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  1. Better the devil you know me personally I would keep it looks good
  2. Top job and best colour in the St
  3. Gp38

    Car shows up north

    Vw festival held at Harewood House in Yorkshire is a good one
  4. Gp38

    Elsecar At The Races 2016 new venue

    Good day, yeah that was a good touch when you walked in all the red golfs over the years, and got the feeling the atmosphere was very chilled, good job by all
  5. Gp38


    Just ordered a Incredipad so hopefully better than the dodo wash mitt I used for the first time yesterday, just to heavy when dunking into the water
  6. Gp38

    Best tar remover ?

    Try Gyeon G2M tar remover
  7. Gp38

    Elsecar At The Races 2016 new venue

    Tickets booked so bring on the show
  8. Gp38

    Snow foam

    X2 for magifoam
  9. Gp38

    Elsecar At The Races 2016 new venue

    Went to the first ever Elsecar show so it would be rude not to go to the new venue and get my son to drive down for the first time god I'm getting older
  10. Looking to go to this for the first time,was just wondering about booking into the premier Inn across the road but where do you park car cheers for the help
  11. Gp38

    Ultimate dubs 2016

    2nd weekend in march most of the time
  12. X2 for the parking also coming down Sunday multistorey is a no no for me Sunday shoppers nightmare