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  1. Clw85

    Big red the roofless slut

    Looks class!
  2. Clw85

    Big red the roofless slut

    lovin that, looks really nice! I just bought one aswell, awesome cars
  3. Clw85


    Top work amit! cant beleive you still have it!
  4. Really like that,good work!
  5. Clw85


    I swear I used to see that around coventry a while back, Looks clean
  6. Will do my best to come back down and reconnect with you guys,
  7. Clw85

    Tyre Care

    Trafalgar Tyre Shine, Got some off a dealership valeter, lasted alot longer than alot of the others.
  8. Love that,looks really nice!
  9. Likewise! good to catch up with you,tony and the guys I chatted to but didnt know the names of Guy with Black Leon / Guy With the Chrysler / Guy with Madness Polo!
  10. Havent been to this for god knows how long, will be down to see whats happenin.
  11. Hadn't been for a while, was good to visit again (was with my uncle in the SAAB) - Was good seein old faces. will be back soon
  12. Clw85

    Haris' - MK2 GTi - BBM Rules!

    you may have inspired me to buy another mk2
  13. Been a long time.may show face,