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  1. Hi guys, are there any decent insurance companies out there...?? Trying to insure my car, i own 3 properties, the chap on the phone at HIC clearly said postcodes make a difference in quotes... i got 1 quote, tried ammending it to another address and got told they are going to charge me the highest quote...??? How is that posible when they clearly told me prices can change??? Or are they just being lazy and not wanting to update my address incase it comes out cheaper...???
  2. mk2r32

    Alpine F1 audio price?

    Hi guys, looking to sell my Alpine F1 DVI9990 headunit, PXI H990 processor, TMI M990 screen and NVE M300P navigation unit... as new working, was installed in my show winning VW Mk2R32... only looking to get sell as car only gets driven on summer week ends so doesnt get used as much as id like, shame to let such high end equipment not get used... Does anyone know what these are going for now so i know what to put em up for...?
  3. mk2r32

    Tim True Paintworks

    Not doin full resprays which is is a shame...
  4. Hi there, maybe in wrong section... is there any ins companies that do classic modified and agreed value car ins...?? What are you guys are paying?? Iv got a mk2r32 golf, been quoted £850 from HIC which is a joke considering im 37 with 10yrs ncb protected which they were goin to mirror over and i was paying them about £1k for the car previously as a daily and paying £900 for a M3 V8 at the mo... The mk2r32 is goin to be a second car wk end and show use only... i was under the assumption classic ins should be cheaper... Would appreciate it if you guys can help with any other companies i should call...
  5. mk2r32

    Car Audio in Yorkshire

    Source Sounds in Sheffield
  6. mk2r32

    Car audio build - What companies?

    Source sounds in Sheffield, Paul is man u wana talk to, definitely knows his stuff, supplies Audison, Hertz, Rainbow etc... check his site out. Definitely worth the travel. Got loadsa awards in and out the UK.
  7. mk2r32

    Post your boot builds!

    i wanna put mines up but cnt seems to get pix up
  8. mk2r32

    leather retrim

    id put pics up of my car but cnt do it lol
  9. mk2r32

    leather retrim

    Go to Andy/Snappy Gaitors... U WONT BE DISSAPOINTED
  10. mk2r32

    Post your boot builds!

    hi guys, how can i post pics up on here havin probs doin so not as straight forward as i thought...
  11. Hi, just wanted a little advice/info... ive got a mk2 golf with 15" BBS RA alloya, i got told but was wondering if i can fit audi s2 calipers on with a 5mm spacer without any probles? or will i need a bigger spacer?
  12. Hi did anyone see this car or know who it belongs to as id like to get in touch with the owner Visit My Website