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  1. Assumptions. The tyre bead was broken when the wheel lip was painted. The tyre was reinflated at the body shop but clearly did not seat properly onto the bead as we found out on Sunday. The rest have held air for 10months with zero issues to settle your concern. I had spare wheels with me, made sense to just swap them and go home as quick as possible (typically, my boy gets chicken pox on the sat night) and sort them in my own time. Hope that clears up any confusion.
  2. I did win best stance and I did change wheels. I came to the show with my daily RS5 wheels due to collecting 2 of my centrelocks at the show. I managed to drop 2 on the Thursday before the show, chipping the paint from the dishes. I had these repaired on Friday and Jon (with the Mk1 R32) brought them to the show for me, to hand them back. After bolting them up, I left them over night and then realised on the Sunday, 1 of the tyres had broken away from the bead and I could not risk driving home with a tyre that was not sealing. The Trophy is given for the car as presented, not on how its driven daily.
  3. Tomorrow guys. Address in first post!
  4. Vick N

    How will my new Bentley wheels fit?

    You need a 215/35/19 tyre and probably 20mm adapters. Check for cracks
  5. Tomorrow guys. 7:30 PM.
  6. Guys... Anyone fancy coming to a meet in Leeds next Thursday around 7pm? A few of us are grabbing a bite to eat and we could make this a mini meet! Location: Silver Birch Pub, A58, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 6HG It could become a regular thing.
  7. Just looking at locations at the moment guys. Don't want a public car park near retails parks as it's not the atmosphere I think works well from experience. Vick
  8. All German metal is allowed I'm speaking to the chap who owns the land tomorrow. Will update.
  9. Vick N

    Golf R with added zest

    We need to meet up again! Last pic
  10. Yes stickers can be done in the near future. I was thinking to have a monthly morning meet on a weekend, Sunday? (On non show weekends) It would be near to the motorway, off the A1 near Leeds Road, Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 0JE. (That's not the exact location but near enough) I have spoken to a local breakfast van who will happily turn up for free and offer good food at a decent price. My main priority was access and a decent place away from other people (public). What's your thoughts? This is a free meet and will bear no financial interest to anyone. It gives a chance for Leeds and further afield dubbers to actually network in person. And see some awesome cars, daily drivers and show cars/vans.
  11. Ive got a few locations in mind that have somewhere with hot food too but I will keep that in mind. Cheers for the support guys. We used to hold the original Leeds meet and had comical trophies, spoke to G23 earlier and he said he could knock something up to show some support if this got a good attendance!