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  1. Not far at all then. Any pics of the porkers? Yes it was wearing the BBS RS, but sold it about 10 years ago Nearly bought it back a few years later, but it needed more than what I was willing to take on. Looking back I should have just bought it as now it's incredibly hard to get anything decent under £5k and a lot of them are imports. Looking at that option myself, definitely need a VR6 in my life again lol
  2. Still looks fresh as ever. Didn't realise you were local as I've never seen the car around (I'm in Wallington) .
  3. SatinVR6

    Detailing My Fiesta

    Nice daily you got there
  4. SatinVR6

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Much better. How much fun was it taking that stump out?
  5. SatinVR6

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Hard to justify a car you don't use much. If you can part with it then why not, cars come and go it's a part of life. I agree part of the fun is tinkering, once I'm done I'm happy for a but then get bored.
  6. SatinVR6

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Looks lovely esp given the age. Credit to you mate
  7. SatinVR6

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    The Phirm also did work on this when it was owned by Venom
  8. So much car for the money! Did you sand/polish the chip once it was filled in?
  9. SatinVR6

    Bodyshop in Heathrow area?

    Pointless dent removal might actually resolve your problem. Most reputable body shops should be able to recommend someone.
  10. Glad you kept it, peach of a car.
  11. Good finish, questionable car. Wheels def need spacing out.
  12. SatinVR6


    Looks a cracking car. That bay
  13. SatinVR6

    Mk5 Golf GTi

    Great attention to detail
  14. I gave the Passat a mini winter clean at the weekend. Usual wash process using AF Lather and finished up with AF Tripple and AF Glisten. Plan was to apply a coat of Spirit to the car, but temperature was dropping so settled with Glisten and very happy with the results