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  1. darren9

    2007 polo gti.

    Being one to always bow to peer pressure as my hospital records from 1997 will testify it looks like I might start looking at maps. It was my intention to leave the car standard over winter to get used to it and look for any points where improvements can be made. So far I think I'll be looking at the cupra bushes some form of upgrade for both suspension and brakes. For my modest budget and requirements I think a set of matched springs and dampers will be better than coils. I fancy some 17s but haven't even considered what, budget will probably dictate that to a degree. And yes, probably a map. That lot should unlock a lot of the cars potential without making too many sacrifices by way of its daily driver/kiddie ferrying capabilities. Running it over the weekend there's a knock from the front offside so I'll give the dealer a ring tomorrow when I wake up off nights, see what he says about it.
  2. darren9

    2007 polo gti.

    That sort of spec sounds very appealing Jayme. What does stage 1 get you and what does it involve? What coils you running? Where d'you get the brakes from? Sorry, I'm a complete noob to all this. I usually know a lot more about the cars I'm getting than this.
  3. darren9

    2007 polo gti.

    At the minute it geeks very turbocharged there's a notable bit of lag then you can feel the boost but I suppose that's from coming from a supercharged car previously. Does a map make this worse? How much stress would a map place on other components? Clutch etc? As for plans ... Well a map would be nice. I fancy removing some arch gap but I don't want to run dickhead low. It's not practical. If its mapped then I suppose a brake upgrade would be a good idea. I'd like to keep it oem+ I think. Probably a set of springs/dampers over coilovers. Audi tt comps breathing mods and map should do me. Oh, since these are the same platform as the seat ibiza do the cupra 4 pot brakes fit? I love big brakes me.
  4. darren9

    2007 polo gti.

    Floated around these forums for a few years now but never really posted/had a decent VW. Picked up a 2007 polo GTi today. Traded in a 2005 Mini Cooper S against it. The mini is a better drive when "on it" and is quicker (I think) but the polo is nicely screwed together, is much more comfortable and has room for the 2 kids. I looked at various options: e46 bmw 3 series. All were tired/high miles Renaultsport megane/clio SWMBO didn't want a French car. Focus ST - too high running costs still quite a lot to buy a decent one Skoda octavia VRS - had one until April this year. Fancied a change. Golf GTi - decent ones are quite a bit of cash still. Bad ones seem to be really bad. That led me to the polo, it looks like a MK5 golf GTi even the interior has the tartan check which I love and the 1.8t while not the most exciting engine is a decent lump. This one is practically immaculate and has very good service history. Looks like it's been cared for. Anyway ... Pics. Completely standard example. Not sure if I want it to stay that way or not. Lowering and some nice wheels should make it look good. Better brakes would be nice and breathing mods with a map would be fun. But I'd have to weigh up how much it would cost and how it would affect the practicality of the car with kids.
  5. Last year me and Mrs Darren9 tied the knot, and needed extra funds So, my pride and joy went which was this 306 GTi-6 with various things done to it. With us being car less my old man stepped in and sold us this for £400. and I had big plans to do something like this: and buy another GTi-6. But, that didn't happen. Me and the Mrs did get married. and then we got this as a wedding present to each other. and realised we would probably need an estate as she is going to get massive! (she's a dogue de bordeaux, bull mastiff cross) Then this happened. and getting an estate suddenly seemed a lot more important. So, yesterday I went to a dealers and put a deposit on B5.5 1.8T wagon (but I don't have any pictures at the minute), we chose another passat because other than fill it up with petrol we haven't had to do anything to the saloon and they have loads of space for the dog and baby, and, I really like the look of them. Especially in this blue. Plans? Well, it has an oil leak and needs a cambelt, the dealer was going to do them but we knocked him down on price as my dad and brother are mechanics and are going to do these jobs. Then it will be getting a good clean and getting a dog guard fitted. Future plans are more of a wish list than anything else as I'm sure once the baby comes I won't have any spare cash! But, I'd like a slight drop in ride height (not floor scraping, it has to be practical, some 18's, a remap, bigger brakes and the blue/black leather from the V5 fitting.