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  1. riskie

    Why do places. charge bux to fit air?

    you missed out stripping the car down 1st, getting bolts off that dont wanna come off. maybe a chassis notch if needed in with the price.
  2. riskie

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    gutted i missed it but glad all went well.
  3. riskie

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    Not sure if the 6n2 mirrors fit correctly.. I picked up a 6kv one off a German forum to go with my UK spec one.
  4. riskie

    The "PREPT SHOWDOWN" 2013

    If I'm not working then Friday in the A6 for a pint and Saturday in the beetle if the weather's good.
  5. riskie

    Vabric Volksrod

    Look forward to seeing where this ends up. Intending to enjoy my beetle throughout the summer then start taking mine apart for abit of t.l.c.
  6. riskie

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    Do miss it Jason but love having the A6 as a daily and can't wait till summer to get the 67 beetle out.
  7. riskie

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    Reeeeepost! Silly phone! Lol.
  8. riskie

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    I picked up a runner up award in 2009 at uds with my old 6kv. Good to see another looking sweet.. keep up the good work!
  9. riskie

    Black Audi A5 Coupe - G5 GLL

    Look forward to seeing what's next.. good to meet ya today.
  10. riskie


    As always will do me best to come up if not working dude.
  11. riskie

    riskies rides

    Nice to see others like it.. like I said was unsure about the colour but it really works after seeing it in the flesh. No more photos I'm affraid as its been locked up since the day I bought it. Needs a mot soon so will take afew in the daylight. Roll on summer!
  12. riskie

    riskies rides

    Couldn't get the photo to come straight up off my mobile.. lol. Was looking for a lowlight karmann n this came up.. fell inlove when I went to see it! It's been raised as was too low.. (want to be able to use it without wrecking it.) Wanna get the running gear engine etc tidied up.. a retrim ..re-chrome bits etc etc. No idea if its a original vw colour.. I was thinking long term seagull grey but I gotta say the more I see the pastel green it does really suit it. I've got a lot to learn.. lol.
  13. riskie

    riskies rides

    Hope this works.. no pc atm so all off the mobile. http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/5310/imag0177e.jpg Rhd 67 karmann convertible beetle 1500cc. Looks cleaner than it is in real life but plan is too use it this summer then start restoring it at the end of the year.. long term project this one.
  14. riskie

    My Bagged CC

    Such a nice car from standard.. loving the drop and rims. Shame they only a 4 seater tho. Welcome to edition38
  15. riskie

    riskies rides

    Havent updated here for awhile. Still got the Audi as a daily but now have a new weekend toy. Decided to go back to where my love for volkswagens started. ....Will get some photos up soon people.