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  1. 2bob

    Caddy van

    struts was a bit manky so decided to paint them the only paint i could find down the shed was pink lol Made a start on the air placed the compressor and that where i want them and wired most of it up plus fitted the gauges n switches just got to bolt stuff down now and run a few more lines. The gauge panel was a bit of a quick bodge as want to get a polo dash eventually
  2. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Its Honda it don't break ! haha just change the piston rings once a year simples its not chinky crap
  3. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Been on holiday so no update on this yet but i did just find some paint i had lying around and sprayed one of the bandeds off my old polo to see what it would look like couldn't bolt it up as the paint was still wet......
  4. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Not sure if i should keep these wheels for the van or not ? thinking alloys for the van Not the best pic but the only one i've got of them at the moment
  5. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Hopefully ! just need some cash so I can buy a cupra front bumper then spray the new front end oh n some different bags for the rear
  6. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Already have the air be rude not to use it lol
  7. 2bob

    A Mark V on Air.

    Looking good dude
  8. 2bob

    Jays Airlift A4

    Nice !
  9. 2bob

    Caddy van

    expensive but well worth the moneys
  10. 2bob

    Caddy van

  11. 2bob

    Porsche 964

  12. 2bob

    1965 OG Bus

    Nice !
  13. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Going to do bag over spring dude not the best way but the most cost affective and easiest way to do plus quickest can't really have it off the road to much its my daily
  14. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Got a set of these for the front Still need to sort bags out for the rear as the ones i've got won't work on the van
  15. 2bob

    Caddy van

    Got this today to steal some parts off