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  1. Novak

    Prept at brands

    Looking forward to this one
  2. Novak

    ..die Luft..

    Love this shot Niall and the video is real nice Jo showed me it
  3. Hi I posted it was a bit too far but I'm thinking about coming to look at this or even just sending somebody to pick it up for me how much tax and test does it have and can you send me an interior picture, also is there anything wrong with the car and how are the tyres and brakes?

  4. Novak

    ..die Luft..

    now you know i dig this. Must have missed you guys on Sunday.
  5. Novak

    Project Napalm

    lofl is this sign written yet???
  6. Novak

    Project Napalm

    You should have bought some decent Tyres then you wouldn't be speaking of this raising nonce sense lol
  7. Novak

    Project Napalm

    Much better, would be tempted to get the grinder back out though.
  8. Novak

    Novaks Baby Wagon FOR SALE!

    Now Sold Hurrah.
  9. Novak

    Novaks Baby Wagon FOR SALE!

    yeah man, that would be great, the A6 is more coconut fresh than minty though
  10. Novak

    Novaks Baby Wagon FOR SALE!

    Ha i don't normally but simmy took some photo's then people asked questions so i answered and now i want another bus so i want it gone. perjinkities is doing great, the site's still being worked on erm job wise ^^^^^^ Ree's convinced me we need another old bus again so i love her and Isabelle's the happiest baby in the world so yeah great BUY THIS CAR please
  11. Novak

    Novaks Baby Wagon FOR SALE!

    Cheers dude Work for All German Parts that's based in the same premises as I.V.C.