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  1. LOW VR

    Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    really really like this build. do have have any plans for gearbox internals to handle the crazy amount of torque that engine should be making
  2. best quote i had was £403 via go compare which took me about 3-5 mins to get hic phone call took a total length of 40mins and was quoted over £1000 did ask about the £20 as my price couldnt be beaten. Despite then being tranferred to 2 other member of the team, nobody knew anything about this. was offered to be transferred to a third person but i had already wasted too much time. TIME - MONEY; no difference between them
  3. LOW VR

    JL Audio ZR650 csi component set

    almost forgot about this thread. I'm not in the trade, just simple a long time music fan and a seeker of music fidelity. My original pursuits in audio have started and always remained in home audio but I have used that knowledge to build and experiment with lots of car audio systems too. On occasion i have specced/built audi set up for friends when the time allows. Both items that you picked above are good but i would like to contribute some suggestions. With your preference of sticking to jl audio i would recommend upgraded that sub to a w6. Its a much higher tier sub than the w3 and basically takes all the cost justifiable technology from the w7 range. If using zr components the w6 would compliment their accuracy well. Size wise; pick that based on how punchy/deep you enjoy your bass. I personally prefere a 12" sub due to its flexibilty to cope with an array of musical demands. If the w6 seems out of your budget consider a v2 (new or used) as the v2 is where the most significant technological advancements were made. XD amps are an intelligent choice to power a sub. their lack or character is made up for by their accuracy and both power and thermal efficiency. they suit subs well! ...but i would suggest it is best to use a pure monoblock amp to power the sub.
  4. LOW VR

    JL Audio ZR650 csi component set

    Jl 400/4 and bi-amplify them is a perfect match. V1 or v2. A used v1 will save you plenty of money. But you have many choices. The character of he discontinued genesis amps compliment the jl audio zr series very well. A couple of tips regarding powerig them: - they are not the most power efficient speaker, hence a high rms output amplifier really makes the mid bass come alive. - digital amps make them sound clinical - tweeter positioning/angle is very important so do experiment before you finalise this. - to do them justice please bi-amplify
  5. LOW VR

    JL Audio ZR650 csi component set

    Awesome speakers All rounded and amazing. As mentioned earlier tweeters can be a little bit bright at very high volume, but that is easily put under control with a equaliser/processor. They do require quality amplification to really get the benefits out of them. I would avoid powering with a digital amplifier, but I would recommend bi-amplifying
  6. Anyone after accomadation for worthersee May have to reschedule my worthersee plans and booked accomadation in advance as good locations sell out So before cancelling the booking I thought I would offer it up to e38 £200 For a 2 bed apartment that can sleep upto 6 Check in monday 4/may/2015 Check out Friday 8/may/2015 Seeapartments kärnten Helmet-wobisch-weg 19-22 Bodensdorf am ossiacher see, 9551, austria +436767501359 These particular apartments are all sold out like many other in the area 2 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, balcony and lake view http://www.booking.com/hotel/at/ferienwohnung-heide.en-gb.html?aid=356983;label=gog235jc-hotel-de-at-ferienwohnungNheide-unspec-gb-tab-L%3Ade-O%3Aunk-B%3Aunk-N%3AXX-S%3Abo;sid=3f54cb97db706cadb7c684f2060c577e;dcid=4;type=total& If you are interested please pm me or ring on 07734nine31385
  7. LOW VR

    Custom Rollers for Recaros

    Empty your inbox and then I can help you matey
  8. looking for a peelable paint finish wants to be gloss black did consider plastidip but that requires the glossifier to turn regular black into gloss black. Ive noticed there are a few companies selling the gloss black as a single step paint but can anyone recommend one that works well ideally something that is available in a can.
  9. only if the bumming is 5x112 non staggered fitment

  10. lol that it nuts what the full spec of this new 4spd gearbox then?
  11. LOW VR

    any preference for spark plug brands

    From my own experience I think the brand preference thing should be less of a concern and instead go with what suits the particular engine you have. Most car owners of here have tuned engines too so it's important to select spark plugs that have also compensated for these mods. But to put the obove into real terms perspective, the advice above applies if your aiming for the very best for car can be. If you just want it to run good you can't really go wrong with genuine parts or bosch/ngk. What is your particular engine and what tuning have you done to it?
  12. airback within a seat bolster on a variety of vag cars including the mk5 golf
  13. could someone please tell me if there is any difference between these 2 parts above one ends in "a" does the end letter denote the year of manufacture or is there more to it? in other words are they compatible with each other?
  14. LOW VR

    Port Royal

    great show but... the lack of port royal caused serious heartbreak