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  1. natedogg

    Mk2 Caddy VR5 Van

    good to see you back on this buddy
  2. natedogg

    Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    this is where its all gone wrong. be proud to 'show off' your build and the blood sweat and tears thats gone into it. flip whether it gets a trophy or not. thats for the hipsters in there financed bagged rotiformed wagons after instafame (excuse rant)
  3. natedogg

    MK3 Golf GL - brilledwards Build Log

    only thing i can think re: ball joint extenders is that wishbones bushes are/were past there best and pulling the wishbones back level (to a more 'standard' height in effect) produced an element of play, especially as you did the essential track rod flip as well i assume you did a full alignment - toe, camber, caster etc on a full laser hunter type machine and not a back street garage toe only job?
  4. natedogg

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    all i see here is the potential to double width that garage!
  5. natedogg

    Golf mk3 dash swap in golf mk2

    very odd. you got pics? something is obviously wrong somewhere but never heard of this before
  6. natedogg

    Vr6 turbo

    do stealth not do the bits you need? if not find donkeytec on facebook or instagram - they do some mad VR6 turbo stuff
  7. natedogg

    530d sudden power loss

    have you changed the maf? or just cleared the code?
  8. natedogg

    Golf mk3 dash swap in golf mk2

    too low how? to the dash? or you now can't get your knees under it did you swap over the mk3 column and height adjuster as well
  9. you'll want the 'gold' ARP bolts then - 'blacks' are only good to 600hp ish from memory
  10. natedogg

    Bobby Singh's Audi 3.0 TDI project

    so you think a low 11 is possible??
  11. ah nuts! don't suppose you have a spare turbo
  12. natedogg

    Saving *THAT* Brown V5 GLI Bora

    wow - blast form the past. i still have the PVW mag feature when it was blue, on hydros and TH Schmidt lines - it was the first PVW i bought. didn't realise that was the car that became this brown one however, but i do know the time and money spent on it by Hodge (who now has an R8 v10) and remember seeing down at holes bay and tidy vag meets back in the day in Poole. best of luck with the 'build/resurrection'
  13. natedogg

    Mk3 vr6 brake upgrade

    you probably have 312mm mk4/TT brakes which is a good upgrade from stock 288s. the world is your oyster really - depends upon wheel size and budget really.
  14. thats some impressive work on the rods and pistons without going through the block!!
  15. natedogg

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    sounds like e38 has turned into bug jam! basically a rave up in a field rather than a car show. the only way this will ever be stopped is to remove everybody's 'privilege' to drive there car in the camp site unless its to either leave the show ground/camp site for the weekend (not to return) or unless you are moving your car to or from the show ground on the saturday/sunday morning or evening. once in and parked that's it for the weekend. shame to read this year after year