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  1. mrgarf

    My pink 1984 scirocco gl

    Cheers for the wheel love , a mate of mine had the idea to fit these ( I can’t take credit) , I made nationals in her last year ( see pic below) she will be there I’m sure this year too , as long as the usual suspects keep them alive all is good , I see there are a few interesting builds going on a the mo on the interweb
  2. mrgarf

    My pink 1984 scirocco gl

    The question I need to decide is when I do a full resto and if I go back standard it modify the car the way I wanted to , money and time will decide I guess , anyone else with mk2 roccos on here? Will try to up date more as things move forward
  3. mrgarf

    My pink 1984 scirocco gl

    Well 7 years on I still have it and it lives
  4. mrgarf

    1986 Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL

    Nice gl , love the velour !!
  5. mrgarf

    Smurf - my Riviera Blue Audi S1

    These cars are so much fun to drive , I've got one as a company car at the min , they like a drink but the smile factor you get from driving it more than makes up for it ! Hope your going to map it!!
  6. mrgarf

    Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    See it's coming on well
  7. mrgarf

    The Audi A8 daily bus.....

    Cant wait to see these wheels on your car, love a nicely done a8
  8. mrgarf

    TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    Sorry to hear what the cover did ,I've got on on my scirocco and now scared when I take it off, did you get any compensation off Halfords? ( sorry to ask a year after the event I've had a year or so off the vw world) Liking your car lots too
  9. mrgarf

    My pink 1984 scirocco gl

    Hopefully have this back on the road in the coming months ( the girlfriend will be annoyed I'm wasting money
  10. mrgarf

    lupo V5 2.3 engine conversion

    Looks a fun conversion , will it be a little nose heavy?
  11. mrgarf

    Audi SQ5

    This car is epic I work for Audi and drive sq5's alot and to get yours this low isn't easy ,interior with the carbon and yellow belts and stitch is nice too, one question the red but push on the seat belt clip , have you thought about doing them in carbon? Anyway keep up the great project
  12. mrgarf

    Mid engined V8 Scirocco

    What a great project , really hope you complete this as this thing will be amazing , top work sir
  13. mrgarf

    Early Mk2 Scirocco

    This thread reminds me I need to crack with my 84 car! Gonna be great when it's done , do you use scirocco register?
  14. mrgarf

    Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Yellow sounds good mate really hope to see it there , ever considered Irish green ( random thought lol)
  15. mrgarf

    Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    When you hoping to finish it winston? Have you decided out of the 3 colours which one? Or another one caught your eye?