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  1. What double din can mirror iPhone 5 connection? Picked up a b6 2004 audi a4 which is double din with 6 loading cd in it plus tape deck!!! I prefer Oem look but the rns e models are a bit pricey I'm out of touch on aftermarket units, but would like a double din which can mirror an iPhone 5 connection ie show what's on iPhone for nav, music, Bluetooth etc.?
  2. I'm a bit out of touch on audio gear I like the look of the rns-e Double din, sat nav just brightens up the interior I feel Any decent double din probably used to get a higher spec and cost £2-300?
  3. p1tse

    Would you go custom exhaust?

    Well it's for a b6 audi s4 So no option there
  4. I wouldn't mind a new shiney pipe and a bit of bark, that's where milltek ticks the boxes as off the shelf with some known feedback But at a premium such as £8-900 for a car back system! Would you go custom, to my eyes no real research, metal just put together without the unknown?
  5. p1tse

    Bristol Tunnel Run

    Nice motors What route and tunnels were taken?
  6. p1tse

    Bristol bodyshops

    I was asking same question too I'm north bristol so might try iron acton Place
  7. p1tse

    R32 Turbo

    Awesome Bet it sounds and goes like clappers
  8. p1tse

    R32 :)

    my young expert plus has extra head support i think
  9. p1tse

    Wheel alignment in Bristol?

    I've used FCM for services before and MOT what are the cost of wheel alignment and adjustments?
  10. p1tse

    R32 :)

    very nice i fancy trying the 105 megs stuff too only thing which draws my attention away form the beauty of the car is the rear side tint, looks very dark and not blended to the DBP
  11. p1tse

    Mk1 Audi TT 225

    very nice i do miss my avus and red combo tt
  12. p1tse

    R32 MKV - Fastmonkeys new VR Project.......

    nice find what's the badge below the R32 on the back?
  13. having looked on normal comparison sites and awaiting for broker to come back and needing renewal this week, are these guys usually competitive/ worth a call?