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  1. Hi guys. Have been sent an email with a discount code. Have tried it on the website and it's not recognising it. Any help would be great. Thanks Ollie
  2. Ok thanks. Shall email through.
  3. olli_n

    <<Mk1 CONTENT>>

    Looking sick bud. Those dials are insane!
  4. olli_n

    <<Mk1 CONTENT>>

    How about sectioning in the number plate part from a mk2 small front bumper?
  5. olli_n

    the weisel

    That's literally immense dude, 3 spokes rock
  6. Quick question dude, what is the paint code for the blue?? Ta muchly
  7. olli_n

    Richs Red 6n

    Looking good dude, front plates wonky tho, ha
  8. Hi all, I was wondering whether I could replace the head on my mk4 polo 1.6 petrol, with a head off a 1.8 passat? Any help would be appreciated, the polo is on a n plate and the passat Is on a j possibly. Cheers
  9. olli_n

    Mk4 polo cambelt snapped

    Hi all, just purchased a nice mk4 polo, all seemed fine, just had a fresh mot, no advisories. Anyway on the way home, the cambelt has snapped whilst I was doing about 65, I'm just wondering whether it is viable to fix it or if it is a gonner, and what's the least amount of things I'm gunna have to change. Cheers ollie
  10. olli_n

    Mk4 polo cambelt snapped

    1.6 petrol mate
  11. olli_n

    weller wheels

    hey everybody, looking at getting some 8x13" wellers for my mk1 golf. they are available in et -10 or -58 i believe and i am wondering which would fit, so any help would be muchly appreciated thanks ollie
  12. hi all, im having a bit of difficulty removing the old dizzy on my k-plate mk3 golf gti, it's a 2.0 if that helps. im just wondering if anybody has any tips of how to removing it without doing any damage to the rest of the engine. de-greaser and wd-40/equivilant has been used. any help would be appreciated before i have to scrap it
  13. hey my golf has decided to break on me. its a 2.0 8v gti and it died when i was going along and then wouldn't start. i have changed the coilpack as the aa bloke said it was at fault but still nothing. i have now changed the dizzy cap and the rotor and from the info on here i suspect the ecu relay (30) or the fuel pump relay (80)? anybody know what the intermotor part number for these two parts may be and maybe what else could be causing the problem thanks in advance
  14. olli_n

    mk3 golf relay 30 part no.

    yes mate you can hear it buzz/make a noise
  15. olli_n

    "rustowagen" mk1caddy -cross flow yoooo

    nice thats looking sick mate, all those smaller mods will make a massive impact, the notch looks factory-spec. its getting there slowly but surely
  16. olli_n

    "rustowagen" mk1caddy -cross flow yoooo

    thats looking great dude. just keep thinking that all the sanding and hard graft will be worth it in the end. and dont worry about getting comments, as long as you are happy with it thats all that matters
  17. olli_n

    More doors more whore vr vento - Dead

    Hi mate cars getting there, cant beat a gti. Just a quick question, what are the white steelies pictured previously? Thanks ollie.
  18. olli_n

    Mk3 Low Ryder

    hi mate is it a five door you are scrapping?? and what parts does it still have? pm me if you want, ta
  19. olli_n

    Scirocco GT2....

    nice nice saw this in kettering yesterday it looks wicked. very shiny lol
  20. olli_n

    Project �99.....Mk2 5-door CL love

    o kak double post
  21. olli_n

    Project �99.....Mk2 5-door CL love

    mate have you tried a 21mm spark plug socket with a long allen key down the middle for the top nut??
  22. olli_n

    My 5door whore Rest In Pieces new car :)

    bumper looks sick mate well played. just wondered what sort of materials etc you used to smooth the bumper as i quite fancy doing this to mine. iv done the rear just using pvc/plastic filler but im stumped on the front one as the recess for the number plate is quite deep?? keep up the good work olli.
  23. olli_n

    The Red Wagon - Now gone :(

    hi mate i have a b3 front bumper in me garage taking up space if you want it. bought a mk3 golf one and they sent a passat one instead!! i am situated in kettering, northamptonshire and you can have it free if you want to pick it up ta mate, olli