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  1. imperial

    MK2 16v

    that is nice. Well jell as the kids would say.
  2. it'll be a casting, either zinc or ali. if you can get the bits out it might be repairable.
  3. A good enough one is only £15.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Idrobase-Italy-New-Piuma-Snow-Foam-Lance-Nilfisk-Kew-Alto-Compatible/322590000175?epid=748224808&hash=item4b1bdcc42f:g:P30AAOSwpINZZpW8 this was the one I got. Amazon reviews are mixed, but I can't fault mine.
  5. I did get a cheapy in the end and it has been fine, well impressed.
  6. anyone know if they are any good? I'm a long time 'DIY' detailer but never bothered with any prewash routine. I'm tempted to bite the bullet but I don't really want to buy a new pressure washer. I've got an old wickes branded one that has plenty of power and has served me well. From what I can see the attachment is a lavor type, but I'm not 100%. I don't want to spend loads on a bottle in case it doesn't fit. I just want something to try and if it works maybe look at something better. anyone tried a cheap bottle?
  7. imperial

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Your engine bay is cleaner than your hob. I wish my wife would let me get away with that!
  8. imperial

    Recommned a tyre dressing

    Another vote for megs. I've tried lots and I've come to the conclusion that nothing beats it. Some gave better finish but either don't last or sling.
  9. imperial

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    you've convinced me, cheers.
  10. imperial

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    ok, so where are the carpet tiles from? Are they glued down?
  11. imperial

    Leather Feed / Restorer

  12. imperial

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Where are the tiles from? Are they rubber or EVA?
  13. Ha, back in the day I skipped my perfectly good chrome bumper set in favour of all black ones. amazing how things change around.
  14. If you've already done the prep, you are likely to get a million and one opinions on what the best option is. I'm personally a wax man. If its a daily I used to get good results with collinte on the wife's yellow leon.
  15. It is unreal what dealers think is acceptable. We collected my wifes new DS3 at the weekend. I was hoping to give it a quick go-over with tripple and wax and be done, but it was shocking. Inside needed completely cleaning of whatever they had used all over the plastics. The windows needed re-doing inside and out. Worst of all the car looks to have been sat for months with bird $hit all over it. I had to get the polisher out and give it a proper going over and I still need to have another go on the black roof this weekend. A bit nervous as the paint is so soft compared to VAG and I don't have a paint thickness gauge.