0054 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Got a chance to use my new toy too. LOVE IT! Screwing was never so easy.. DSC_0055 by jamie simpson, on Flickr New unit fitted and tested. All good, but i suspect the AC will need a health check and some gas. fullsizeoutput_cbc by jamie simpson, on Flickr Time to kill now before i drive to Englandshire for a work course so i washed and waxed. fullsizeoutput_cc0 by jamie simpson, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_cc1 by jamie simpson, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_cbf by jamie simpson, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_cc3 by jamie simpson, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_cc4 by jamie simpson, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_cc5 by jamie simpson, on Flickr
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    So my mate offered me money i couldn't refuse for my mk2 caddy... IMG_0822 by jamie simpson, on Flickr SAD to see her go. But a good offer is a good offer. Figured it might be time to upgrade a couple of years and get some creature comforts back.... Like doors that actually lock and open consistently, non poverty spec windows and AC etc. So i nipped daan saaf to olde Englandland last week and picked this up.. IMG_0806 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_0805 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_0804 by jamie simpson, on Flickr She's the 140 model so has a bit of go about her. Couple of small niggles and an mot due in march so she's straight into the garage for a good once over and whatever it needs. Which turned out not to be too much. New timing belt just in case, water pump and thermostat. New wheels arrived yesterday and new suspension and lowering kit should be here today.. Next up will be an interior upgrade, a remap from Pendle performance who state that 178hp is possible with a remap. The back will be getting carpeted and floored. Considering a facelift but as yet unsure what that entails and what i all need to do it.
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    Right, hopefully we'll be back up and running soon now these two items have shown up:
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    like where this is going mate looks tidy too, is it still a workhorse ?
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    Managed a little bit of work in between torrential downpours this weekend. Tried to move some bricks from my from garden ... turns out my load capacity has been significantly reduced since i lowered her. Ah well. Good excuse to the wife not to move any more bricks. And i ordered a skip. DSC_0050 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0047 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Then decided enough was enough of the bulkhead grating. Its pretty much pointless and seriously affects my vision to the rear. Out with the dremel and the sander. I'm picking up a left hand bulkhead this week which will get the same treatment and then will be fitted. Considering trying to make a sort of plexiglas window for each hole thats easily removable for carrying longer bits of wood in the back. DSC_0058 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0060 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0061 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0062 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0063 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0064 by jamie simpson, on Flickr
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    Liking where this is going mate look forward to seeing more work, keep it up
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    Yeah I’m really happy with the bay to be honest! The wax oil must of saved it!
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    Holy crap that engine bay is clean for its age. Ok its low milage, but thats still impressive.
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    Nice up to now mate, although prefer the Borbets, New wheels are more suited to a Saxo in my opinion.
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    Dude! Sorry for the absolute silence recently! It's been a long few months, and to be honest I've neglected the car recently which is a bit rude of me. In September 2017 I finally did the right thing and sorted a rear view (no parking sensors on this one - soooo much easier to park now!): Chucked on some 20mm spacers I had lying around: My exhaust became unbelievably loud in around November, due to the flexi sections disintegrating and leaving me with no pipes connected to the downpipes! It was pretty fun truth be told, who knew this old timid girl had such a bark. Did a load of skidding in it when the snow arrived earlier in the year: To say it did a massive wee wee on my friends BMWs is an understatement - this thing is a hoot in the snow / ice! Finally sorted the exhaust in around June at Redhill Classics - full stainless system from flexis backwards with boxes removed apart from a bigger backbox and some lovely twin tips. £450 all in so really happy - and it's back to sounding gentlemanly but does growl under pressure. During fitting: And I also chucked a Cupra R splitter on which has now been on four of my old cars! How it sits now: Its coming up 121k now, so I've put on over 10k in the last year - and it's been comfy as *. The next few jobs are mainly routine: - Full service including spark plugs, oils including gearbox etc - Replace nearside front driveshaft - might do both sides anyway - Refresh tired suspension components (most are in good working order but I have some squeaks and rattles thanks to our lovely roads) Then some cosmetic stuff: - Alloy wheel refurbishment - Front and rear bumper respray - Light window tints (car didn't come with factory blinds, sadly) - A ruddy good detailing Longer term plans are to stick this sumbish on air, and if I find myself a house in the next few months I'll be attempting an engine swap for either the 2.7TT or 4.2TT from the C5 Allroad / RS6. For the moment, I'm just happy to pootle around in my Audi armchair. I'm looking for a 5cyl project car so this remains the trusty daily!
