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  1. MM5

    Vr6 Mk2 Scirocco.

    How have I only just seen this ? What's happening with it now dude?
  2. MM5

    Rocco Storm...

    Starts, runs and drives now Car is currently with Jcweldfab for a full exhaust system...
  3. MM5

    Rocco 20vT build :)

    You going OEM management this time mate?
  4. MM5

    Rocco 20vT build :)

    Nice one pal, both of ours have taken years lol!
  5. MM5

    Thank you !

    Had a great service from Michael at HIC, sorted my mrs TT out with all modifications declared at a great price. Thanks !
  6. MM5

    Wheel redrilling Midlands

    Elek - I did think of you guys as you made me some awesome adapters for my M5 a few weeks back. Any idea on turn around time for wheel drilling ?
  7. Anyone know a place that does redrills in the Midlands?
  8. MM5

    Paint repair Cambridge

    Taylign Solutions (Northampton)
  9. MM5

    Official E38 T Shirts

    What size you after?
  10. MM5

    BMW E61 vagcom type program?

    Yep INPA is what you'd need. Get on a BM forum and you'll find a coder nearby its always handy.
  11. Very nice work. I have a carbon black M5 that's gonna need some special attention once its been painted. I'll be sure to give you a shout!
  12. Tim @ True Paintworks (Leicester)
  13. There already built up by Mike "the polisher" and haven't seen a tyre/car since. They were face mounted and they need to be back in the original place, I would love to do them but I am stacked out and I need them done ASAP. Cheers !
  14. Can anyone recommend a wheel builder in the midlands? BBS LM's are the wheel if that makes any difference. PM me if you know of anyone. Thanks !