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  1. blabbyfandango


    Yeah it's a great cruiser, it's only a baby 2.8 Quattro in silver 2001 reg, but for wafting to work and the in laws it's perfect for me. So comfortable, especially compared to the Clio 182 it's replaced. I like the 8 series too, can't beat pop up headlights too! I'd never be able to afford one though haha
  2. blabbyfandango


    Thanks for that mate, I'll get one ordered! Not yet I only picked it up yesterday, ever since i saw yours last year I've wanted one haha! I might get a build thread up but not for a while, got a few tidying up jobs to sort out first
  3. blabbyfandango


    Absolutely love this car, gives me plenty of inspiration for mine. Where did you get the double din facial for the radio? Nowhere I've asked make one for these so I've been told. Cheers
  4. blabbyfandango

    No Show......and fairly Slow!

    I ended up giving it away when I got my b2 passat. It was part striped and had no rear suspension, and I had just lost the love for it. I did own it for 3 years almost
  5. blabbyfandango

    No Show......and fairly Slow!

    That's my old mk2 haha! Good to see the old girl still around. I got rid of it when she became a non runner
  6. blabbyfandango

    Mk2 scirocco cuts out after long run

    got abit of an issue; my scirocco keeps cutting out after a longish run on a motorway after sitting idling for about 5/10 minutes like in traffic for example. The car is a 1989 scirocco 1.8 8 valve which has had a brand new weber carburettor fitted and tuned up a couple of weeks ago, along with a new generic fuel pump. after it cuts out the fuel filter is empty, like the cars run out of petrol. it seems like the fuel is running back down into the tank instead of staying in the fuel line like it should. would fitting a one way valve in the fuel line solve this, or maybe adding another fuel pump? any ideas greatly appreciated, its getting kind of annoying not knowing if the car will complete journeys now cheers in advance phil
  7. blabbyfandango

    My MK2 Golf

    Hello, i'm Phil, long time member, but im abit of a lurker. let me introduce you to Gladys. shes a 1300 4 speed, nothing special. As I picked her up back in January last year for £150 she stayed like this for a while, then i got some new wheels, some OZ volcanos. i refurbed and sprayed them anthracite changed the head gasket in some torrential rain at my mates. his neighbours wernt too impressed and called the police to try and get them to move us on. then in june 2010 it failed its MOT, needing new brakes, suspension and number plates. this gave me an excuse to buy coilovers, just some basic cheapo TA technix coilovers. decided the 15s were too big so borrowed some white steels of my mate not alot happened after this, just usual replacing worn and broken stuff. the gearbox was grinding a little now, became quite noisey when idling and sound crap when it was moving By now E38X was looming so my mate lent me his 7x13 minilights for the weekend. so on thursday afternoon i pop the wheels on and lowered the car back on the floor. bearing in mind the minilights had much smaller tyres than the steels, i had over looked the ride height issue and it looked like this splitter fail the ride height caused this: and annoyed me a lot, so i put the original teardrops on and went to the show. at the show i had a real dislike for the car. the journey home wasnt much better after she lost 3rd gear at a roundabout near st albans. when i got home i sold it to some lad at work and bought a polo. couple of months pass, i hated the polo and the engine blew up aswell, happened to mention i wanted my old golf back. a deal was made, and i got my old girl back. it was in the same condition mechanically, but the inside was mullered, mainly from the lad from work installing a ps2 and monitors in the car. so i fixed all the mess he made, and she was back how she was when i sold her. i bought some matt black BBS Rzs after a run in with the police, the said the car was dangerous with no suspension travel. If it wasnt for a fatal accident they would have called traffic apparently and have them inpound my car and give me 6 points. instead they followed me home and told me not to move it until it was raised up. the gearbox then lost 4th gear as well, so i had to change the box. having no space available to do it i ended up replacing it at the roadside outside my house, something i never want to do again.. using only basic tools, working well into cold February evenings and working in-between shifts at work, it ended up taking me 3 days. and ive never been so happy to own the car, was so nice to drive. with early edition approaching we tried the minilights on again, but at a much more sensible ride height and was carrying 3 people at the 1st surrey dubs meet then at the following prept meet then the front wheels got replaced for steels due to tyre wear and lowered more then i put on my mates bbs RAs for unite 4 2nite at prept last week which leaves us at today, where the future is looking good for the old car. i've decided to grow up and get some bigger wheels and stop running 20mm from the floor all the time, its no fun. the engine and box will be coming out and replacing it with something a bit quicker, but still small. thinking maybe a polo GT engine, just because a friends got a freshly rebuilt one going spare. a suspension refresh is on the cards, with new bushes etc, then who knows. so thats it, a brief story of my car and how its come along the last 18 months or so. i know its abit of a state, abit shabby round the sides, but feel free to leave comments and criticism, and thanks for reading cheers, Phil
  8. blabbyfandango

    converting my 4 speed box to 5 speed

    i need to replace the gearbox on my 1989 1300 mk2 golf, and i want to change to to a 5 speed. now ive bought a 4+E box of a friend for cheap which has a gearbox mount for it which i've read is the only part i need to convert. do i need to change the selector rods at all? and is there anything else i need to change?
  9. blabbyfandango

    couple of questions

    got a 1300 mk2 golf, needs abit of work doing to it but i need to know if a couple of bits will fit on. firstly, a friend has a 5 speed gearbox and linkage from a mk1 caddy. will this fit on my golf, and what bits will i need to get or modify to make it fit? secondly, gonna replace the exhaust with a standard 1300 system, but want a gti twin tailpipe on the end, so will a gti backbox fit on a standard 1300 exhaust system? thanks in advance Phil
  10. blabbyfandango

    Project Bora Lowline ;)

  11. blabbyfandango

    mk2 to mk3 golf door pockets

    i think i read somewhere that 3 door mk3 golf door pockets fit onto a mk2. is this true, and what adjustments would i need to do to make them fit on? thanks in advance
  12. blabbyfandango

    potential engine damage

    its a mk2 1600 driver if it helps? ive seen the hole that was made and i can stick my finger in it its that big. I'm having trouble removing the sump to put a new one on because its so badly dented from its impacts.
  13. blabbyfandango

    on a mk2 golf what is the lowist part

    my engine sump is the lowest, just tore a half inch hole in it on a drain cover
  14. blabbyfandango

    potential engine damage

    i've been waiting all afternoon to hear that as everyone i know says that the engines blown because of it or the head gaskets gone. thats a relief to hear
  15. blabbyfandango

    potential engine damage

    i think it needs a new sump first because the oil was p*ssing out of it when i stopped. it seem fine when i pulled over (running wise), just a tad smokey