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  1. matty_mk1

    Mk3 Caddy Van

    Good work with the headlights. I'm looking to get some blacked out ones for mine, but might give it a go myself now. Also noticed from one of the old pics, your rear wheel seems a long way back. You can get relocation plates the move the axle back central after lowering if your flip kit hasnt got the offset holes.
  2. matty_mk1

    MK4 Golf Air Ride - Won't Lift Front?

    Sticky valves probably, you should hear them click if they are working. Id check all the electrical connections if the lights are dimming also.
  3. matty_mk1


    Yes! Thats when you really knew it was time for bed
  4. matty_mk1


    Pointless on here. Get more views putting an ad on teletext
  5. matty_mk1


    Its a shame the classifieds here arent what the used to be
  6. matty_mk1

    Airlift issue

    It will be because when you air out the wheel is pulled inwards, so pulls the tyre off the bead slightly. Not sure what you can do to stop it, maybe some bead sealer would help.
  7. matty_mk1

    1992 corrado G60

    Nice! Looks a clean one.
  8. matty_mk1

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    I got there early friday, and the amount of standard fiestas, corsas, civics etc turning up was crazy. Should charge more for non VAG like bugjam used to? I know there's still knobs in VWs, but it would certainly cut out a lot of the people turning up with the wrong intentions. I remember the year the organisers announced there would be no 'rave tent' (was actually one) There was a lot less knobheads around. Agree there should be a no movement in the campsite between certain times. Its mental what goes on. Considering the amount of people and those driving/drifting around have probably been drinking since they arrived.
  9. matty_mk1

    Hole Filling

  10. matty_mk1

    Muggers mk2 jetta coupe

    Sits well mate
  11. matty_mk1

    1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    I'm building up a set of steel splits for it, thats about it. Wants to get going on my corrado.
  12. matty_mk1

    1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    I'm the same. Haven't touch my cars all winter, but had a tinker with my mk2 yesterday in the sunshine and eager to get on with things now
  13. matty_mk1

    Excessive Vibration through whole car

    Yeah was going to say maybe the wrong shaft. Also when lowered the track narrows so puts more strain on the CVs
  14. matty_mk1

    Handbrake calipers

    Just use a mk3 golf etc rear caliper?
  15. matty_mk1

    Handbrake calipers

    Depends if it needs to be cable or hydraulic? Most people use r8/lambo/ferrari caliper