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  1. infront

    Gracey - Typ19 GTI

    I had nothing but trouble fiddling with ball joint extenders & spherical tie rods, though you might have more patience than me! That's a beaut you got there!
  2. infront

    Mk2 Golf Syncro TFSI conversion

    Lovely job so far mate! Great spec!
  3. infront

    S3-Dan's R8 build thread

    Hi Dan, I sold you something for your Mk2 Diesel and I can't remember what it was. Anyway does this qualify me for a free test drive (of the R8)?
  4. infront

    Porsche 964

    If this were Facebook, I would 'Like' this, but it's not, so I'll just fookin love it
  5. infront

    mk2 20v cranking but won't start :(

    Just go over your wiring mate, if your gauges are kaput too it sounds like a bad wire or fuse..?
  6. infront

    AGU occasional blue smoke

    Nah, that's not right! Valve stems will give you smoke on lifting off the throttle. OP - the turbo seals are internal and would be an equally big job to replace, unless you're saying you'd just replace the turbo - which would be easier!
  7. infront

    Shifter Problem

    Is that the standard turbo there mate?
  8. infront

    mk1 g60 gearbox

    If it's an 020, on the bottom of the bellhousing http://elsaweb.spaghetticoder.org/i/N/N34-0403.png If it's an 02A (or indeed 02J) near the shifter on the top http://wiki.the-corrado.net/image_box_id_4.html As said above, assuming it to be an 020 box, there are slight differences in some casing, but so long as you can make the mech secure, it'll be fine.
  9. infront

    LSD mk3 golf td gearbox

    OBX ones are okay! Otherwise Quaife, Peloquin...
  10. infront

    child lock trouble

    Gulp - I thought it was only me that boobed like that!!
  11. infront

    Stage 2 remap question

    Mine made 222bhp on a Jabba map, 230 might be achievable, but 245 is probably just the turbo spinning over its realistic rev range - massive wear on the turbo. Google 'Dyno lottery' - they all read different! Have heard very good things about R-Tech!
  12. infront

    MK4 crash sensor

    Yup, I think they are near the front slider on the floorpan IIRC... Yellow? Size of a matchbox?
  13. infront

    SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Still desperate to see this in the flesh (and yes, I have been living in a hole!)
  14. infront

    SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Stunning mate
  15. infront

    SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Have you got a spare bed at your house? I think I might need to come and move in. (No homo!)