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  1. DaVe

    Using iPhone in a seat Ibiza

    U need one of these cables then a 30 pin to lightning adapter. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151248161614
  2. DaVe

    My mk3 VR6T

    NAE flacky paint joabs here
  3. DaVe

    Vr6 in need of help

    Have u changed the water pump?
  4. DaVe

    VW Key fob dismantling mk5/6 scirocco style

    They can be dismantled just not very easily as the older style.
  5. DaVe

    Wiring Guru Needed

    Get dual fillament bulb holders off ebay and conect the side light part of bulb to the horn wiring which is ignition live. And connect the bright side of bulb to the indicator signal wire. Search on ebay for bay15d bulb holders.
  6. DaVe

    gearbox question for a vr6

    Mk3 tdi internals in vr6 box will give u longer ratios and drop the revs.
  7. DaVe

    kw spring perches

    Hey I'll take one. How do I go about paying? PayPal any good? Cheers
  8. DaVe

    kw spring perches

    Hi its for the rear of a mk3 golf vr6. Cheers
  9. DaVe

    kw spring perches

    Hi needing a spring perch for kw variant 1,s just wondering if you are able to order them. Cheers
  10. DaVe

    Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    Has the clutch biting point changed aswell?
  11. DaVe

    V5 quickie

    Head gasket can be done in situe, is he doing the chains and guides on it or just checking the timing?
  12. DaVe

    My mk3 VR6T

    Jinxed it hope ur ready for the bill.
  13. DaVe

    VR6 Flywheel bolts

    defo m10
  14. DaVe

    Having Problems with my VR6 2.8 Please HELP

    Does the noise stop after a wee while or does it constantly run?
  15. DaVe

    A mk2 Golf I is putting together

    Looks mint lee, hows the engine running?