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  1. Mikeyboy

    Centre Bore Modification

    Any machine shop should be able to do it, was charged £30 from a machine shop in London although it was about 5 years ago.
  2. Mikeyboy

    A3 brake upgrade

    S3 brakes would a be a adequate upgrade, had some on my '05 A3 and they felt so good, TTRS brakes would obviously be better but the price difference between the two are quite big, S3 bakes could be had for around £450, TTRS ones you're looking at closer to £800. You might be lucky and catch a bargain on ebay from a spare or repairs car, but alot of dismantlers know the value of these bits and that they are very sought after in our community.
  3. Mikeyboy

    Airlift firmware update

  4. Mikeyboy

    Airlift firmware update

    Does anyone know where i can get the firmware updated on my v2 management, preferably in london. Mike
  5. Mikeyboy

    My A3 has Landed

    Just wire it up with the compressor, its 12v and then it will come on when the compressor does.
  6. Mikeyboy

    My A3 has Landed

    Any chance of taking a pic of the boot floor mate, im looking to do the same thing with my compressor but as i dont have a quattro i dont have the hole in the floor already, so i just need to see exactly where it is mounted so i can start cutting. Thanks Nice a3 by the way, keeping it clean and simple.
  7. Mikeyboy

    My Audi A3

    Probably because he hasn't got a chassis notch when those photos were taken.
  8. Mikeyboy

    window goes down but not up

    Very simple solution, its the clips that hold the wire in the regulator, type in ebay audi a3 window regulator clips should be about £2.50 each. Get on audi-sport.net and search for window regulator problem, there should be a how-to guide. All i can tell you is take your time doing it as its fiddly and if done wrong you could end up with wonky doors
  9. Mikeyboy

    Junior Player's Suzuka Grey TTRS

    I had the pleasure of watching you destroy my mate in his 225 tt on the m1 on Sunday morniing, this thing sounds mental, 22 and c63, I envy you sir.
  10. Mikeyboy

    Operation A3

    THIS. People will voice their opinion on a puplic forum, just be happy in the fact that its your car and at the end of the day it up to you what you do to it.
  11. Mikeyboy

    Operation A3

    wow, bar the interior colour, one of the best a3's around. Xenons will be :wub:
  12. Mikeyboy

    Dust Shields

    As above really, im changing my A3 brakes to S3 brakes and i was wondering if i need the dust shield as all 4 of them are pretty bent up. Many Thanks
  13. Mikeyboy

    Dest's S4

    That is a Awesome vid, really want a S4 now, but insurance says no
  14. Mikeyboy

    The Phantom Menace

    Very nice SB mate, really loving the theme. Cant wait to see it in the flesh.
  15. Mikeyboy

    My Ibis White Audi RS4 Replica

    Very nice mate, ill be showing my mate this thread, could be very interested.