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  1. natedogg

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    wow. im worried now as have a poly front going in my vento and have had a bodge the mk3 starter to accommodate the mk4 bolts etc
  2. natedogg

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    ive never seen that before. what engine mount you running up front?
  3. natedogg

    Golf mk2 R36

    WOW. Just WOW
  4. hope to see this at early edition buddy
  5. natedogg

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    interested to know the theory behind the upside down calipers. is it just for cable routing?
  6. natedogg

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    im not saying it wasn't fun however.
  7. 165/40s will do that. lol
  8. natedogg

    Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    are rods rifled drilled (think that's right term) to allow small end lubrication? I've read loads of articles about 20v rods and different types etc so thought id ask out of interest
  9. natedogg

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    i did similar on my old mk3 which had a mk2 02y 16v box - i stuck a diesel 5th gear in - the drop from 4th to 5th was quite horrific over 2k rpm so you had to be on 4k at least in 4th to use 5th or car just died! lol. but cruising it was mega on fuel (just had to change down on hills!!)
  10. natedogg

    Princess ANN

    this is crying out for a trackslag exhaust manifold on the back of that block before it goes in.... http://trackslag.com/index.php?id_category=13&controller=category
  11. natedogg

    Mk3 Caddy Van

    vast improvement
  12. natedogg

    Alpine white mk2

    think a rod went through the block recently looking on instagram!
  13. natedogg

    Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    the centres from those in half tweed recaros would look
  14. natedogg

    Mk2 Jetta VR6 Project

    leave it be then