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  1. Tank

    PROJECT................ZERO LIP

    Brian has killed it!! Them wheels are the dogs!! lemme know if u wanna sell them Jay!!
  2. Mr Green they are next level even better in the flesh. Wouldn't expect nothing less from Lewis Hamilton's engineer! Oh my days nailed it 1 time!! Early Edition gonna be Awesome!
  3. Tank

    Spiller's ED38X Pics - finally uploaded

    awesome mate....your getting good at this picture game....
  4. Tank

    a film about E38X

    awesome mate! you got skills
  5. Tank

    Edition 38 Event 2010?

    Si vww- you best get yourself to vw action ftw next year,never heard so much junk until now!
  6. Tank

    Club stands

    Organise between your own clubs and you will be parked together,simples!!
  7. Tank

    is it worth going to e38 on sat

    Saturday will be epic! No rave, plenty of top cars ftw
  8. Tank

    show and shine categories?

    Get ready for show and shine 2010! Its going to be massive!
  9. Tank

    My MK 5 gti

    some lovely touches Luke...look forward too seeing it at edition!! top work
  10. Tank

    Project Chiken Wire

    ha ha!! might see ya 2moro Tomass
  11. Tank

    Project Chiken Wire

    respect is the ultimate currency