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  1. check out the new 1552 range of 90s wheels the chicane or podium could work out nice (maybe)
  2. natedogg

    My long awaited Mk3 Golf

    ditch the canister - just keep the clear line that clips to the inner wing where fuel lines come out open to atmosphere
  3. natedogg

    The FORCED Thread

    looking back ten years at the crazy conversions people were all doing.
  4. natedogg

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    car impounded?
  5. natedogg

    Girling 60’s audi s2 brakes

    Bigg Red do the lot. Brake Caliper Repair Kit (BRK204516) i think http://biggred.co.uk/
  6. other than a small drop i really like that as it is on stock rims - cant remember the last time i saw one like that!
  7. natedogg

    My mk3 VR6T

    smells like bull poo to me! hope you have it in you to go again with the car mate, its one the best mk3s in the uk/europe
  8. natedogg

    Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••

    i am sorry to read the above as have followed this thread from the beginning. i really thought we had moved pas this scamming from other enthusiast as its been a while since a thread like this has popped up. on the other side i was about to send him a load of bits for my vento project, so you have saved me a hassle by the looks of it so thank you for that.
  9. natedogg

    My mk3 VR6T

    the end of an era? or do you have it in you to go again when you get parts back?
  10. they are seriously thin on the ground these days mate. they've either rotted away or been broken for the running gear.
  11. natedogg

    Golf mk2 R36

  12. natedogg

    Jonezy's 2.3 20v V5 170bhp

    open up the airbox and exhaust and give it a remap for 190+hp and these make a wicked sound.
  13. if you go 90's wheels/theme i think they could work well on car
  14. serious love for this. love a budget build and feel your pain on house project - my vento engine swap has taken 6 years because of the house project!
  15. natedogg

    Gti camshaft id

    missing some of the code there. wonder if its a re-grind.