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  1. CrouchingWayne

    Hand polish/SRP replacement

    Unfortunately Tripple is out of stock now! I'll miss the buy 2 get third free offer but I can pick it up when it's back in on its own. Collinite is OK - serves a purpose so I'll probably replace it to have for winters anyway.
  2. CrouchingWayne

    Hand polish/SRP replacement

    Thanks again - I'm leaning towards triple as an all rounder then can decide if I need more cut or not from there. Are any of their sealants or waxes worth a look in? I'm approaching the end of a tub of collinite 476 so considering my options. I enjoyed Auto Glym Extra Gloss Protection when I had a bright coloured car but it doesn't seem quite as nice a finish now on gray. Collinite obviously has durability but finish is average. I've got a DA but it's all Meguiars 105/205/pads I've got and I find them quite hard to use. If I get on with the AF hand polishes I would consider their three stage kit assuming I could make the time for it.
  3. CrouchingWayne

    Hand polish/SRP replacement

    Cool thanks. I see there is. 3 for 2 on AF gear, would you suggest Rejuvenate if it has a bit more cut given it's on harder paint? You seem keener on triple. Could grab both to be fair.
  4. Hi guys I'm looking for something that would work as a pre-wax polish/cleanse on a gray BMW. I've got a DA but simply don't have time to paint correctthe whole car so a one stage or hand product would be best. I prefer to stay within the Auto Finesse range if possible. Thanks!
  5. They usually issue an email a few weeks before with the quote. They did that for me a month or two ago. I would suggest checking your emails again. I don't think they can be blamed for taking money 3 working days before renewal. I'd imagine, although don't know for sure, that there is the usual 2 week cooling off period though. For what it's worth I went with Direct Line this year.
  6. CrouchingWayne


    Cheap and durable - Collinite 476. I put two coats on my car around about a month ago. Washed it yesterday and after a thorough power wash most dirt was removed. Obligatory two bucket method left a fairly clean rinse bucket too. Finish could be better though in terms of depth/shine. For bright colours I thought Auto Glym Extra Floss Protection gave great colour and lasted for ages.
  7. Finished product looks great. One of those things an amateur (like me) wouldn't know where to start with! Was it written off for the damage? Seems quite an expensive trip back to being in decent condition so thought it might be CAT D? That said I've no idea on the value of limited edition Evo's.
  8. CrouchingWayne

    Snow Foam - Recommend me!

    Ran out of Meguiars Hyperwash so bought Bilt Hamber to try. Gets rave reviews on detailing world.
  9. CrouchingWayne

    Audi S8 D2

    Great car - love this shape of A8. Some great options on some of them as well!
  10. CrouchingWayne

    Focus ST New Car Detail

    Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a whirl at some point soon and add some pics
  11. CrouchingWayne

    Focus ST New Car Detail

    Great work. What is the paint like on these? I've got a 2015 Focus estate (non ST) to polish up. I've got Meg's 105/205 with cut/polish/finish pads so surely can get it in decent nic with a DA?
  12. CrouchingWayne

    Recommend me some products please...

    I'm not an expert, but I've tried a few Auto Finesse products and am slowly changing out most of my stuff to their equivelant as I run out. I've been pretty impressed with everything so far. Shampoo - AF Lather, not a lot of suds but very slick Wheel Cleaner - I got the AF wheel cleaning kit for Christmas which had the cleaner, iron out and Oblitarate. The cleaner seems to be OK but the magic came from the iron out when doing a deep clean. For top up cleaning I'm just using shampoo and a brush to be honest. Wheel sealant - mint rims came as part of that kit and is holding up well. As mentioned i am just using normal shampoo to clean them now they are sealed and they come up well. Much better than the Auto Glym stuff. I dare say a Collinite wax layer would be at least as effective though. Brushes - I recently bought hog hair brushes (Auto Finesse) which are about £2 more expensive than the Polished Bliss equivelant. Quite useful as a wheel brush but I'm a bit disappointed st their effectiveness for round badges etc. I do have an Incredimitt Wheel Brush and I don't rate it - too big to get into even simple alloy designs Mitt - I'm using an Incredimitt which is ace, Dooka pad is the other one to think about. I prefer a mitt and use Polished Bliss who stock it so just went for it.
  13. CrouchingWayne

    My Lupo GTI`s new shoes.

    King of all thread resurrections! More amazingly it seems OP is still an active member - although I doubt he will recall his tyre sizes.
  14. CrouchingWayne

    Policy Cancelation Query

    Hi guys I had a question on getting a refund from a cancelled short term insurance policy (cancelled in around 7 days) and whether that entitles me to a refund or not. Unfortunately I missed the call to hear the outcome - would you be able to have it emailed or sent to me somehow? I would phone but I can't bear to be on hold for 20+ mins again after having to faff around changing cars this month. Policy number was TLA543098 Thanks Wayne
  15. CrouchingWayne

    Which 4+1 Channel Amp

    Thanks for the info. Yea it's a 5 channel as you mention in after - but rusty with the lingo as haven't done modifications to car audio in about 10 years! I'll keep that on the list, do you have any experience of Alpine units? I've spotted one for around the £200 mark which is 5 channel again. I'm not overly price sensitive so if I need to spend £400 then so be it, but as anyone would agree I'd rather spend less where possible without killing the quality.