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    I recently returned from a trip into Europe. Sailed from Dover to Dunkirk: Headed to Aachen in North Germany, via France and Belgium, was very hot in Belgium that day: From there on headed down to the Austrian Alps: Next stop was the Punk Rock Holiday festival in Slovenia: Saw a few other VW's whilst I was there: Cheated and took a few nights in a hotel in Nuremberg after the festival: carried on T25 spotting there too: Finished up with a couple of days camping up near Eurodisney: Van didn't skip a beat all the way, even climbing up and down mountains on the Italian/Slovenian border :)
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    Excellent thread with great attention to detail and fastidious cleanliness. My aim is to get my 8 up to this level of immaculate-ness. You’re the sort of guy I love to buy cars from as they’ve cared for them like their first born Keep it up pal!
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    Update. Yesterday managed to finish off the grille which has turned out better than i thought it would. Sanded down ready for primer. Primed And the result The other challenge was to modify the Golf slam panel to accommodate the lights The idea here is i will be able to retain the TT headlight adjustment The headlight motor housing on the TT headlights Finish product, couldn't test it on the shell as the spit is in the way Total cost of the grille, £110 not bad for a one off item.
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    what about a full clam shell? that's pinned in a couple places? that would be bad ass
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    Then, I started removing stuff . . . Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Had some trouble removing the radio main unit - needed some metallic specific tools to pull it out . . . however i came up with this that i broke of a pen, hehe Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr All done Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Also removed the main tunnel console for further changes Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Pile of parts got bigger and bigger Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Resulting in this going out and.....yeah you guessed it, it will be retrimmed . . . Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Also, I managed to source some gunmetal 19mm plastic caps for the lug nuts Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Much better Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr And also modified the audi tool i have for taking them out- shortened it to be able to get in there Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Then I decided to work on the bumper, and make the loom retrofit to activate the rear parking sensors which i was a bit bored to do Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr We did the whole retrofit however, we did not manage to activate the optical thing on the MMI Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr I hope we manage to at ome point, cause i love that. I now just have the audio warning, with the music volume going down and all, but not the visual thing Had another roadtrip on the countryside Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ofcourse, having the dashboard apart like this, was an opportunity i couldnt pass on. I had the chance of changing all the interior light in clear white, instead of red, like on all the new audis. So, time for that, not easy, i can tell you. You have to take out all of the door cards for instance, just for one window switch, etc etc. . . . While i was there, we retrofitted a new dome light with leds from factory that i had for some time now, and also ordered a new one for the rear "seats". pics to follow Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr OEM one out, and rewiring ready to be done WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr I removed all 4 door cards Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Various parts where switches and lights are hidden Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr We also changed from red leds to white on the new dome light WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr This was the hardest to dissasembly Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Now that's what i like WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Oem leds and reading lights WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ambient light changed from red to white WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Bluetooth microphones wired as well UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ordered this for the rear Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Will put everything together when the dashboard is ready from the trim shop and will take nice pics More updates to follow, uploading them as we speak Cheers
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    Well done, you've just picked up a couple of very old alpine head units that they ran in production for about 5/ 6 years. Aside from the 4 X 60W what's the big whoop? No Bluetooth, no USB or decent iPod control and the same sound quality as the rest of the range.